Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter

The pilot Haroldo Westendorff observed enourmous pyramid-shaped UFO with rounded ends that revolved around itself without emitting sounds or any smoke, on the morning of October 5, 1996, during a flight on the EMB 712 Tupi plane.

The UFO Encounter occurred over Lagoa dos Patos, near the city of São José do Norte, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

That day the sky was clear and sunny with sparse clouds allowing for a flight with excellent visibility.

Around 10 am, the pilot was at an altitude of 1800 meters, flying over the region of the Island of Saragonha, when he came across a gigantic object flying over the area.

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter - UFO illustration from the pilot's point of view

According to the pilot, the UFO’s base would be the size of a football stadium and approximately 50 meters high. It was pyramidal in shape, with eight sides.

On either side were three projecting domes.

The pilot followed the strange object for approximately 12 minutes, flying around the UFO, keeping a 40-meter (120′) distance from the thing.

He circumnavigated the UFO about four times, and the UFO was traveling at a speed of about 60 knots.

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter - UFO illustration from the pilot's point of view 2

The structure appeared made of metal, and the underside was completely smooth.

The object, which revolved around its axis, was slowly moving toward the sea.

One of the most striking moments of the experience was when a hatch opened at the top of the object, from which three discoid UFOs emerged.

The UFOs came out upright, tilted, and quickly disappeared. At that moment, Haroldo maneuvered the plane to visualize the object’s interior.

That’s when the giant UFO began to emit reddish rays causing the pilot to maneuver and move away about 200 meters (600′) from the object. Shortly after that, the ship began to rise at great speed.

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter - UFO illustration from the pilot's point of view

More witnesses to the Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter

During the contact, the pilot spoke with family members describing the event and with the Infraero control room at Pelotas airport (RS).

Airton Mendes da Silva, Jorge Renato Dutra, and Gilberto Martins could visually confirm the object.

In the “Isto é” magazine interview, Gilberto Martins dos Santos stated that the object was “the size of a high voltage tower.”

Another operator, Airton Mendes da Silva, said he looked outside and saw on the horizon “an object, in the shape of a grayish triangle, with rounded edges.”

The pilot also communicated with CINDACTA 2 in Curitiba (PR), reporting the event and requesting information.

Operators at CINDACTA denied that the UFO was being picked up.

CINDACTA, or “Centro Integrado de Defesa Aérea e Controle de Tráfego Aéreo,” is the abbreviation for the air traffic control centers in Brazil (Integrated Air Traffic Control and Air Defense Center). There are four CINDACTAs in use, each in charge of a different area of Brazil’s airspace in four other cities.

Who is Haroldo Westendorff?

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter

Haroldo Westendorff has been a pilot since the 1970s, having had a license since he was 19. In addition, he is a two-time Brazilian acrobatics champion. The EMB 712 Tupi is a single-engine. Haroldo’s prefix was PT-NTH.

Simila UFO Encounters during Haroldo Westendorff Incident

From August through October 1996, there were 30 reported sightings in the Pelotas region in Rio Grande do Sul.

The only difference is that Westendorff’s is the only one that happened during the day.

The Electrician, Donato Santos, and a friend were walking on the lake when they saw the light the size of the moon with a similar intensity.

The light was dancing circularly and at a lower height than those traveled on planes.

Maria Helena Fonseca and Kátia Santos Goulart were relaxing at home on September 24, 1996, when they heard fireworks that seemed to be coming from the nearby Pelotas Sports Club.

They decided to see the fireworks up close.

Still, they were confronted by an intense light in the sky, a light comprising four smaller circular lights.

Fonseca and Goulart claim that they briefly saw a UFO.

The Valley Alabama UFO Photographs

Twenty days before the Haroldo Westendorff UFO encounter, a similar object was witnessed and photographed on a farm in Valley, Alabama.

UFO photograph on September 16 1996 in Valley, Alabama USA

A local radio station and newspaper received six photos from an anonymous source showing a capsule-shaped UFO hovering over a farm pasture.

In a letter accompanying the photos, the source claims to have taken the remarkable UFO photographs on September 16, 1996, in Valley, Alabama, USA.

The Valley UFO was black to dark green, and the cone-shaped capsule, when it blew up, showed a black Teflon-like covered bottom and a flange or rim that goes around near the top of the UAP.

Jeff Sainio, MUFON’s staff photo analyst, checked the first set of three photographs and was cautiously optimistic about the authenticity of the photos.

“A light area is visible in the middle left of the UFO and appears consistent in all three submitted photos … it is a reasonable presumption that the UFO is evenly lit. The light area, therefore, suggests that the UFO did not rotate between photographs. This limits a fraud mechanism; either a model luckily didn’t rotate, or multiple strings were used to prevent rotation.”

Jeff further observed that “the UFO moves little about the fence post in the foreground, but much in relation “to the distant trees.”

In 2011 during an interview with Renato Azevedo, Haroldo Westendorff confirmed it was the same object shape and color after being presented with the Valley Alabama UFO Photos.

Haroldo Westendorff UFO Encounter - 2


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witness: 6;
  • Evidence: eyewitnesses;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Oficial Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: Second Kind;
  • Documents: 0

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