The Amazing 1958 Arthur Berlet Alien Abduction

The 1958 Arthur Berlet Alien Abduction

Arthur Berlet Alien Abduction happened in Sarandi 1958, by mistake by a flying saucer’s Captain. Only returning 11 days later with a fantastic story to tell, the Earth was Blue.

The first person to say Earth is blue was not the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, in 1961, but a Brazilian abductee.

The Arthur Berlet Alien Abduction

Arthur Berlet with his Family, years later after his 1958 Alien Abduction.On May 14, 1958, Artur Berlet, a tractor driver from the City of Sarandi in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil was returning from the country.

At 7 o’clock, he passed by Dr. Dionisio Peretti’s Farm.

About 200 meters from where he was, he noticed a strange light in the woods by the roadside.

He ventured through the wire fence to investigate. When he was about 30 meters away from the focal point, he discovered that the opaque clarity was coming from a massive round object with a diameter of about 30 meters.
The UFO had the appearance of two trays turned in opposition.

He considered fleeing out of fear, but his curiosity overrode that, and he took a few steps closer.

Suddenly, some figures appeared, and a spotlight hit him, causing him to lose his senses.

When he came to, he was restrained in what appeared to be a hospital bed.

Somebody was moving around, seemingly unaware of him.

They had hair the color of straw and white and were taller than average on Earth.

“I tried to address them in different languages. Some looked at me indifferently, others didn’t even look….”

A note is necessary, after the Second World War, the south of Brazil saw a large influx of immigrants due to its growing economy, infrastructure improvement, the expansion of its agricultural sector, and similar weather to Europe.

A large number of Germans, Italians, and Polish communities moved to the south of Brazil.

So it was not a surprise Arthur Berlet knew languages other than Portuguese.

Soon, Berlet was freed from his ties by two beings who lifted him into another compartment. There they dress him up with a large cape.

The flanks constantly held him up as the men brought him through several rooms until they reached an escape door.

Berlet was shocked to discover that the ship had landed in an unfamiliar city on firm ground.

He then had severe discomfort.

“I had the impression that I had lost half my weight and, simultaneously, that my shoulders had increased in volume.”

The two crew members helped him out of the saucer and led him on foot past tall, colorfully-painted buildings along a small street to a sizable structure.

There he was offered bread and some meat. Then he was taken to another room, where a sizable crowd waited.

They tried conversing with him, but they didn’t understand each other. Berlet spoke to him in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and German.

As soon he finished speaking, one of them stood up, showing great joy, and said:


This man, who could only speak three or four words of German, took him to another building once the meeting finished.

After changing into fresh clothing and bath in “water as light as gas,” Berlet was led into a room where numerous people were seated around a rectangular table talking animatedly.

“Upon noticing our presence, everyone, as if by magic, fell silent and turned to me!”

After his friend had finished speaking to them, a tall, powerful man stood up and motioned for him to sit down in perfect German.

From that point on, this person, going by the name of Acorc, served as his tour guide, guiding him to Acart, the name of that world, and explaining everything he saw and inquired about.

Spaceship draw by Arthur Berlet.

The Planet Acart

Acorc Enhanced 62 million kilometers separated Acart from Earth. No natural satellites are orbiting it.

However, there are two enormous space platforms.

It’s constantly freezing outside.

The mode of propulsion is aerial.

Cities there are similar to ours, but only pedestrians can use the streets.

Due to glare from the building walls, there is no need for lighting on the streets at night.

Small ships with a capacity of two to ten passengers are used for human transportation.

They resemble wingless planes that are powered by solar energy.

They can stop in midair and fly even within a room because they are made of incredibly lightweight and durable material.

Space travel also makes use of heavy-duty vehicles.

One year there equals 676 Earth days. A month to 61 days and 6 Earth hours. One week, nine days, and 14 hours. One day, 46 hours. And one hour to 7 hours and 40 minutes.

The acartian year lasts 11 months; the week is five days, and the day is 6 hours.

The small ship with a capacity of two to ten passengers that are used for human transportation in Acart, drawn by Arthur Berlet.

The purposes of the visits to Earth

Overpopulation would be Acart’s central issue. The Acartians are therefore focused on Earth.

Not to invade it by force because “they have a high humanitarian sense, they are very evolved and good.”

They are aware that once humans use their atomic weapons to eliminate themselves, which will happen quickly, they can colonize the dead planet peacefully and without any conflict.

No issues with radioactivity will arise. Its machinery will be able to convert the atomic poison into fertilizers for the soil, vegetation, and living things in a matter of minutes.

They only have two weapons: sun neutralizers and blasters. The blasters are also utilized in agriculture and medicine.

There isn’t any money in use there.

Berlet is unsure about how to define the system of government.

He claimed to be a combination of systems. The entire planet Acart is one single nation.

Over 90 million people lived in the metropolis that served as its capital! Everyone in the nation had an outstanding quality of living and worked for the community.

A 500-member Council elects the governor every three years.

The Earth is Blue

Acorc asked if Berlet wished to see the Earth.

In a kind of telescope or planetarium, Acorc asked if Berlet would recognize the map of South America. Berlet affirmed.

Ecstatic, Berlet can see the Earth and South America. He could clearly see the seas and the southern continent, including part of Central  America.

He asked why it is so bright and visible over America, and the rest of the globe is dark.

The cicerone asked if he didn’t know that while it’s the day on one side of the Earth, the other is night. Berlet said yes, but he did not expect that it would be possible to see this difference from this point of view.

“But Why I’m here?” – Arthur Berlet Alien Abduction

Arthur Berlet questioned for what reason he was brought to Acorc’s planet.

Accorc explained that his culture needed help “We are far behind you in one area.”

The Bread, what they could call wheat, was not like ours. It grew on trees, and despite producing in abundance, it produces a dark and not very tasty mass, as Berlet already noticed.

They sent a team to see how it was planted, collect a portion of land with the seed of Earth’s wheat, and bring it to Acart for further experiments.

They were doing this job when Berlet interrupted.

“At that moment, the worst idea that could pop into an Acartian’s head came to mind. The ship’s Commander, judging him as a Farmer, suggested that they bring him to grow the grain here in Acart .”

Return to Earth from the  Arthur Berlet Alien Abduction

The journey back was more enjoyable.

As they entered the spaceship, Arthur Berlet received a pill from Acorc, who would travel with him to Earth.

“Will I have to travel while unconscious, just like I did when I arrived?”

“No, this time, it won’t be necessary. You can walk wide stretches of the route awake without running into any danger. Only in areas of magnetic turbulence, to resist better, should you sleep: when leaving the magnetic field of Acart, when traveling through the so-called neutral space, and when crossing the magnetic barriers of the Earth.”

A Zoom Call 70 years ago

While in the Spaceship, Berlet described a familiar scene if you lived after the XXI century.

“… I sat down in the chair he indicated, remaining attentive only to his movements. Then he went to a table on which there was a radio-like device. A little higher on the wall was a glass of about 30 by 30 cm., straw color.

He pressed a button; there was a buzzing sound. And waiting a moment, he drummed his fingers on the table. Suddenly, a woman’s face appeared in the glass. I thought to myself:

Ah!… It’s a television! But, to top it all off, the woman spoke smiling, and Acorc (an extraterrestrial) answered her smiling too.

I thought – I’m lost. My good friend has gone mad. It wasn’t surprising either, talking to a woman’s face reflected in a glass. It could only be crazy! They talked as if they were together in flesh and blood.

The conversation was so cordial and intimate that, to my greatest despair, I thought I would kiss her on the window.

End of the conversation, I turned off the device. He disappeared his face and ceased the buzzing …”

Acorc explained the device, which was enough to position your head in front of the lens, similar to a camera (Webcam?). The device transmits the images and the voice.

The pill, which the crew also took, was their only food during the trip.

Arriving home

The Arthur Berlet Alien Abduction and his book UFO Contact from Planet Acart - From Utopia to RealityHe was left 5 kilometers from Sarandi by the craft. At the end of the disc, he said goodbye to a friend in an amicable manner.

Following Acorc’s advice, Berlet went ten paces ahead with difficulty without turning around.

As the craft was about to take off, he halted and turned to look behind him.

But there was only darkness!

Everything had vanished in that brief period! He continued to follow the advice of the acartian and traveled the entire three-hour trek on foot to his home.

Typically, he would have completed the same length in about one hour.

In the first week after his return, Arthur Berlet stayed home until he had completely recovered his energy and cleared his mind to try to understand those eleven days during which he lived the strangest adventure of his life.

In Arthur Berlet’s Alien Abduction manuscripts, written in 422 pages in pencil in 1958, there are reports of historical and scientific facts that were discovered over these 60 years and facts that can still be elucidated.

Prophet? Psychic? Remote Viewer? Or an actual case of Alien Abduction by intelligence from another Planet?

Similar cases in the same region

The 1967 Dirceu Góes Alien Abduction

On a chilly night in June 1967, Dirceu Góes walked home from work around nine o’clock and noticed a glowing ball about 200 yards away that was 30 meters high.

Believing it was the “Boi Tata” or “Mae do Ouro,” commonly referred to in the area, he watched as two beings, each 65 centimeters tall, descended around the radius in a spiral motion, keeping a distance of 30 or 40 centimeters.

They then tied a ribbon under his arms, lifted him into the ball, and brought him inside the enclosure, which was the size of “a large truck cabin.” Inside, he observed three cosmonauts of average height with round faces, blue eyes, and straight red hair.

He couldn’t understand their language, but they spoke to him pleasantly.

He noticed no darkness outside for about three hours and could see cities with tall buildings and darker forests than ever.

When the craft returned and landed, the crew showed him a panel with colored images of cars and people, then one of the young ones tied Dirceu up and lowered him.

He experienced a strange phenomenon when urinating for three or four days. He also experienced dysentery and was bedridden for five days.

e stayed home for a month, weak and experiencing headaches, but did not seek medical attention.

The Westendorff UFO Close encounter

Businessman and pilot Haroldo Westendorff noticed a pyramid-shaped object with rounded ends that rotated about itself without making any sounds or generating any form of smoke on the morning of October 5, 1996, while flying on the EMB 712 Tupi aircraft.

The 30-minute-long incident occurred above Lagoa dos Patos, close to Pelotas.

The pilot reported that the object in the sky was traveling slowly toward the Atlantic Ocean and that the sky was partly hazy.

He walked up to the nave from a distance of about 300 meters and noticed that it had eight sides, each of which had projections that looked like windows.

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter - UFO illustration from the pilot's point of view

Haroldo Westendorff made radio contacts with the Curitiba Air Space Control Center and the station at Pelotas Airport.

Nobody provided confirmation of the UFO’s appearance on the radars.

Westendorff then started to circle the moving ship.

A disk-shaped object emerged vertically from the dome on the second lap, slanted at a 45-degree angle, and immediately flew toward the sea, according to the businessman present at the time.

The size of the saucer was three times that of the aircraft. The craft then fired crimson beams through the still-open dome as it accelerated and vanished into the sky.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 1;
  • Evidence: Book;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Official Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Fifth Kind;
  • Documents:1

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