The Truth About The Janiel’s Abduction

The Truth About The Janiel Abduction

We usually do not express opinions on our site. We provide the information and let the readers take their one conclusion.

But this one is one of my favorite cases. Something happened to Janiel, something beyond ordinary.

Peculiar testimony language, I mean the description from the witnesses with intense local verbiage.

The Janiel Abduction also has strong physical evidence.

Janiel’s abduction occurred on November 2, 2008, in the rural area of the municipality of Itarema in Ceará, northeastern Brazil.

He was the youngest of Maria Nascimento’s three grandchildren.

Janiel was six years old at the event and played with his brother Chiumak, 10, and cousin Zé Felipe, 8.

The Janiel’s Abduction

As his father, Raimundo, used to travel for work, his grandparents helped to take care of the children.

On the afternoon of the second day of November 2008, in the middle of summer in the southern hemisphere, Janiel, Chiumak, and their cousin were playing in a field on the family farm.

A remote place, at the time, without electricity or access to television.

Janiel was the first to observe a fireball and alerted the older brother, who, like his cousin, did not care and continued playing.

After a while, the UFO approached the children and was noticed by the three, who felt a strong wind.

Janiel fell to the ground while the other two climbed a small cashew tree. From there, they watched the fireball go out and approach Janiel lying on foot, trying to get up.

Zé Felipe begged Chiumak to help his younger brother up.

But the wind was so strong that simultaneously, it repelled Chiumak; it pulled Janiel, not letting the boy get up.

Chiumak and Zé Felipe ran to their grandmother’s house while Janiel asked for help.

Janiel tells what he lived.

Janiel describes the UAP as part glass and part iron, like a gas plug. It had a light on top like an “ambulance light,” and it made a “squeak like rain.”

The boy observed two Ufonauts, one stayed at the door, and the other crouched behind.

“The nails weren’t ours.”

The Ufonauts grabbed Janiel by the shoulder. The being took an object that the being held in his mouth “like a switchblade” and cut Janiel below the armpit.

Janiel described the Ufonauts as beings with a large head and ears, a small mouth, large, bright eyes, a long nose, and large nails “like a rooster’s spur.”

At around 6:00 pm, as dusk began, Maria walked out of the kitchen door when the two boys arrived screaming and out of breath.

She asked where Janiel was; they reported that he had fallen and a “device” was floating above him.

Device or Vynil is how locals in the North/Northeast of Brazil usually describe UFOs/UAPs.

The grandmother didn’t believe the boys’ story, and minutes later, Janiel appeared.

Maria was the first to see the cut below Janiel’s arm. It was deep and wide, about 3 inches. The amount was bloodless, and a kind of foam was in place. The shirt also had no traces or marks of blood.

When asked what that was, the innocent boy replied, “an animal cut me.”

The Truth About The Janiel Abduction

In addition to the cut, Janiel had scratches on her arm, shoulder, and back, all on the right side of her body. Also, without leaving the skin inflamed or traces of blood.

Janiel didn’t complain of pain and seemed to be anesthetized. The grandparents immediately took the boy to the hospital to have the cut closed.

The cut and scratches did not become infected and healed well.

The Truth About The Janiel Abduction

More evidence of Janiel’s Abduction

Janiel was accused by her schoolmates and other townspeople of making up the story and wrapping herself in a barbed wire fence to manufacture the cuts.

Maria confirmed to the researchers that there was an old wire fence on the ground, but
they were smooth and not barbed.

The day after the accident, the ground seemed burnt when they went to the scene. The children narrated that the wire’s metal was lit up, turning red when the object approached them.

Maria says that her house was less than 50 meters from Janiel’s house and that after what happened, the boy was afraid to cross the land that separated the two houses at dusk for fear of being caught again.

As a teenager, he didn’t like to talk about it, and to this day, his brother, Chiumak, also tries to deflect when asked about the UFO story.

More paranormal events

Janiel died early, at age 16, the victim of an accident. He was testing a hunting rifle before his house when the shot backfired and hit him.

The night before his death, Janiel wanted to call her father, who worked in another city.

He and his brother, Chiumak, went to a place on the property where the phone signal was better, and after talking to his father, Janiel passed the phone to his brother. He returned home and went to bed.

Chiumak remained there for a while longer, talking to his father.

Upon returning and entering the house, he saw a strange figure at the window from the outside; He ran to his grandmother’s room.

Janiel lay sleeping in the living room hammock and didn’t wake up.

A man with a big head and eyes of fire, described by the 20-year-old at the time as “ghost rider eyes” as in the film starring Nicolas Cage.

The grandmother sent him to check around the house, but the boy found nothing, so she scolded him for not praying regularly.

That same night, Janiel’s sister, Claiane, who lived in another city, dreamed about her younger brother.

In the dream, he appeared to her all in white and said, “It’s my turn; I’ll miss you so much.” she woke up scared and couldn’t sleep anymore.

In the morning, she took a motorcycle and headed to her grandmother’s house. But the bike broke down on the road. Claiane believes that if it weren’t for this act of fate, she would have witnessed or avoided the accident.

Final Conclusions

The Truth About The Janiel Abduction

The Janiel Abduction case is crucial for witness credibility and physical evidence.

According to Janiel’s father and information from researchers who arrived shortly after the incident, Janiel had no contact with television or movies and, by age, did not attend the local school.

Janiel, with his short vocabulary of a six-year-old boy, describes in detail, with the peculiar local slang, both the ship and the UFOnauts who abducted him.

Other family members of Janiel were witnesses of the “disks” and “balls of fire” crossing the sky in the locality before and after the incident with the boy.

Agobar Peixoto, the first ufologist to make the Abduction of Janiel public, gathering the rich testimony of the boy on video, today doesn’t talk about it anymore.

Of a spiritist religion, Agobar Peixoto claims to have communicated with Janiel after his death, and he would have asked not to touch the subject anymore. This brought him a lot of pain during his life.

The violence in the young Janiel abduction is not an isolated case. The northeast of Brazil has a high level of violent Closed Encounters, like The Barroso Incident, the Cajueiro Island Incident, and Operation Saucer, among others that we will bring for you soon.

The credibility of the witness is remarkable for his simplicity and details. I can connect to Maria Cintra Testimony but on a different type of encounter.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 4;
  • Evidence: Nocturnal Lights, Daylight UAP, Ground Disturbance, Material Disturbance, Body Marks;
  • Physical Evidence: Body Marks, Ground disturbance, Material Disturbance;
  • Official Investigation: None;
  • Close Encounter: Fourth Kind;
  • Documents: None

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