Pedro Luro UFO Abduction – The strange case of the flying car

1978 Pedro Luro UFO Abduction - The strange case of the flying car

Pedro Luro Patagonia, Argentina September 1978, Final stage of the Vuelta da América del Sur of the Chilean pilots who a UFO abducted.

Carlos Acevedo and Hugo Prambs left Buenos Aires on August 17, 1978, as part of the South American Rally’s first stage, which the Automóvil Club Argentino and Banco Regional Exchange put on.

During the competition, they would have to travel from Buenos Aires to Caracas (Venezuela) and back along the South American Pacific coast, which would be extremely difficult for both men and machines to complete.

Numerous issues that the crew of Citroen number 102 encountered, particularly in the final stages of the Rally, led them to decide against continuing to compete.

They could “re-enroll” themselves after giving up to finish the route thanks to Acevedo’s perseverance and the assistance of the other competitors.

Hugo Prambs left at the city of Bariloche on September 16 due to personal issues, and Miguel Angel Moya took his place.

Citroen number 102 at the South American Rally with Carlos Acevedo and Miguel Angel Moya - Pedro Luro UFO Abduction

Pedro Luro UFO Abduction

On September 23, early morning, Acevedo and Moya completed the final 1,000 kilometers of the Rally.

They stopped at the ACA post in Viedma (province of Ro Negro) around 2:00 to refuel (they filled the standard 50-liter tank and an additional 40-liter tank), have coffee, and chat with other competitors for a short while.

After crossing the Rio Negro and passing through the town of Carmen de Patagones, Citroen number 102 was back on the road to Bahia Blanca at 2:30 in the morning.

They were at the height of Salitral del Algarrobo and Salina de Pedro, about 30 kilometers north of the city of Carmen de Patagones, by 3 o’clock after leaving the intersection of Route 3 and the local road that leads to Cardenal Cagliero (approximate coordinates of the witnesses’ location: 40o 29′ South Latitude, 62o 49′ West Longitude).

The Citroen’s driver at the wheel was Carlos Acevedo. He abruptly noticed a bright light in his car’s rearview mirror.

The light was dim and yellowish. It was initially just a dot in the mirror, but it gradually grew more prominent.

At that moment, Acevedo and Moya moved at almost 100 km/h. The light was coming on quickly despite this.

Acevedo assumed they were the headlights of one of the Citroen 2400 or a Mercedes Benz in the larger displacement class, so he decided to significantly slow down and stay on the right side of the asphalt strip to allow what he believed to be another Rally competitor to pass.

The light was already visible in the rearview mirror and was advancing quickly.

Acevedo and Moya’s Citroen passenger area was “filled” with light at once.

The History Channel in Argentine covered the 1978 Pedro Luro UFO Abduction

The Abduction in Pedro Luro

“Viedma is thirty kilometers away. I noticed a dense yellow and violet light approaching me in the rearview mirror. Given the speed, I initially believed it to be a car traveling about 300 kilometers per hour. I made an effort to yield and moved to the left. Then light flooded the cabin, and we could only see as far as the car’s hood. It was intensely bright and yellow with hints of violet. The car seemed to be out of control at that precise moment. We were six feet away from the asphalt when I peered out the window.”

Acevedo recalled,

“I immediately thought we had jumped on the back of a donkey and I immediately began to fly, bracing myself for the eventuality that we would make contact with the asphalt once more. But instead of going down, the car appeared to be climbing uncontrollably.”

“After a few seconds, maybe five or ten, I don’t know. As I was reacting, I became aware that this was utterly abnormal. I wanted to recheck the view out the window, but all I saw was that obtrusive light. What’s up, I remember shouting, but Moya didn’t want to respond. My partner wasn’t there when I looked to my right, or at least I couldn’t see him. I couldn’t even see the dashboard, to be honest.”

Acevedo continued,

“I just noticed that light, a dense thing that looked like a liquid, I don’t know, something sticky.”

Miguel Angel Moya, whose fear paralyzed him, reported that:

“I don’t know how long it was, maybe a minute or two, but I felt a slight jolt, and I knew immediately that the car was back on the road. The yellow light appeared to dim at that precise moment, and I gradually gained the ability to see my surroundings, including the dashboard and the car’s hood. We were stopped entirely on the shoulder on the wrong side of the road, to the left of the road, when I peered out the window and saw the land.

The light abruptly vanished, and I observed it travel toward the west. It resembled a cone of yellow light, but it was truncated rather than ending in a point. It would be six, maybe seven meters high, with a four or five meters wide base and a top two or three meters high. Although you couldn’t see what the base was illuminating because it wasn’t visible through the light, it lit up the surrounding area. A short while later, the light—how should I put it?—retreated.

The only thing visible after or that rose like a curtain from bottom to top was an oval of yellowish-white light that continued toward the west before dissipating into the sky. “

Moya then needed a few seconds to get over the shock of the bizarre circumstance she was in:

“Everything happened at once, leaving us alone on the road. We looked at each other but were unable to communicate with one another. It was difficult to breathe because I was numb, my hands were shaking, and my chest was tight.”

Acevedo and Moya remained motionless briefly, unable to move or do anything. Finally, Acevedo exited the car to “check that everything was in place,” as he explained.

He quickly re-boarded the Citroen, and they promptly continued north on Route 3.

The Chilean crew of Citroen number 102 traveled for 15 minutes before arriving in Pedro Luro, a city 123 kilometers north of Carmen de Patagones in the province of Buenos Aires.

The odometer indicated that they had traveled 52 kilometers from the city of Viedma to Pedro Luro when the actual distance between the two locations is 127 kilometers; on the other hand, they arrived in Pedro Luro at 5:10 am, having left the urbanized area of Carmen de Patagones at around 2 am.

Magazine cover covering the Pedro Luro UFO Abduction with the title The strange case of the flying carWhen they decided to check the car’s instruments, they confirmed the anomalous data.

The witnesses attested to a third puzzling fact: they discovered the secondary tank was empty even though it had been filled with 40 liters of gasoline in Viedma when they decided to fill the main tank with gas.

And as if that weren’t enough, they showed up at the control two hours early, right after the vehicle arrival desk had been set up.

They were labeled as “irregular” in the race as a result.

The witnesses became even more perplexed as their fear increased due to the reported facts.

They decided to report the UFO Incident to the Pedro Luro Police, for which they went to the appropriate detachment.

Official inspector Daniel Osimi diligently looked after them there, and they gave him the specifics of what had occurred.

A week after the incident, the political-focused magazine Somos featured an illustration of the car illuminated by an alleged UFO with the headline “The strange case of the flying car” on its cover.

The letter also contains a complaint to Acevedo and Moya in which they retell the UFO incident with a Pedro Luro police officer.

“They were about to cry when Acevedo desperately grabbed the head. While Moya could not speak and appeared paralyzed,” official inspector Jorge Osimi, who had been called to the scene by the station’s night watchman, gave his assurance.

Lights on the road in Pedro Luro

The case was obscured until 2000 when Chilean journalist Patricio Baados spoke with Miguel Angel Moya about his UFO Abduction (Acevedo died in a car accident in 1987).

The co-pilot recalled that when the car’s light turned on, “a long corridor with doors on both sides appeared. We were making progress. Through those doors, the light was visible.

Carlos was screaming, and I knew he was there. When we reached the end of the hallway, a dome was there. The lights rotated from a sign that hung there. Two creatures came toward us. It looks like the Martians got us, idiot, I said in response to Carlos’s “What’s wrong?” question.

We returned to the car after the entire scene vanished at that point.

They were disqualified from the race due to the unusual event that two Chilean drivers led in the middle of the Rally in Argentina; the organizers believed they had engaged in “cheating,” but there was no way to prove it.

The Argentine Air Force personnel who interrogated the pilots in Buenos Aires later asked them to describe the incident in detail, took the clothing they were wearing the day of the incident, and ultimately asked them not to comment on what had happened so as not to “alarm the population,” according to pilots Acevedo and Moya.

Other Testimonials to Pedro Luro UFO Abduction

Cover of the Boletin UFO Press October 1978Inspector Jorge Osimi claimed that despite extreme nervousness when testifying at the Pedro Luro Police Station, the witnesses were fully aware of their mental faculties.

Osimi checked the auxiliary fuel tank for cracks or holes, so the disappearance of 40 liters of fuel had no known cause.

Police Corporal Jess Garca claimed to have seen how anxious the witnesses were. On the Pedro Luro – Bahia Blanca route, they hardly said a word to one another. Acevedo was momentarily startled when a car trailing the Citroen flashed its high beams to signal.

The watchman at the gas station, Héctor Forchésotto, was the first to contact the witnesses following the incident. They appeared to be very anxious, especially La Moya, he observed.

He recalls hearing them talk about the issue of gas mileage and running out of fuel. In Forchesatto’s opinion, the witnesses were sincere, and the disquiet and bewilderment they revealed were impossible to fake.

On the other hand, Forchesatto claimed that between 04:30 and 04:45, Ascasubi residents saw a powerful, intense yellowish light move quickly in a westward direction.

Similar events to Pedro Luro UFO Abduction

People inside their cars have reported being taken against their will and released in a different area without remembering what happened.

These incidents usually involve mysterious lights, a buzzing sound, and a feeling of paralysis or being removed from the car.

Witnesses have described the feeling of being taken into a craft, seeing strange beings, and being subjected to physical examinations before being released.

This type of alien abduction has been reported all over the world.

What Happened to the family in the Caiana UFO Abduction

Photo of the Caiana Family in 2001 - Caiana UFO Abduction
Photo of the Caiana Family in 2001

On December 13, 2000, João Joaquim da Silva, known as João Caiana, his family, and a friend drove along a dark, deserted road in Iturama, Minas Gerais.

In the vehicle were electrician João, his wife Rosa Martins da Silva, daughter Magui Aparecida Martins, and granddaughter Lavínia.

They were on their way to a farm of a couple of friends to collect jabuticaba to make a liqueur.

Around ten o’clock at night, Maggie saw a bright light on the road.

Soon everyone noticed strange colored lights in the sky, quite intense, that followed the Beetle 1972, for about 3 km, on the right side of the road.

João said that it was not an airplane but a spaceship. As the car approached, the light became more intense.

João noticed that the object was lit up and large, reckoning it should have been about 10 meters wide by six tall.

At that moment, all the witnesses saw the light gray being, thin, with an angular head and no ears, a narrow nose, and large eyes approaching the vehicle.

Rosa found speaking challenging, as her tongue was completely numb, and the girl said she saw “one plate on top of another.”

With all this going on, the family friend screamed for help. Suddenly, Magui fainted before asking them not to let her die.

They noticed a substantial temperature change, and the surprise came that the car was no longer on the road.

João felt pretty cold and had trouble breathing. He thought of a way to take his family home.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 2;
  • Evidence: time, and car instruments
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Official Investigation: Local police;
  • Close Encounter: Fifth Kind;
  • Documents: 1

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