When UFO Attacks – The Facchini Incident

UFO landed on Abbiate Guazzone, Italy. Witness offered to help, but a UFO crew member’s light beam shot him in the back. This is The Facchini Incident.

Italy has a rich UFO extensive list of incidents dating before and after the World War Era.

Numerous cases of night observation, daytime, filming, landings, and close contact with UFOs occur all over Italy.

On April 24, 1950, around 10 pm in Abbiate Guazzone, Varese Province, Lombardy, in northern Italy, Bruno Facchini had a close encounter of the third kind that changed his life.

Who is Bruno Facchini?

Bruno Facchini, 40 years old at the time, was a mechanic, married, and father of a young boy. He lived in the land where the event occurred, near the highway that led to Milan.

The Facchini Incident

Earlier that night in April, a violent storm over the region occurred. This storm lasted for approximately 22 hours.

Facchini took advantage of the break and used the outhouse a few feet from the house.

After using the bathroom, he lit a cigarette and returned to the house.

Bruno Facchini observed strange flashing lights that, at first, he thought were lightning coming from the storm that had occurred earlier.

The light originated from a nearby power line to his house, so he decided to see if there was any abnormality.

His concern was for his son’s safety, who used to play around that area and could come across some power cable that may have fallen to the ground.

At the power line, he didn’t notice anything wrong.

Then he saw the same flashing lights, but now it was coming from a dark object, like a ball, with a flattened top.

Facchini’s description of the UFO

It was still far away, so Facchini decided to get closer for a better view.

Then from about 200 yards (about 180 meters), he saw these substantial dark shapes, like a ball with a flattened top.

The estimated diameter of the object was about 30 feet (10 meters) long and 20 feet (7 meters) high.

In the middle of the UFO, he could see a small staircase, surrounded by a greenish light from a sort of tube lamp handled by a man on foot, who seemed to weld something.

The person was wearing something like a diving suit and a mask.

Driven by curiosity, Facchini approached and saw two other people with the same clothes moving slowly around the object.

The three beings wore the same kind of costume, a one-piece gray color diving suit. On the head, a helmet with a transparent mask with a tube.

These beings had about 5’6″ (1,70 m) tall. He believed that these suits were heavy and limited their movements.

Facchini Close Encounter

Believing the craft was an American prototype damaged by the storm, Facchini offered to help the crew.

But in response, Bruno Facchini received a few guttural sounds that were not understandable.

The one working in the fuselage turned and waved to Facchini. He had the feeling that they were inviting him on board.

Suddenly he heard a noise similar to a beehive or a massive power generator.

Facchini realized it was not an airplane, and he panicked, starting to run away in the other direction.

When he turned back to look, he saw one of the beings raise some device that shot a beam of light toward him.

He felt like he was cut in half by a tool or a jet of compressed air and fell to the ground.

Bruno Facchini describes that when struck by the light beam felt as if he was pushed by a few meters before falling, banging his head against a rock.

Wounded, frightened, and dizzy, he was on the floor without moving, however conscious.

The UFO crew finished welding and closed the hatch to the object that took off, emitting a robust buzzing sound.

Facchini remained motionless on the ground for some time. Everything was quiet.

When he regained it, the movement went to his house, where he tried to sleep.

Facchini Incident Investigation

The next day Facchini returned to the scene to search for the box of matches he left behind. Always good to remember this was 1950.

But at the site, he found four circular depressions about 3 feet or (1 meter) in diameter, arranged in a square pattern of 18 feet (6 m) long.

The burned grass around the area had melted metal pieces on the ground.

He told about his encounter at the local police headquarters, which sent officers to conduct an investigation.

Local newspapers reported that military technicians were on site conducting analyses. However, nothing has been confirmed.

Metal samples from the site were sent for analysis at the Istituto di Ricerche per lo Studio dei Metalli (The Research Institute for The Studies of Metals) in Novara.

This institute classified the material as resistant to friction and high temperature, ideal for use in space capsules.

A UFO researcher pioneer, Renato Vesco, tested the metal samples, concluding that it was “lead bronze” with a high tin content.

Bruno Facchini received a physical exam. The doctor discovered a black spot on the exact area where the beam hit him.

During the 30 days after contact, this spot has expanded, arriving to cover his back, causing him pain.

Years Later

Thirty years later, in 1981, Ezio Bernardini, a ufo researcher, interviewed Facchini again. After all these years, he did not change a line on his UFO incident, now named “Facchini Incident.”

Italian UFO researchers visited Bruno Facchini with a specific frequency, and its report remained unchanged until his death.

Facchini told him that when he saw the moon landings on TV, the astronauts’ suits reminded him of the cases of his visitors, surprising him.

He described their clothing as “diving suits” in 1950. But now he understood that they were “space suits” or earth-landing suits, if you will.

In a meeting, a navy officer told him:

“You are a lucky one! I would have given a lot to admire what you saw, this technological marvel!”

Facchini’s answer was straightforward, which also gave him a lot of credibility.

“Lucky, Me? If I had known how much trouble I would get from this experience, I would not have said one word about it, guaranteed!”


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