The Guyancourt UFO Incident – When Two UFOs Landed for Repair

Illustration of two flying saucers side by side floating over a field

The Guyancourt UFO Incident, on July 1950, is a rare UFO Close Encounters of the Fifth kind, Claude Blondeau, from Guyancourt, France, about 12.5 miles (20km) from Paris.

Close Encounters of the Fifth kind happen when a UFO event involves direct communication between aliens and humans.

He encountered two humanoid figures that emerged from their UFOs.

Mr. Claude Blondeau, the owner of a small bar on Escadrile near the Guyancourt Airport, was taking some air before retiring at about 11:00 pm.

The Guyancourt UFO Incident, in Mr. Blondeau’s words

Old photo of Guyancourt Airport circa 1950

“On 23 or 24 of July 1950, around 11 pm. I went for a little walk before bed.” according to Mr. Claude Blondeau.

“I was just contemplating the sky on an airfield on the outskirts of Paris. When I found myself isolated, about half of the mile (1km) from home. Suddenly, I heard a wind noise”.

“I saw, about one hundred meters of me, in the dark, two gray shapes … two perfectly round machines resembling two huge concave dishes”.

Mr. Claude Blondeau described the UFOs had five meters (16′) in diameter and 1.60 to 1 70 m (about 5’5″) high on their axis.

The crafts were hovering just above the ground, and the outline of the UFOS had a glazed metallic look. Each object had a row of rectangular “portholes” encircling the circumference.

He watched; a thick, oval door or hatch opened, approximately 15.5″ (40 cm), in the bottom of each machine.

From the hatch emerged a humanoid “man” dressed in a dark blue or brown “flying suit.” Both appeared to have about 5’6″ or 1.7m tall.

They appeared entirely human with brownish hair.

Claude Blondeau’s Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind – Guyancourt UFO Incident

These men rushed to one of the machines and began, what seemed like, to “repair” one of some “plates” located on the under part of each object.

This repair work involved the replacement of a defective unit.

It was operated without any protection on the hands or without the help of kind tools.

Despite his excitement, Mr. Blondeau approached more. Both men looked amazed but remained calm and acted naturally when they saw me.

“Did you have an emergency landing?”

Then one of them replied:

“Yes, but not for long.” His French was correct, though dragged, pronounced slowly.

A minute later, the “repair” was over, and each of them headed toward the door of their respective devices and opened it.

“I was under the impression that the metal of the equipment resembled aluminum, did not weigh anything, and that the saucers were about 4″ (10cm) from the ground without touching anywhere.”

From the inside came a “formidable” light filled the interior of the circular cabin.

“Hesitantly, I took a prowl through the open hatch.”

Peaking inside and UFO from the Guyancourt Incident

Mr. Blondeau described that in red leather in the center of the circular cabin was a kind of armchair or recliner (similar to a dentist’s chair).

In front of this chair was a radio transmitter with seven or eight buttons.

On top of it was what seemed like a large solid metal oval “steering wheel” with projecting handles at opposite sides and filled with signs and buttons.

Various other devices are grouped in blocks/panels arranged around the “control chair.”

Mr. Blondeau questioned them again, especially on using numerous buttons that staffed the control panel.

The response was very terse: “Energy.”

In seconds without further explanation, the two men re-entered their respective objects. The doors sealed hermetically from the inside.

The “port-holes” became luminous, and within seconds the two discs tilted up on end. From their horizontal inclinations, the devices made no noise.

The UFOs shot straight up at very high accelerations, disappearing like shooting toward the stars.

As they ascended, Blondeau again heard the wind-like noise, like a blowing but did not feel anything, not even a breeze.

According to MR. Blondeau, no more than two minutes elapsed between when these devices were spotted and when they took off.

Leaving without explanations

When Mr. Blondeau came, there was no longer a shadow of flying saucers.

“Where could I go? At a police station? No one would believe me.”

The next day, Blondeau returned to where he had witnessed his encounter but found no trace.

Not even the grass had traces of having been disturbed.

Also, no footprints from the pilots were visible, or any landing gear left a mark on the grass or the ground.

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Was The Guyancourt UFO Incident a hoax?

According to some UFO researchers, the local police hauled Mr. Blondeau and later claimed he confessed it to be a hoax.

This was one of France’s strangest Close Encounters, but not the only one.

Most relevant French Close Encounters in 1950

In March 1950, in St Raphael, France, witnesses photographed five UFOs.

During the same month in Orange witness claimed to encounter an unidentified craft and its occupants at close range.

On March 14, passed 10:30 pm in Arcachon, one witness observed an object the size of the moon for over four minutes.

The next day in the morning, two other bystanders watched a UFO hover for six minutes over Aspres.

The same day in Orange, Two Vampire jets on patrol 6000 feet high spotted a silver UFO traveling at 10,000 feet.

When the pilots changed the course to intercept the craft, it turned into an elliptical shape and moved extremely fast to the east.

The event became known as the French Air Force Vampire incident.

The New York Herald, London edition, reported on April 17, 1950, locals watched a UFO flying over Montmartre. The note did not make it in the USA edition.

On May 3, a group of girls visualized what appeared to be a sizeable cigar-shaped cylinder shooting bright rays flying to the north of the residential areas of Savoyeux. This event happened for over one minute.

During the same day, by 4:30 pm, a large number of witnesses in Neuville-sur-Sarthe, witnesses Four UFOs flying slowly toward the horizon, leaving a smoke trail for thirty minutes.

The 1950 Cours-les-Barres UFO Abduction

On May 19, a woman observed a moving light, similar to a bright star, stop and appear to raise its altitude until being the same size as other stars for a while.

It then grew more prominent and, with erratic movement, took off.

They Are Back

The next day, on May 20, by the banks of the River Loire, in Cours-les-Barres, the same witness claimed to be surrounded by a bright light.

Two black hands appear and pull her by the head. The hands came from above as they waited for her.

It pulled her head back against a metallic chest, and cold iron felt through her hair and the back of her neck but not through her clothes.

The feeling that large fingers covered her eyes, nose, and mouth to prevent her from seeing, breathing, and crying out.

The hands violently dragged her along the path of the pasture. Above her, she heard a strange “underwater-like” laugh.

Then she felt a knee hitting her on the back, forcing her to the ground and dragging her through the brush in a hurry.

“There she is. We’ve got her.”

She heard.

The kidnapper pulled her until they reached a small pasture.

The hands gradually released her. After a while, she got up after hearing some noise from the bushes believing the aggressors had returned, but only branches moved, waving in the air.

With her legs bleeding, she got up. But with some difficulty, she walked thru the path back to an area with some houses.

She heard and felt a warm violent whirlwind, saw trees bending, and almost lost her balance. A bright blinding white light flew through the air quickly, but she could identify nothing.

Post-investigation revealed ground traces and barbed wire fence damage.

The 1950 French UFO wave is one of the most active in history.


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