Captain Fortunato UFO Incident – What Were the Foo Fighters?

Captain Fortunato UFO Incident – What Were the Foo Fighters?

Captain Fortunato UFO Incident is one of a kind, the only known report from a Brazilian military man who witnessed the so-called foo-fighters during World War II.

Long before the “Modern Flying Saucer Era” in, 1947 when Kenneth Arnold spotted Mount Rainer in Washington with a squadron of nine unidentified flying objects.

Who is Captain Fortunato?

Captain Fortunato Câmara de OliveiraCaptain Fortunato Câmara de Oliveira joined the Brazilian Expeditionary Force as commander of “Blue-Fight,” whose mission was Italy.

Captain Fortunato was born in a military family. On January 14, 1916, his father Edgar de Oliveira was Marshal of the Brazilian Army.

At the beginning of his military career, he was a combat pilot and commander of Blue-Fight, completing 56 war missions from October 1944 to March 1945.

In Brazil, he was the commander of the 2nd Light Bombing Group, he was chief of the operations section of the 1st COMAR (Regional Air Commands), among other duties.

He designed the symbol “Senta a Pua!” from the Brazilian 1st Fighter Squadron.

“Senta Pua!”: Motto and war cry of the 1st Fighter Squadron, of the Brazilian Air Force in Italy.

Facing the Luftwaffe in Italian Territory

Brazilian pilots had more experience and were more trained than Americans.

Capitan Fortunato arrived in Europe with over 1000 flight hours, while Americans with approximately one-third of the hours.

At first, Brazilians participated in two missions with the Americans to learn the routine of allied war missions at USAF’s 350th Fight Group.

His first mission destroyed a German plane, the Junkers Ju 88, the German World War II Luftwaffe twin-engined multirole combat aircraft.

Captain Fortunato UFO Incident, The Foo-Fighters Encounters

Foo Fighters?

In an interview with Edison Boaventura Junior, President of GUG – Guaruja UFO Group, Captain Fortunado described the experience.

“I must confess, I saw a lot of weird things over there. Yes, we saw what the allies called foo-fighters on a few occasions, but we did! And even today, these sightings left an impression in my mind.

We saw many unidentified flying objects, but fellow Americans immediately rejected these observations.

One time aboard my Republic P-47 Thunderbolt we were on our way to the target area near Udine when I saw a column of tall, spiraling smoke.

It was a very different thing that I commented on to Captain Miranda.

He sent a report to the 350th Fight Group’s command, to which we were subordinates, and then they asked me to communicate that it was an optical illusion.

As Lieutenant Lima Mendes had photographed this strange phenomenon, we forwarded the photograph to command.

They later returned the photo with an apology for the optical illusion comment but made no further information about it.”

A Strange Kite Coming Out of the Blast

“In 1945, I saw something a little weird because it was an unidentified kite-shaped flying object sticking out of a black cloud of Flak explosion.

It resembled the 14-Bis plane. I don’t know. It was something different.

After this case, I saw other bright things and foo-fighters that sometimes chased our fighters, but as the Americans thought, I wanted to mess with the intelligence personal.

I decided to stop reporting such apparitions.”

Fortunato Câmara de Oliveira returned to Brazil during the rest of 1945 and ended his military career as an equal to Air Commodore.

What is Flak?

A Flak was the anti-aircraft fire coming at one from anti-aircraft guns, derived during World War II from the German “FLugAbwehrKanone,” translating as “aircraft defense cannon.”

When a projectile from FLAK hits an aircraft or exploded after reaching a specific height, the explosion produced a black smoke cloud.

But, What the heck is a 14-Bis?

The 14-Bis (Quatorze-bis) claimed to be the first man-made airplane to take off under its own power.

The Brazilian aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont designed and build the box kite-like structure.

First official flight of the 14bis, 23 Oct. 1906, Bagatelle field.

What Were the Foo Fighters?

Pilots reported seeing fast-moving round glowing unidentified objects chasing their aircraft, usually by night.

The object descriptions, made from the military from both sides, reported it as fiery and glowing red, white, or orange.

Some described the Foo-Fighters as resembling Christmas-tree lights and reported been emerge into a dogfight, making sharp turns until it simply vanishes.

Both opposing military alliances, the Allies and the Axis, believed it to be their enemy’s secret weaponry.

What Were the Foo Fighters?

Several newspapers reported these sightings, attempting all sorts of explanations.

However, after the war, both sides concluded it was not a know secret weapon at all.

Even with the term, Foo-Fighter, being coin during WWII, fighter pilots reported witness and encounter UFOs during the First World War.

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