The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter – A Terrifying Night in 1955

The creatures were described as small, grey beings with large heads, big eyes, and spindly limbs.

On May 14, 1955, a family in rural Kentucky had an encounter that would go down in history as one of the terrifying extraterrestrial encounters in the United States.

The Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, also known as the Hopkinsville Goblins case, involved a family being terrorized by strange beings that descended upon their farmhouse.

The First Night of the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

The Hopkinsville Goblins case, often called the Kelly-Hopkinsville encounter, involves a

On the night of May 14, 1955, the Sutton family, who lived in a farmhouse near Hopkinsville, Kentucky, was visited by strange creatures.

It started when one of the family members, Billy Ray Taylor, went outside to fetch some water from the well. He saw a strange object flying through the sky and quickly ran back inside to tell the others.

Soon after, the family noticed strange noises outside, attributed to wild animals.

But when one of the family members, Elmer Sutton, went outside to investigate, he saw a bizarre creature with large, glowing eyes staring back at him.

The creature was described as around three and a half feet tall, with spindly arms and legs and a disproportionately large head.

Elmer fired at the creature with his shotgun but to no avail. The creature floated away as if unaffected by the gunshot.

The family then barricaded inside the house and watched several more strange creatures appear outside.

The creatures reportedly had glowing eyes and moved in a jerky, almost mechanical fashion.

They were also said to be able to climb up the farmhouse’s walls and peer into the windows.

The family was terrified and called for help, but the police could not find any evidence of the strange beings.

The Second Night of the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

But what happened on the second night of the encounter?

After the terrifying events of the first night, the Sutton family was understandably shaken.

However, they reported further encounters with the strange creatures on the second night.

The creatures reportedly returned and attempted to gain entry into the farmhouse.

The family fired their weapons again at the creatures but with little effect.

The police were called to the scene again, and this time they were accompanied by military personnel.

The military searched the area and found no evidence of the strange beings. However, they did report seeing strange lights in the sky.

The family was eventually able to leave their farmhouse and sought refuge at a local police station. The strange beings did not follow them, and the family did not report any further encounters with the creatures.

Evidence Supporting the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

Eyewitness accounts

During the encounter, the Sutton family members and their guests provided detailed descriptions of the strange creatures they saw.

Their accounts of the creatures’ appearance and behavior were consistent, suggesting they had witnessed something unusual.

the Sutton family members and their guests provided detailed descriptions of the strange creatures they saw in the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

Physical evidence

The family reported that the creatures left behind strange bullet holes in the walls and floors of their farmhouse, as well as strange footprints outside.

The bullet holes and footprints were examined by experts and found to be unusual, but no conclusive explanation was found.

Law enforcement involvement

The Sutton family reported the encounter to the police, who visited the farmhouse twice over the two nights.

The police officers who were present reported strange occurrences, including seeing strange lights in the sky and hearing strange noises.

Their reports add credibility to the family’s claims.

Lack of Explanation for the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter

Despite numerous investigations and attempts to explain the encounter, no conclusive explanation has been found.

The lack of a satisfactory answer adds weight to the possibility that the encounter was extraterrestrial.

Other UFO events in Kelly-Hopkinsville

there have been reports of UFO sightings and encounters with strange creatures in the same general area in the years since the Kelly-Hopkinsville incident.

For example, in 1977, a group of miners in Kelly, Kentucky, reported seeing a strange object in the sky that emitted a bright light.

The object was seen hovering over a nearby field and was described as silent and saucer-shaped.

In 2011, reports of the strange, triangle-shaped craft were seen in the skies over Kentucky and other parts of the United States.

Experts investigated these sightings, but no conclusive explanation was ever found.

In 2012, David Christie claimed to have encountered strange creatures in rural Kentucky.

He believed the investigators Greg and Dana Newkirk were the only ones who could help him understand what he had experienced.

The strange and cryptic emails he sent to the Newkirks sparked their curiosity and eventually led them to investigate Kentucky’s paranormal events and sightings that became the focus of the “Hellier” documentary series.

UFO Connection to Hopkinsville Goblins case

All the events from the Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter happened one day after one of the most intriguing UFO instances in history was spotted by a group of American Air Force troops stationed at the RAF Lakenheath airfield in Suffolk, England.

The Lakenheath-Bentwaters Incident is referred to since it involved numerous sightings and radar detections of unknown objects over several hours.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: +6;
  • Evidence: Eyewitness, Physical;
  • Physical Evidence: bullet holes and footprints;
  • Official Investigation: Local Police;
  • Close Encounter: Third Kind;
  • Documents: 1

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