The Crixás UFO incident

The Crixás UFO incident

The Crixás UFO incident is one of the most impressive UFO encounters from the 1960s that occurred in Crixás, Brazil, in 1967.

When Foreman Inácio de Sousa, 41, saw a UFO landed on the farm where he lived and worked.

He shot one of the crew members from the object, and on pay back, Inácio was hit by a beam of light that weakened him.

Inácio died of leukemia almost two months later.

The Crixás UFO incident's Illustration by @3Strange
The Crixás UFO incident’s Illustration by @3Strange

Inácio de Souza was the father of five children and married Maria de Souza.

He was a simple and illiterate man, but the farm owner where he had worked and lived since 1961 regarded him highly.

Also, he was well respected in the community and well knew marksman.

Inácio and his wife were returning home to the farm in Santa Maria, between Pilar de Goiás and Crixás, in the state of Goiás, around 4 pm on August 13, 1967.

When the couple arrived home, they noticed a strange object on the property’s landing strip.

The Brazilian Air Force commonly used the landing strip with the consent of the Farm’s owner.

Inácio had a good knowloage of aircraft because of that. But he had never seen or heard of a UFO or flying saucers.

This object had the shape of an upside-down basin and was estimated to be 35 meters in diameter.

Three men were wearing a one-piece suit the color of their skin near this device. Inácio de Sousa describes the scene:

“Maria and I went back to Crixás and the beings were there. I assumed they were visitors, but the type of plane they were flying in made me nervous.

They had the same appearance as us, except that they were bald. (I’m not sure if they had hair). They were playing, and they were playing in silence, like children.

When they saw us, they pointed at us and began running towards us.

About that time I yelled to my wife to go inside. I shot the one closest to me because I had a my Winchester rifle.

As I exited the door, a green light flashed in my chest on the left side, like a flashlight. I landed on the floor.

My wife ran towards me, taking the gun, but the men were already back on the plane, which took off in a vertical flight, at high speed, and making a noise similar to bees”.

Where is Crixas located?

Location of Crixásin the map. Located 380 kilometers from the then-newly established capital of Brazil, Brasilia, and 320 kilometers from the state capital of Goiânia.

In the Brazilian Central Plateau, in the state of Goiás, in the nation’s Midwest, is the municipality of Crixás.

Crixás is located 380 kilometers from the then-newly established capital of Brazil, Brasilia, and 320 kilometers from the state capital of Goiânia.

The address is 14° 32′ 56″ S and 49° 58′ 08″ W.

Anápolis, the closest large city, was 275 kilometers away.

The discovery of gold prospecting in Brazil in the 18th century led to the establishment of Crixás.

Agriculture and the extraction of minerals, particularly gold, form the foundation of its economy. It also has Crixás, one of South America’s top municipalities for gold production, according to statistics from mining institutes.

The region was inhabited by the “Kirirás” or Curuchás Indians, whose translation from the native language Tupi, CRIXÁS, gave rise to the denomination of the two great rivers and the town.

The Crixás UFO incident’s Development

The Crixás UFO Incident, also known as the Inácio UFO Encounter, came to the knowledge of ufologists through the farm owner, A. S. M. (according to the researchers, he asked to remain anonymous), who was not present when the case occurred.

He arrived at the scene three days after the event, finding Inácio already ill.

Later he contacted ufologists from the Gaucho Group for the Investigation of Non-Identified Aerial Objects (GGIOANI), chaired by ufologist Felipe Machado Carrión.

A. S. M., besides being the farm’s owner, was an entrepreneur.

He reports:

“I arrived at the farm three days after the event and I didn’t know anything.

Getting off my plane, Inácio’s wife was waiting for me and said he was sick. As he was a strong man, who never fell ill.

I went to his house and, seeing him lying down, I said to him emphatically: ‘What’s the matter with you, boy?’
Then he replied:

‘Boss, I killed a man!’

I was surprised and I asked him: ‘But how could you do that?’ , and who had been frightened by these men thinking they were going to kidnap the family”.

Inacio attackers description

Inacio described te attacker as wearing tight yellowish or skin color tight suits. At first he thought they were naked until they got closer.

Mr. A. S. M. was already aware of ufological facts but chose not to discuss them with Inácio, who believed that the men he had seen were from the city of Sao Paulo.

Note: Sao Paulo is known for being a highly developed technical center in Brazil, seen by the rest of the population was rude, “weird,” with pale skin and excentrical.

The Farmer then decided to examine the UFO’s landing site to see if there were any blood stains from the man injured by Inacio.

He found no trace of blood or stains.

This puzzled the owner because Inácio never missed a shot from 60 meters away.

In addition, Inacio had a “wound on his conscience for having killed a man.”

Inácio de Sousa’s Doctor visit

Still, “on the first and second days, he suffered from nausea, tingling, and numbness throughout his body, and his hands were shaking,” according to ASM.

“I decided to transport him to Goiânia for a thorough examination and advised him to remain silent about the situation.

In Goiânia, the doctor (who had no idea what it was) noticed a 15-cm-diameter circular burn on the left side of the trunk, almost up to the shoulder.

He chose Butesin Picrato Ointment to treat burns.

He diagnosed the other symptoms as being caused by a weed, which he assumed Inacio ate.

I decided to inform the doctor of what had occurred.

‘Did anyone else see these pale men?’ he inquired, surprised.

‘My wife,’ Inacio replied.

‘No, I said, you.’

He then decided to ask Inácio if he had ever seen this type of aircraft or if anyone had ever mentioned it to him.

‘No, sir, I have never seen or heard of it,’ Inacio replied.

The doctor then requests payment for Inacio’s clinical hospitalization as well as a complete examination of his feces, urine, and blood.

Inácio was sent home four days after being placed under observation.

The doctor informed that Inácio’s case was fatal and that tests revealed that he had leukemia, a type of blood cancer and that he only had 60 days to live.

He also stated that he would forget everything that had occurred as if nothing had occurred, because he had a name to protect and that all of this would only cause panic in the community.

As for me, I haven’t heard anything and have no idea. I have a reputation, and this is a case of leukemia for me.”

Inacio’s health steadily deteriorated in the days that followed.

He had yellowish-white spots on his skin the size of a fingernail all over his body, and he was in excruciating pain.

When he died on October 11, 1967, he was skinny.

Despite his agony, Inacio advised his wife to burn the mattress, bed, and belongings after his death.

Nobody can confirm or deny that Inacio had leukemia before his UFO Encounter, nor if the encounter speeded up the fatal desease.

Another UFO incident in Crixás

On the night of October 25, 1993, something strange happened in the small rural town of Crixás, Brazil.

That night, dozens of locals reported seeing a bright UFO hovering above their homes for several hours.

This event, now known as the Crixás UFO Sighting, has become a part of Brazilian folklore and is still talked about today.

The night began like any other in Crixás. People were doing their business, children were playing outside, and all seemed normal.

But around 8:30 pm, something strange happened.

People started noticing a bright light in the sky, which was getting brighter and brighter.

As it got closer, they could see that it was a round, silver object, and it was hovering in the air as if it was watching them.

As the object hovered, the locals were curious and some were scared.

Some people ran inside and locked their doors, while others stayed outside and watched in awe.

The object stayed in the sky for more than two hours and seemed to move in a circular pattern as if surveying the area.

At around 11 pm, the object suddenly disappeared. It had been in the sky for more than two hours, yet no one could explain what it was or where it had come from.

The aftereffects

The following day, news of the incident spread quickly.

Some people claimed it was a UFO, while others said it was a military experiment or a weather balloon.

Nevertheless, the story of the Crixás UFO Sighting quickly became part of Brazilian ufology.

Since then, the incident has been investigated by UFO researchers, and there have been numerous theories about what happened that night.

Some believe it was an extraterrestrial craft, while others think it was a military experiment.

No one knows what happened that night, and the mystery of the Crixás UFO Sighting remains unsolved.

Every year on October 25, people get togheter at Crixás to commemorate the incident and observe the night sky.

Other UFO Encounters where people got struck by a UFO-fired light

The UFO literature contains accounts of UFO lights beans and people having deadly encounters with them.

But two cases also in Brazil stand out.

Daily attacks of UFOs in Colares – Operation Saucer

According to official reports, locals in the Colares area reported several deaths and injuries.

The local doctor and mayor wrote letters to Brazilian authorities outlining the phenomenon and its effects on the neighborhood’s residents, including claims that some had perished from being struck by light beams.

The Brazilian military took these reports seriously, so Operacao Prato was started in 1977 to research the phenomenon and gather data.

In the 1970s, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) conducted Operacao Prato, also called Operation Saucer, in the East Amazon region.

A group of military personnel was sent to the city of Colares, which was the center of the reported UFO sightings, in Para when the operation was formally launched in 1977.

Under Captain Uyrangê Hollanda, the team looked into the phenomenon and gathered proof.

The team reportedly saw several strange occurrences during the operation, including bright lights in the sky, odd objects moving quickly, and even encounters with humanoid beings.

Large luminous UFO photographed in Baía do Sol in November 1977 - Operation Saucer

The group also claimed that they were the target of an energy weapon, which resulted in burns and other wounds.

The operation lasted for several months, during which time the team gathered much information and proof.

Eventually, the operation ended, and the results were kept under wraps for many years.

The specifics of Operation Saucer were made public in the 1990s.

According to the declassified documents, the operation had been much more significant than initially believed, and the military had been highly concerned about the phenomena reported in the Amazon region.

The military “re-classified” for another 25 years the videos made in Colares, only releasing some stills to the public.

The military had thought about the possibility that the phenomena had extraterrestrial origins, according to the documents.

One of the most significant military inquiries into UFOs and extraterrestrial phenomena in history.

Native shoots UFO, receives an electric shock and faints

Almos, 40 years later, Iaka Kampa, a Brazilian native living in Nova Floresta village on the Envira river in the municipality of Feijó, was struck by a UFO discharge between January and February 2016.

the Kampa Indigenous Land, located in the State of Acre, is close to the border between Brazil and Peru in the Amazon jungle.

Other natives notice the UFO and fire 18 shotgun blasts in its direction.

UAP in indigenous tribes

The Indian Airton Kampa remarked, “It was very swift, and it had a powerful and greenish light.”

Still, according to Kampa, the Indians believed it to be a drone but were terrified when it burned the nozzles of every lantern and released powerful electrical discharges.

Between the end of January and the beginning of February 2016, a Brazilian native known as Iaka Kampa, a resident of the Nova Floresta village, on the Envira river, in the municipality of Feijó, was hit by a UFO discharge.

The Kampa Indigenous Land is isolated in Acre near the border between Brazil and Peru, which is difficult to access.

The UFO is spotted by other natives, who fired 18 shotgun blasts in its direction.

“It was speedy. It had a powerful greenish light”, said the Indian Airton Kampa.

Still, according to Kampa, the Indians thought it was a drone, but because it burned the nozzles of all the lanterns and emitted intense electrical discharges, they were terrified.

“It always appeared at 1:30 in the morning and stayed until two in the morning”, said the Indian, who brought his friend to the city hospital.

We will soon bring more information about these attacks that Brazilian researcher Rony Vernet recently investigated in official documents.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witness: 2;
  • Evidence: Testimony
  • Physical Evidence: Body mark
  • Official Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Sixth Kind
  • Documents:1

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