The 1973 Perpendicular Prowler Incident

The Perpendicular Prowler was observed walking on a wall, defying gravity in Brussels, Belgium, in 1973.

The Perpendicular Prowler was observed walking on a wall, defying gravity in Brussels, Belgium 1973.

The 1973 Perpendicular Prowler Incident

On December 19, 1973, an unusual incident involving the Perpendicular Prowler occurred in Brussels, Belgium.

The witness, Mr. M.V.M., wished to remain anonymous.

This event stands out among many extraterrestrial humanoid sightings for its “comic” and striking characteristics.

The incident occurred in Mr. M.V.M.’s garden, approximately 75 m², behind his house.

One night, while sleeping with his wife, M.V.M. woke up around 2 am to go to the bathroom outside the home. He stood up without turning on the lights, lighting his way with a hand lantern to not wake his wife.

While in the kitchen, he heard a noise outside and noticed a greenish light hitting the curtains.

This was overwhelming since the garden should have been in complete darkness. Intrigued by the luminosity and strange noises, he went to the window to investigate further and observed a bewildering spectacle.

Drawing of the humanoid observed by the MVM, in Brussels, Belgium, according to the interpretation of Stendek Magazine. (1)

The 1973 Perpendicular Prowler Description

At the bottom of the garden, he saw a character of approximately 1 meter and 10 centimeters in stature, coated with a gleaming scavenger that radiated a greenish luminosity.

The humanoid was visible from the back, with an average head, arms, and legs.

The head was protected by a transparent helmet of spheroid shape, with a tube that started from the back towards a backpack attached to its back.

Apparently, the garment had no seams or noticeable buttons. M.V.M. observed a kind of strap that added a small box of luminescent red color.

The belt was about 3 to 4 cm wide, and the box was about 8 cm on its side by about 3 cm thick (approximate measurements).

The pants, at the bottom, resembled that of “golf” and were attached to small boots that looked the same as the rest of the uniform.

No detail could be appreciated at first glance. His hands were identical to ours, though somewhat smaller, and he had gloves.

Mr. M.V.M. thought the humanoid had (or should have) very short hair since the head looked round and black.

The witness noticed a luminous halo surrounding the ufonaut from head to toe, illuminating the ground where he moved.

The individual made no noticeable movement indicating that he was breathing, nor was any noise heard produced by his body.

On the one hand, he carried an instrument resembling a homemade vacuum cleaner or an underground mine detector.

He moved slowly, from left to right, over a heap of garbage the witness had left days earlier.

The apparatus was formed by a long tube in whose upper part a small rectangular box could be observed.

At the lower end, it had a rectangular plate with the front flattened. In the rest, the device emitted a luminosity identical to the creature’s uniform. Nor were any noises from it noticeable when the case developed.

The witness reported that the tiny creature appeared to have difficulty getting around,

“Moving slowly, writhing and bending its knees slightly. His way of walking seemed particularly heavy.”

Perpendicular Prowler The astonishing ascent of the ufonaut over MVM's backyard wall

Attempting to Contact the Perpendicular Prowler

M.V.M. used his lantern to emit light signals toward the bottom of the garden.

The ufonaut turned around, and M.V.M. could notice at that moment that his neck was not mobile since he made a move with his whole body.

n these circumstances, the witness could observe the black creature’s face. No lumps, nose, or mouth.

Only small, pointed ears were observed. The eyes were oval and emitted a yellowish luminosity, being large and very bright.

A green film surrounded them. On the iris, thin, black circle of small, reddish lights. The lower half was dark and apparently metallic.

The witness observed the UFO for about 10 minutes until it moved away from the garden and eventually disappeared into the night sky.

The Perpendicular Prowler incident in Brussels was a highly unusual and striking encounter with an extraterrestrial being and a UFO.

The witness’s detailed description of the humanoid’s appearance and behavior and the strange characteristics of the UFO make this case stand out among other reported sightings.

Despite the witness’s desire for anonymity, the story has become well-known in ufology circles.

It continues to intrigue those interested in the possibility of intelligent life beyond our planet.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 1;
  • Evidence: none;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Official Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Third Kind;
  • Documents: 0

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