Carazinho UFO Encounter

Carazinho UFO Encounter

The Carazinho UFO Encounter was a critical UFO landing case in 1965, with physiological effects on the witness. Learn about this ufo case and draw your conclusion.

The city of Carazinho, in Rio Grande do Sul, was chosen for a meeting on the land of two spaceships and their respective crew.

The occurrence, searched by SBEOV (Brazilian Society for Studies on Flying Saucers), is summed up in the following:

The Carazinho UFO Encounter

Adilon shows how he observed the strange objects Original image from the SBEDV collection, by Portal Fenomenum
Adilon shows how he observed the strange objects Original image from the SBEDV collection, by Portal Fenomenum

On July 26, 1965, at night, student Adilon Batista de Azevedo, aged 14, left home with his two friends Nelson Vieira, aged 17, and João Pereira, aged 14, who invited him for a movie session.

They would have to walk about 10 minutes because Adilon’s house was on the outskirts of town.

When they reached a vacant lot between Rua Quinze de Novembro, Rua General Canabarro, and Rua Alexandre da Mota, they saw the UFO.

It was coming out from behind a cloud, about 500 meters high (546 yards). A strong focus of light in the shape of a cone illuminated the ground in a range of 10 meters.

The boys were terrified as the light quickly descended with a strange hum.

Nelson and Joao Pereira ran, thinking it was a shooting star or a swarm of bees, shouting:

“It’s the bees! It’s the bees!”

Adilon, more curious, stopped to observe and saw an oval object, 5 or 6 meters (15′ or 18′) long and 1.50 meters high (5′), land in the vacant lot about 40 meters (44 yards) from where they were.

The device did not touch the ground. The UFO stopped at one meter from the ground.

Another UFO

Representation of one of the observed objects Original image from the SBEDV collection by Portal Fenomenum

About three minutes later, another object appeared, illuminated the ground, and descended, with the same humming. It stopped three or four meters from the first one at the same level, projecting a beam of light on the ground through the lower part.

They were identical in shape, but the second one was much smaller. It should have been only 2 or 3 meters (6′ or 9′) long.

Two small beings, measuring 1.50 m (5′), walked around their device as they left the enormous UFO. They gestured and spoke in an incomprehensible language full of “SSs and ZZs” in deep older people’s voices.

Adilon stood there for a while, watching them.

It advanced another thirty meters, and he went into the ground to look further afield after about two minutes when the creatures’ backs were turned.

He crouched behind the cement walls of an old shaft, just 30 or 40 meters (40-44 yards) from the crew.

The small beings’ description

These were dressed in dark clothing and wore luminous helmets.

Leaving the helmet, a band darker than the clothing descended to the chest from the height of the nose, clearly distinguishing itself from it.

When they reached the height of a vacant lot between Rua Quinze de Novembro, Rua General Canabarro, and Rua Alexandre da Mota, they saw the UFO coming out from behind a cloud.

It was about 500 meters high (546 yards), with a focus of bright light, in the shape of a cone.

The UFO illuminated the ground in a range of 10 meters.

After about 5 minutes of observation, the young man noticed that three crew members of identical height had exited the smaller aircraft and were walking toward the first group, hissing in unison.

One of them paced back and forth while holding a luminous object in his right hand.

Shortly after, the two little men from the first group circled their ship three times and entered it, bending low enough to do so.

The craft took off vertically, increasing the hum and vanishing in seconds.

The three crew members from the second aircraft continued talking among each other for another three minutes.

They performed the same movements as the previous group, occasionally bending to disappear under the device.

The UFO quickly rose at high speed and vanished.

Where is the location of the Carazinho UFO Encounter?

In particular, soybeans, rice, and corn are produced in large quantities in Carazinho.

It also has several enterprises, notably the biggest soybean processor in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil.

Carazinho is a city with a rich cultural legacy.

It is also renowned for its distinctive cuisine, which draws inspiration from regional foods, including cassava, maize, and beans.

Carazinho has good mineral resources, as copper, lead, zinc, and iron ore can all be found in the region. The area is also known for its production of granite, marble, and other stones used in construction.

Carazinho is known for its abundance of water resources. It has reservoirs, streams, and rivers. Additionally, the area has many naturally occurring hot springs well-liked by tourists. The hot springs are thought to have therapeutic qualities.

The Carazinho UFO Encounter’s Outcome

Adilon at the time of the UFO EncounterAfter this fantastic adventure, Adilon met his colleagues at the cinema, where he only stayed half an hour because he had an intense headache.

He went to the pharmacy and bought a Fontal pill. That had no effect.

The next day, his father, Mr. Gumercindo Batista Azevedo, impressed by the story, took him to the doctor.

He prescribed tranquilizers and sedatives, which had no effect. His headache continued for another five days and five nights, then suddenly stopped.

Note: Some books and articles cited Adilon as Adilson Batista de Azevedo.

Other UFO Encounters in close proximity

The Artur Berlet UFO Abduction

The Artur Berlet UFO Abduction and his book UFO Contact from Planet Acart - From Utopia to RealityTractor driver Artur Berlet, from Sarandi, claimed to have been abducted by a flying saucer on May 14, 1958. Only 11 days later did he come back.

The abduction case at the time gained international attention.

The tractor driver’s account contained a lot of specifics. He would have traveled for 38 hours to the planet Acart, which is 65 million kilometers away from Earth.

The Acartians interacted with humans and shared a physical appearance with them. They spoke German.

“UFO Contact from Planet Acart – From Utopia to Reality” contains Berlet’s account.

The Westendorff UFO Close encounter

Businessman and pilot Haroldo Westendorff noticed a pyramid-shaped object with rounded ends that rotated about itself without making any sounds or generating any form of smoke on the morning of October 5, 1996, while flying on the EMB 712 Tupi aircraft.

The 30-minute-long incident occurred above Lagoa dos Patos, close to Pelotas.

The pilot reported that the object in the sky was traveling slowly in the direction of the Atlantic Ocean and that the sky was partly hazy.

He walked up to the nave from a distance of about 300 meters and noticed that it had eight sides, each of which had projections that looked like windows.

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter - UFO illustration from the pilot's point of view

Haroldo Westendorff made radio contacts with the Curitiba Air Space Control Center and the station at Pelotas Airport.

Nobody provided confirmation of the UFO’s appearance on the radars.

Westendorff then started to circle the moving ship.

A disk-shaped object emerged vertically from the dome on the second lap, slanted at a 45-degree angle, and immediately flew in the direction of the sea, according to the businessman present at the time.

The size of the saucer was three times that of the aircraft. The craft then fired crimson beams through the still-open dome as it accelerated and vanished into the sky.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 3;
  • Evidence: physiological effects on the witness;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Official Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Second Kind;
  • Documents: 1

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