When UFO Attacks – The Barroso Incident – The Real Benjamin Button

When UFO Kills - The Barroso incident

Terrible events can be hidden behind UFO encounters. Luis Fernandes Barroso became the genuine Benjamin Button after an incident with aliens in 1976.

The event inspired another movie, “Area Q.”

Days after Mr. Barroso encountered a UFO, he presented a strange mental dementia as a young child. Also, his skin rejuvenated gradually, attested by experts in various fields of medicine, but his case remained a mystery.

The Barroso Incident

When UFO Kills - The Barroso Incident

In the early hours of that April 3, 1976, she changed the life of many residents of Quixadá, Ceará.

At about 4:30 am, a group of military cadets began physical exercises when they saw a large flying object with a bright light and completely silent.

At first, they thought it could be a device launched from a military base, known by launching satellites, some miles away, or a weather balloon possibly reflecting the sun, but it didn’t have risen yet.

Others witnessed the presence of a UFO in Quixadá’s sky.

The radio DJ, José Sinval, observed a colorful circular object hovering close by the runway of Quixada’s airfield.

Gonzalo Costa and João Rosa de Almeida observed a similar object between Quixadá and-and Jaburu.

The Sibling’s UFO attack

On their way to school, Francisca Rosete da Silva, 23, and her brother Antonio Leudo da Silva, 12, saw an intense floating light in the woods.

A straight flash of light from the object struck Francisca’s face. She started to feel dizzy and decided to return home with her brother’s help.

Soon after entering the house, she passes out.

Her father, Antonio Fernandes da Silva, rushed her to the local hospital, where a nurse practitioner checked on the girl.

The analyses presented that the young lady had swollen eyes, several bruises on her body, and scratches, possibly produced by plants from the region.

“swollen eyes, as if they have been exposed to extreme heat”

While her brother Antonio did have no physical traumas, he was highly nervous and scary.

“What I saw, I did not want to see ever again. It was not a plane, helicopter, or another known thing. It was strange and threatening.”

The real Benjamin Button

On April 3, 1976, the farmer, Luis Fernandes Barroso, left his house to check on his farm, a practice he used to do once a week.

His farm was a few miles from the city, so he got in his wagon and said goodbye to his wife in the early morning darkness.

After a while, Barroso heard something like a swarm of bees; he looked around but saw nothing. The buzzing sound didn’t stop; suddenly, a UFO of about 9 feet (3 meters) in diameter was above him.

Barroso stopped the horse for a better look at the object floating slowly about 90 feet (or 30 meters) away in front of him.

The horse got scared, and a bright light focused on him and the animal, both paralyzed.

From the object, two tiny beings came out; one of them was holding something similar to a flashlight that he aimed and shot a beam of light that hit Luis Barroso on his face, and he immediately lost consciousness.

When he woke up, he realized that he was far away from the point he encountered the UFO.

Barroso had a severe headache with difficulty breathing, dizziness, and feeling his face burned, and the left side of his body was found in red.

He didn’t have control of his body, unable to command the horse.

A cowboy passing through realized that Barroso was distressed and helped the man return to his house.

Soon after arriving home, he told his wife about the encounter and asked if she could take him to be examined by Dr. Antonio Moreira Magalhães, one of the most respected Quixadá doctors.

The doctor listened to Luis Barroso’s story. Although he did not believe in flying saucers then, he was sure that something severe and out of the ordinary must have happened to the farmer because he had high credibility in town.

Dr. Magalhães recorded the information in Barroso’s medical records and prescribed an antiallergic and bedrest.

Barroso Incident investigation

When UFO Kills - The Barroso IncidentIn the days that followed, Barroso continued with constant body aches, eyes irritated, and the left side of his body remained red.

Rapidly his encounter spread through the town, and people went to his house to hear the story firsthand. UFO researchers from the state capital, Fortaleza, were with them, thanks to radio stations and local newspapers that reported the episode.

The researchers found Luis Barroso visibly uncomfortable but met all the curious with education and respect. On his own hands, he told the researchers:

“We received a light and were stopped, unable to move, the animal and I, of course. It opened up a kind of door and appeared two short-stature beings. They were normal people, albeit with weird clothes and a kind of flashlight in hand. Pointed one beam of light at us, and I lost consciousness …”.

After some days, Barroso’s life returned to normal.

Over 16 specialists identified the problem

However, Luis Barroso’s family life would never be the same.

Short days after his encounter Luis Barroso’s hair turned gray, and he also had a catatonic or hypnotic stare.

After signs of memory loss and getting sicker, the family decided to take him back to Dr. Magalhaes, that was baffled that the symptoms had intensified, surprising the experienced doctor who referred the Barroso to the capital, Fortaleza.

He was attended by neurologist Dr. Pelegrino Jose Alves and psychiatrist Dr. Glauco Wolf that criticized that his medical records included the words “had been abducted by a flying saucer.”

They were initially believed to be a common psychological problem. The doctors could not have an accurate diagnosis “prescribing” to stay away from work and sent him back home.

The family decided to check him into a psychiatric hospital in Fortaleza, where he was examined by 16 specialist doctors, whom also failed to perform an accurate diagnosis to overturn or at least identified Barroso’s problem.

When UFO Kills

With time he states retaining fluids and edemas increases memory loss and also losing the ability to speak and move.

Another battery of exams was performed: electroencephalogram, urine, glucose, and cholesterol.

The tests results proved that Luis Fernandes Barroso’s health was perfect, except for his brain, it presented a mental regression, apparently irreversible.

Thru the years Barroso started acting like a young child; by 1993, his communication ability was resumed to three words, “Mom,” give me,” and “fear”.” Whenever he was present to a bright light or camera flash, he would pronounce the word “fear.” “On the other hand, the donkey that company him in the UFO attack also became very ill, not eating for several days, but recovered after a while had a full recovery.

With his wife, Barroso had three children that took care of his business, but without angry towards the aliens “it was an accident, it can happen to me, to you, or anyone,” said one of his sons Francisco Leonardo Barroso.

Luis Fernandes Barroso died on April 1, 1993, seventeen years of his encounter, with smooth skin just like a baby.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witness: 1;
  • Evidence: physical;
  • Physical Evidence: body and scycological;
  • Oficial Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Sixth Kind;
  • Documents: 1

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