1967 Dirceu Góes Alien Abduction – Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

The 1967 Dirceu Góes Alien Abduction - Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind

On June 1967, Dirceu Góes was abducted by UFO with three strange beings, he flew for several hours until released back. Dirceu felt the physical events after his experience.

The Dirceu Góes Alien Abduction

At the road’s intersection leading to Palmeira das Misses, Dirceu Góes resided on the outskirts of Sarandi, Rio Grande do Sul.

He was a handyman who offered short-term services.

He was walking home from work at nine o’clock on a chilly night in June 1967 when he noticed a glowing ball about 200 yards away that was 30 meters high.

He believed it to be “Boi Tata” or “Mae d’Ouro,” as the locals in that area refer to it.

It descended to about 10 meters, stopped, and shot a bolt of light downward. Two beings, each back 65 centimeters tall, quickly fell in a spiral motion around that radius, always keeping a distance of 30 or 40 centimeters from it.

As the “little ones” passed a ribbon under his arms and lifted him into the glowing ball through a hole in the bottom of the device, he was stunned and helpless.

He was picked up by a third crewman, who set him down on a tiny, one-legged seat before releasing the cord that bound him.

The two crew members who were on land then began to climb around the opening in the cabin floor, always keeping their eyes focused on the light beam and moving in a spiral motion, much like they had done during the descent.

Inside the UFO

Dirceu, who was 1.64 m tall and had to stoop to stand up, noted that the enclosure, the size of “a large truck cabin,” did not measure more than 1.50 m in height.

The three cosmonauts were of average height, with round faces, blue eyes, straight red hair, mouths, noses, and teeth proportionate to size.

They wore dark clothing with collars that covered their necks. The same-color belt.

Clothing continued into the shoes.

He couldn’t understand their language, but they spoke to him and each other in a pleasant voice.

He could feel them fading as he sat down, and the illumination, which constantly alternated between blinding brightness and low luminosity, blurred his vision.

After traveling for about three hours, he noticed no darkness outside and that he could see cities with tall buildings and darker forests than he had ever seen.

About three hours later, the snow returned to the shadows.

Dirceu Góes at right and Artur Berlet
Dirceu Góes at right and Artur Berlet

Bringing Dirceu Góes Back

The crew members showed him a panel with colored images of cars and people who appeared to be staring at him.

When it was dark outside, there was the only light on the panel.

Dirceu believed that that panel was the subject of most little men’s conversations.

The craft landed in the same spot when it came back and descended until it stopped about three meters off the ground.

One of the young ones tied Dirceu up and lowered him.

The object picked up the rope released when it landed, took off in an upward oblique flight, and vanished in seconds.

Physical Consequences from the Alien Abduction

Dirceu Góes attempted to empty his bladder at the landing site right away because he felt it was nearly empty.

Then, to his great surprise, he observed that for a brief period before the urine came out, a hissing gas was expelled from the urethra.

This strange phenomenon when urinating lasted for roughly three or four days.

However, both the quantity and frequency of bathroom visits were typical.

He sat on the floor for about ten minutes to regain energy because when he got off the saucer, he felt a little lethargic in his legs.

Shortly after five in the morning, he returned home.

He had severe dysentery and was bedridden for five days.

He lost weight in the first few days, experienced headaches, and was weak for a month. During this time, he stayed at home.

Dirceu Góes did not visit a doctor.

Other UFO Encounters in close proximity

The Artur Berlet UFO Abduction

The Artur Berlet UFO Abduction and his book UFO Contact from Planet Acart - From Utopia to RealityTractor driver Artur Berlet, from Sarandi, claimed to have been abducted by a flying saucer on May 14, 1958. Only 11 days later did he come back.

The abduction case at the time gained international attention.

The tractor driver’s account contained a lot of specifics. He would have traveled for 38 hours to the planet Acart, which is 65 million kilometers away from Earth.

The Acartians interacted with humans and shared a physical appearance with them. They spoke German.

“UFO Contact from Planet Acart – From Utopia to Reality” contains Berlet’s account.

The Westendorff UFO Close encounter

Businessman and pilot Haroldo Westendorff noticed a pyramid-shaped object with rounded ends that rotated about itself without making any sounds or generating any form of smoke on the morning of October 5, 1996, while flying on the EMB 712 Tupi aircraft.

The 30-minute-long incident occurred above Lagoa dos Patos, close to Pelotas.

The pilot reported that the object in the sky was traveling slowly toward the Atlantic Ocean and that the sky was partly hazy.

He walked up to the nave from a distance of about 300 meters and noticed that it had eight sides, each of which had projections that looked like windows.

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter - UFO illustration from the pilot's point of view

Haroldo Westendorff made radio contacts with the Curitiba Air Space Control Center and the station at Pelotas Airport.

Nobody provided confirmation of the UFO’s appearance on the radars.

Westendorff then started to circle the moving ship.

A disk-shaped object emerged vertically from the dome on the second lap, slanted at a 45-degree angle, and immediately flew toward the sea, according to the businessman present at the time.

The size of the saucer was three times that of the aircraft. The craft then fired crimson beams through the still-open dome as it accelerated and vanished into the sky.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 1;
  • Evidence: physiological effects on the witness;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Official Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Fourth Kind;
  • Documents: 1

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