Did A UFO Landing Case In France in 1944?

Did A UFO Landing Case In France in 1944?

UFO landing case in France in 1944, during the height of World War II, a strange event occurred in a small village in southeastern France.

According to witnesses, a disc-shaped object landed in a field, and several tiny humanoid beings emerged.

The Story of the UFO Landing Case in France

This report was published by the ufological bulletins Lumineres Dans La Nuit, no. 118, and Flying Saucer Review – Case Histories, no. 12.

Madeleine Arnoux is the named witness in this case.

Arnoux recounted an encounter with a mysterious object and beings in the summer of 1944 when she was only 13 years old.

She used to ride her bicycle weekly to a farm several kilometers from her home to get groceries.

While on the road RD 42, lined with woods, towards Le Verger, she got off her bicycle to pick some wild fruits.

As she walked along a dirt path looking for blackberries, she saw a machine and beings less than 1 meter tall dressed in brown overalls.

The device was a dull metallic gray color and must have been the size of one of the small cars at that time.

Madelaine remembers feeling frozen and unable to move during the mutual observation, and it lasted for an unknown amount of time.

Afterward, she could move and quickly got on her bicycle and rode away.

Madeleine Arnoux was terrified and ran at full speed to the farm and didn’t talk about the encounter for fear of being called a liar. She believes she saw a UFO and clearly remembers the incident.

The location where the encounter happened was a lonely place, and the nearest farms were a kilometer away.

There couldn’t have been any existing vehicles at that time as they were rare on the roads anyway.

Madeleine Arnoux ruled out the possibility of resistance fighters or German soldiers being responsible for the encounter, as they would have stopped her from questioning.

Madelaine believes she must have witnessed one of the first UFO visits. She has enclosed two sketches of the place and plans to return to be more precise.

Representation of the case, published in the Revista Lumieres das la Nuit

Representation of the case, published in the Revista Lumieres das la Nuit

Other UFO Encounters During the Wars

From Alexandre the Greatest’s earliest years to the Gulf War, unidentified flying objects have been seen during nearly all of history’s pivotal military conflicts.

During the First World War, people noticed them and reported them.

It also inspired Nigel Watson’s book “UFOs of the First World War: Phantom Airships, Balloons, Aircraft, and Other Mysterious Aerial Phenomena.”

Did the Red Baron shoot down a UFO during WWI?

On March 13, 1917, they noticed an object resembling two overlapping silver plates and orange lights while patrolling over western France from an airfield in Belgium.

The object was about 40 meters (120 feet) in diameter.

The Red Baron decided to start shooting at the slowly hovering UFO despite being unable to identify the aircraft; at the time, the United States had just entered the war, so it may have been an unidentified American weapon.

“We were frightened. It was unlike anything we’d ever seen,” according to Peter Waitzrick.

The moment the Baron started firing, the object dropped like a rock and tore off tree limbs as it crashed into the forest.

He saw two young passengers escape the collision site and run into the woods after it.

The Foo Fighter Encounters During the WWII

During World War II, pilots on both sides of the conflict reported encountering strange aerial phenomena known as “Foo Fighters.”

These sightings occurred primarily in the European theater of operations.

The objects were described as glowing orbs that would follow the aircraft, dart around the sky, and sometimes even perform seemingly impossible maneuvers.

Pilots were initially uncertain about what they were seeing, but as more and more reports came in, military officials began to take notice.

Intelligence agencies investigated the objects, but no clear explanation was ever found for their presence.

Some speculated that they were secret weapons developed by the enemy, while others believed they might be extraterrestrial in origin.

Despite numerous sightings, no recorded incidents of the Foo Fighters attacking or harming any aircraft were recorded.

UFO Encounter continues in other military conflicts

During the Vietnam and Korean Wars, numerous reports of UFO sightings by military personnel existed. Pilots, in particular, reported seeing strange objects they could not explain, such as bright lights or metallic disks flying in formation.

In one well-known incident, a group of American soldiers in Vietnam reported seeing a massive, triangular-shaped craft hovering in the sky above them.

The object reportedly emitted a loud, low-frequency hum and then suddenly disappeared without a trace.

Similarly, during the Korean War, pilots reported encountering objects that they described as “flying saucers” or “cigar-shaped” craft.

These objects were said to be capable of incredible speeds and maneuvers far beyond any known aircraft’s capabilities at the time.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 1;
  • Evidence: none;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Official Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Third Kind;
  • Documents: 0.

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