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What You Should Know About Elisa Lam Will Scare You

Elisa Lam smiling on a profile photoElisa Lam was a 21-year-old Canadian when she disappeared in late January 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

Cecil Hotel’s maintenance crew found the body of a Canadian student inside a water tower after guests complained about the water color and taste.

If that is not creepy enough for you, the activities that turned Elisa Lam to her death and the ones following it will definably disturb your thoughts.

Who was Elisa Lam

Born in Vancouver, Canada, on April 30, 1991, Elisa Lan came from a Chinese family.

Also known by her Cantonese name, Lam Ho Yi, she was a student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

She traveled alone to the United States after stopping by San Diego, planning to visit Santa Cruz as her final destination.

Elisa posted photos while in the San Diego Zoo on social media.

On January 28, she check-in into the Cecil Hotel,  near the infamous downtown Skid Row, in Los Angeles.

Traveling on a budget Elisa Lam through the cheap hotel was a good choice.

Three days later, Elisa Lam could no more seen alive again.

Police dogs searched through the hotel for Lam, even on the roof, shortly after her disappearance. However, nothing was found.

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Elisa Lam’s Death

Firemen removing Elisa Lam's body from the water towers

About 2-3 weeks later, guests and staff members complained about the taste and color of the water.

The maintenance crew checks one of the water towers to find a human body inside.

Inside Elisa Lam’s body, lifeless, her decomposed body was found 19 days later after he disappeared.

Although Police say it was “accidental drowning” and that she was “probably bipolar,” many questions remain unanswered.

LA Police Department provided a video of Lam in the Cecil hotel elevator.

The clip was released intended to present to the public how physically Elisa Lam was. However, her disturbing mental behavior caught the attention.

The Video Released by the Police

The Video recorded by CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) inside the elevator is the last moment of Elisa Lam’s life.

– The Video starts with Elisa Lam entering the elevator and pressing several buttons;
But the elevator does not close the doors or supposedly react to the commands. Even she stays away from the door;
– 23 seconds: she takes a quick peek out of the elevator;
– 30 seconds: she supposedly is “hiding” in the corner of the elevator
– 50 seconds: she leaves the elevator;
– 1 minute: Almost out of sight of the camera;
– 1 minute and 30 seconds later: she returns to pressing the buttons again, and it does not move;
– 1:57 min: she leaves the elevator and begins to make gestures with her hands quite oddly, apparently talking to someone;
– She stays like this until 2:30 and disappears from the camera;
– At 3 min .: the elevator door closes.
– 3:14 min: the door opens
– 3:25 min .: door closes
– 3:43 min .: the door opens again
– 3:53 min .: the door closes again until the end of the shoot, at 3:59 minutes.

Upon analysis of only the Video, we can notice two points:

  1. After the third minute, when the elevator closes its doors, it is no longer on the same floor them Elisa;
  2. The Police Edited the Video! It is slowed down by about 30-35%. But why?

The Common Questions

Firemen leaving the Cecil Hotel with white trashbags

Why, even when pressing the buttons the elevator door does not close?

What happened in the elevator?

How did she get to the roof?

Why was she without clothes?

How did she go into the water tower?

Who closed the water tower’s hatch?

Why, even when pressing the buttons the elevator door does not close?

Since the Police was released at the wrong speed, it is possible to understand why the doors didn’t close as expected.

What happened in the elevator?

Elisa’s behavior in the elevator is bizarre, drubs perhaps.

However, the coroner’s results presented some metabolites and traces of her prescription medication, consistent with blister packs and loose pills of those drugs found among her belongings.

Along with some nonprescription medicines such as Sinutab and Ibuprofen.

With only 0.02 g% alcohol trace but no other recreational drugs were found in her system.

She entered the elevator without her glasses, and could it lead to her pressing the wrong buttons?

How did she get to the roof?

The hotel has a door that employees can only access.

The Cecil Hotel’s fire escape could have allowed Lan to bypass the hotel’s security measures.

Why was she without clothes?

The coroner reported that the body was found naked in the tank, about half to three-quarters full, with the clothes floating alongside her, coated with a “sand-like particulate.” That included her watch and room key.

How did she go into the water tank?

A Chinese tv crew investigated the Elisa Lan case and found a ladder leading to the top of a surface from which one can quickly enter the cisterns. There were even two hatches open.

Photo with a red circle presenting where Lisa could had access the roof

Who closed the water tank’s shaft?

That is another one of the mysteries. The words “Fecto Cunt Her Suma” were found on the water tank next to where her body was inside. The Latin translates into “In fact, she was a cunt.”

Strange Connection: “ConfusedTree”

During the unofficial investigation by family, friends, and curious, Elisa Lam’s Tumblr (http://nouvelle-nouveau.tumblr.com)  caught much attention.

The possibility of a connection to a man named Josh Macedo, aka “confused tree.”

On Lam’s Tumblr page, sort fashion commercial shots, designs, animated gifs, and motivational sentences, but there is only one personalized Video of a young man wearing a green sweater, his name, Macedo.

Macedo dances in similar eerie movements in this particular Video to Elisa in Hotel’s Video.

During further investigation, supposedly, Elisa met Macedo in Canada, or at least an online connection.

She possibly stopped at the Cecil Hotel to meet a friend.

The Tuberculosis Outbreak on Skid Row

Ghosts, Murders and Suicides From Cecil Hotel to Stay On Main Hotel

Over 90 years old, the historic building collects extreme murders, suicides, serial killers, and ghosts.

The recently re-branded, Stay On Main Hotel in downtown Los Angeles is an icon of the town and the paranormal world.

The Skid Row neighborhood added to the mix. The place is known for its drug dealers, robbers, and outlaws.

To make matters worse, soon after the discovery of Elisa Lam’s body, a deadly outbreak of tuberculosis took place in the area.

As the situation was already strange, the name of the test kit used in these types of cases is LAM-ELISA or Enzyme-Linked ImmunoSorbent Assay. Coincidence?

The guests at the Hotel Cecil sued the hotel over the incident. Lam’s parents filed a separate suit later the same year.

The investors saw the need to re-brand Hotel Cecil as The Stay on Main Hotel, hoping that the dark events would stay in the past.

Aside from all that, a young life was lost, and a family suffered. Please reserve a minute of your day to pray for Elisa Lam.


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