When Alien Attack: Moisés Campelo UFO Encounter

When Alien Attack: Moisés Campelo UFO Encounter

On his way home, an intense light that startled a farmer, Moisés Campelo, paralyzed him and lifted him off the ground twice.

These UFO events had a variety of physical consequences for him.

Moisés Campelo UFO Encounter

In the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Norte’s Campo Redondo, a striking UFO incident of an aggressive nature against a farmer occurred in May 1991.

Moisés Campelo, the case’s main character, and a farmer left his brother’s home near the community church. They began walking down a hill toward his home, just over a kilometer away.

Even though it was already dark and raining, Moisés continued to walk calmly without opening his umbrella.

He climbed a hill from his brother’s house and then descended it.

He noticed a glow to his right when he got to the top.

The light was reportedly three kilometers east of his location, over a mountain.

Moisés disregarded the reality, thinking it was a car, and went about his business.

A strange light suddenly appeared above his head after a few steps.

Moisés Campelo’s eyes were even burned because it was so intense. It seemed to rotate slowly and was the size of a house.

When Alien Attack: Moisés Campelo UFO Encounter

The UFO Abduction

The light emitted from the UFO engulfed Moisés.

He experienced immediate paralysis; simultaneously, his body was engulfed in intense heat.

Moisés experienced a very light feeling as the light drew him.

“It lit up everything around me, and it got really hot. I felt like I was being sucked up. I was terrified. I climbed about a meter and a half. I couldn’t speak or scream for help, and I couldn’t move. The light was too hot. I was terrified.”

In an interview with UFO researcher Bob Pratt 16 months after the incident, Moisés recalled having a package of cookies under his arm.

The entire package was crushed as a result of his body tensing up dramatically.

Before it was lowered to the ground and the light from the UFO moved to a tree 20 meters away, Moisés Campelo calculated that he was suspended beneath the device for about 5 minutes.

Moisés was freed and fell to the ground, feeling lost and with sore eyes.

He dragged himself to his house nearby with difficulty.

“I was crawling around like a gecko because I couldn’t walk. I walked away about 200 meters and stayed under a small tree, stopping for a while to rest. Then I started moving again, and as soon as I got out from under the tree, they returned and got me again.”

The Second Attack

This time, the device came from behind and positioned itself next to the tree where the farmer was.

Again a beam of light was emitted towards him, and the besieger felt himself levitating towards the object.

“My head hit the branches as I climbed. I froze again, but this time I felt freezing. I couldn’t move or scream, and the light hurt my eyes again. The thing was above me, spinning, spinning, spinning.”

Moises started to pray because he was so terrified.

This time, Moises hung beneath the thing for about fifteen minutes.

Moises was released and dropped violently to the ground while still hanging in the air.

He was no longer paralyzed, but he was still in excruciating pain. He dragged himself home out of fear of further harassment from the object.

“My left eye started to swell up. It felt like he would get out of his head, and when I entered the house, I couldn’t see him.”

When Moses got home, he nervously knocked on the door so his wife would open it and let him in. He was inconsolable and unable to explain what had occurred.

“I sat down in a chair, and for about five minutes, I couldn’t speak. A little later, I looked out the window and saw the light over the Church. When that happened to me, it was white, but from that distance, it looked like a huge red ball. It kept swinging back and forth like a pendulum.”

Psychological Evidences to Moisés Campelo UFO Encounter

For Moisés Campelo, the incident was highly traumatic. After that, he never ventured outside at night for fear of being attacked again. In addition to the trauma, the contact he experienced also resulted in physiological issues.

“For three to four months, my left side was paralyzed. The region around the waist and hips appeared paralyzed on the left side.”

In September 1991, when Bob Pratt spoke with Moises, he discovered that his left eye was still irritated.

“It swelled up so much that I couldn’t close my eye at night for a long time afterward. I still have trouble seeing after a few days.”

Moises had a problem with his eyes and went to the ophthalmologist. He was told by the ophthalmologist that he required surgery.

Still, the operation was postponed because of complications in the region.

Unfortunately, Rio Grande do Norte and its neighboring states frequently experience violent crimes of this nature.

Those affected frequently experience damaging psychological and physical effects.

Other UFO Attacks in the region

The Northeast region of Brazil is abundant with UFO sightings and mysterious attacks.

One of Brazil’s most significant regions, the northeast, comprises nine states: Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Maranho, Piau, Rio Grande do Norte, Paraba, and Pernambuco.

With a population of about 53.6 million, it is thought to make up about one-third of the nation’s total area.

Northeast Brazil’s population density in the 1970s was figured to be close to 34 people per square kilometer. This was significantly less than the country’s average during that time, which was roughly 64 people per square kilometer.

Northeast Brazil has a low population density, but during the 1970s, the area experienced some economic and social problems.

Most of the population lived in poverty and had limited access to essential services in this largely rural area.

The area also needed more infrastructure, which made the economic issues in the room even worse.

Despite these problems, the area has experienced notable advancements over the past few decades, including better access to healthcare and educational resources and increased economic growth.

The Barroso Incident – The Real Benjamin Button

Luis Fernandes Barroso saw a UFO on April 3, 1976, in Quixadá, Ceará.

He soon developed mental dementia, his skin slowly regenerated, his eyes swelled, and he had several bruises.

He also had scratches that may have been caused by local plants. Antonio Leudo da Silva, who also saw the UFO attack, was terrified and highly uneasy.

Sixteen doctors examined Barroso and discovered in his medical records that he had been “abducted by a flying saucer.”

He was ultimately sent home because they could not provide an accurate diagnosis.

Luis Fernandes Barroso’s health gradually declined, and he began to behave like a young child.

He passed away on April 1, 1993, with skin as smooth as a baby’s.

The Janiel’s Abduction

Janiel’s abduction occurred on November 2, 2008, in the rural area of the municipality of Itarema in Ceará, northeastern Brazil.

He was the youngest of Maria Nascimento’s three grandchildren, six years old at the time of the event.

Janiel described the UAP as part glass and part iron, like a gas plug.

It had a light on top like an “ambulance light,” and it made a “squeak like rain.”

He observed two Ufonauts, one stayed at the door, and the other crouched behind.

The Ufonauts grabbed Janiel by the shoulder, and the being took an object held in his mouth “like a switchblade” and cut Janiel below the armpit.

Janiel had scratches on her arm, shoulder, and back, all on the right side of her body.

Also, he had a deep and wide cut below Janiel’s arm, about 3 inches.

The cut was bloodless, and a kind of foam was in place. The shirt also had no traces or marks of blood.

The day after the accident, the ground seemed burnt when they went to the scene.

The children narrated that the wire’s metal was lit up, turning red when the object approached them.

Maria confirmed that there was an old wire fence on the ground, but they were smooth and not barbed.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 1;
  • Evidence: physical;
  • Physical Evidence: body marks;
  • Official Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Fourth Kind;
  • Documents:0

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