Kecksburg UFO incident may be debunked

KecksburgThe Kecksburg UFO incident completed 50 years past November, and since 1965 has been one of the most researched UFO cases over the years, and explanation may be solve.

On November 9, 1965, at 16h47, a flaming object fall from the sky, on the small north Americans town of Kecksburg, Westmoreland County‎, in Pennsylvania.

The UFO traveled a path over Canada, Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

Thousands of people saw the trail the object left in the sky, and this eventually after a maneuver near Cleveland, headed to the southeast, falling in Kecksburg.

A witness rushed into the woods where the crash occurred and observed that the object was partially buried in the ground, was metal and had about 12′ or 3.6 m in length, with approximately conical/acorn shape.

Kecksburg UFO incident may be debunkedIn the following moments came volunteer firefighters and city police, and journalists. And in no time military surrounded the place, led the people out and maintained a tight surveillance.

Some witnesses claim to have been warned to stay away because there was a risk of radiation leakage.

The UFO was later placed on the back of a military truck and taken away, again according to several witnesses.

Some researchers argue that the object was transported to the Air Force Base Wright-Patterson in Dayton, Ohio, a five-hour drive, 289 miles apart.

The authorities rushed claiming that the Kecksburg UFO was actually a meteor.

Has the Kecksburg UFO incident been solved?

Kecksburg UFO incident may be debunked 04Among the hypotheses for Kecksburg UFO Incident was the fall of the Russian Cosmos satellite 96.

But in 2003, journalist Leslie Kean exhibited a document obtained through the Freedom of Information Act and an interview with an expert NASA.

This evidence proved that the Russian satellite fell over Canada earlier in the day and therefore could not be the same Kecksburg object.

Other theories suggest the object could have been technology recovered under Operation Paperclip, for example, the Nazi Bell (Die Glocke), it was a purported top secret Nazi scientific technological device, secret weapon.

It has now emerged that what may be one possible explanation, the ultimate explanation of the case, by John Ventre, state director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and Owen Eichler, local researcher.

Eichler was 13 at the time of the event and played baseball when he observed the UFO trail in heaven.

Kecksburg UFO incident may be debunked 02Owen Eichler is an independent researcher with varied background encompasses engineering and advanced technical expertise, as well as analytical and common sense approaches to unexplained phenomenon.

He has degrees in mechanical, electrical and heat transfer engineering.

Owen Eichler, in his research, found in 1991 then documents recently released by the US government, describing the MK 2 re-entry vehicle, built by General Electric.

Repeatedly launched aboard rockets like Thor, Atlas, and Jupiter, its conical shape is very similar to the Kecksburg UFO Incident object.

This MK 2 had four directional jets control, which could make it maneuver as described by the witnesses, and one of the metals used in its construction was copper, which would explain the green flares observed.

Kecksburg UFO incident may be debunked 03

Certain brands in its fuselage are also similar to those seen on the surface by the UFO witnesses.

The GE’s MK 2 was being tested as a spy satellite, and in the context of the Cold War then obviously the authorities could not admit its existence.

John Ventre, who produced the video Kecksburg – The Untold Story interviews with witnesses, and next to Eichler published the article “Has a top 5 UFO case been solved?”, describing his theory, he adds: “The possibility of the reentry vehicle that landed in Kecksburg of carrying a nuclear warhead is remote.

Witnesses stated they saw people dressed in what they describe as full body suits and carrying something resembling what is commonly called a Geiger counter.”

Ventre says he sent messages to NASA and the Air Force, but received no response.

The town of Kecksburg, meanwhile, continues its annual UFO festival each July.

Some residents prefer to let the case be forgotten, while others appreciate the fame that the 1965’s Kecksburg UFO incident brought to the town.

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