The Lins Incident – The Maria Cintra Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind

The Lins Incident, the Maria Cintra Close Encounter of the Third Kind

At the center of the Lins Incident is Maria José Cintra. She thought was helping a possible patient in need. Still, that encounter changed and almost cost her life, a Close Encounter of the Fifth Kind.

On that morning, August 25, 1968, Maria Jose Cintra woke up at 4:30 am and soon heard a mixed sound of bicycle and bus gears.

From the window of her bedroom, she could see the silhouette of a woman at the front door of the Clemente Ferreira Sanatorium in Lins, São Paulo, Brazil.

Maria Cintra told the person that she was on her way. She dressed her coat and went down the stairs towards the door.

Maria Cintra thought the woman could be a possible patient in need.

She described the woman as 5.2 feet (1.60 meters) in height, with light skin, big green eyes, and wearing a soft blue, shiny cape over a dress with a high collar and long sleeves.

She had a cap over her head with a fabric similar to the cape.

The strange woman answered in an unknown language and presented her with a bottle about 20 cm long.

Maria Cintra understood the thirsty foreign woman and walked to a water fountain with her.

After filling up the bright bottle, the women have the top. A cup-like, almost square shape, and drank the water.

Maria Cintra informed the visitor it was pure water, but the woman only responded with “hum hum.”

Embaúra, Embaúra, Embaúra

The visitor noticed two cars parked outside, visible through a glass door.

The witness explained that one of the cars belonged to the doctor on duty, and the other belonged to the administrator.

The two women went back thru the same path.

When they arrived in the courtyard, Maria Cintra handed the bottle to the visitor, who graciously thanked Maria Cintra, tapping her shoulder and saying words like “Em’baúra. Em’baúra, Em’baúra.”

Then the visitor left Maria Cintra, that went to get back to the building.

While closing the door, she noticed the lady had taken the wrong path to the exit. She took the direction towards the flowerbed, and a high wall surrounded the facility opposite the entrance.

The Sanatorium is isolated, with only one road surrounded by dense vegetation. The building has an “H” shape design.

A diffuse light appeared over the flowerbed, a very light brown tint. Maria Cintra witnessed a pear-shaped object floating almost a meter from the ground.

From one of the windows of the object, Maria saw other hands activating devices on a panel.

The visitor approached the object. It took off, emitting the same “gear” sounds Maria had heard earlier.

All the lights in the building were turned off. Maria Cintra could only see the object’s light leaving at a speed “faster than an airplane.”

Maria Cintra is at the edge of a nervous breakdown

The encounter was very frightening. Maria screamed for help, closed the door, and almost immediately started sweating and involuntary urination.

She knocked at the Sanatorium administrator’s door and reported the episode.

Job Silva, the administrator, did not believe the story. Maria Cintra was offended by the administrator and his wife’s reactions.

The next day, she was dehydrated, sweating a lot, and constantly urination.

After seeing Maria Cintra’s condition, the Sanatorium administrator reevaluated the situation.

She told him, “I’m not hallucinating or lying.”

He verified the field where she said the object was “floating.”

Silva and other officials noticed the servant’s shoes’ impressions of a pointed-toe shoe with a circular heel on the waxed floor, accompanied by other strange marks.

An investigator later estimated that it was a size 11.1/2 shoes (43/44 European measurement)

They found scorched marks on the grass, a depression with a diameter of approximately 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 2 meters) and a depth of 6 to 7 inches (15 to 20 cm).

According to the administrator, they felt the heat throughout the morning of that day.

The Lins Incident became public

A friend called Maria Cintra for she told him about the Lins Incident. He passed the information to the press that published the story without her consent.

After that, the people of the town targeted Maria Cintra. They made jokes about her and bullied the lady who, at the time, was 56 years old.

The niece describes Maria Cintra as a private and shy woman with a strong opinion. Even at family reunions, she did not like to get involved much. She hated gossip and futility.

The after-effects of the event on the night of August 25 only made her more recluse and anti-social. She also carried involuntary urination for the rest of her life.

The Lins Incident Oficial investigation by Militaries

Colonel Ney Villela Pires de Aguiar, commander of the 4th Battalion of Hunters, determined that the Lins Incident investigation and ordered vehicles for night patrols and vigils increased in cases in the region.

In September 1968, Major Zani arrived in Lins to investigate the Maria Cintra Incident.

Petty Officer Aragão, Sergeant Brandani, Lieutenant Carvalho from the IV COMAR, and Sergeant Horst from the FAB accompanied Major Zani.

In Lins, they listened to several witnesses and filled out numerous reports of cases during that time.

The SIOANI (Sistema de Investigação de Objetos Aéreos Não Identificados) investigated the case an official Brazilian Air Force UFO research group.

Marks of strange high-heel shoes were identified in the building entry.

The officials photographed the site and took samples of the depression caused by the landing gear, sending them later to the Technological Institute in São José dos Campos – SP.

No vegetation grew again.

Years later, a mayor did not like the site’s attention and ordered to place of cement over the area.

Other Witness to the Lins Incident

The night before the event, the hospital doctor on call and other staff members spent a few minutes admiring a ball of light that moved in the sky for a few minutes.

Mr. Leôncio Nunes Viana, a patient of bed 59, 44 years old, in 1968, reported to investigators that he went to the bathroom on the night of October 6 because he could not sleep.

Mr. Viana had tuberculosis. When he returned to his bed, he saw a yellow beacon illuminating his window and part of his room.

The object radiated lights, yellow, green, and red, remaining at a distance of approximately 150 meters. It was 1.5 meters from the ground.

“The bottom part (of the UFO) was round, and the top had a transparent dome. It striated like a paper basket, and I saw three people next to the device wearing white suits and with slow movements. The phenomenon lasted a few minutes, and the UFO went out afterward.”

The investigators could not find any physical evidence. Major Zani discarded this witness because he was a patient from the Sanatorium and was under medication. He even reported that the witness had reasonable emotional control and focused on telling the report of the Lins Incident.

But the events did not stop there. Over the years, other crew members and patients reported UFOs and mysterious lights in the hospital area.

But why was the City of Lins attracting UFOs?

City of Lins, State of São Paulo, Brazil

The city of Lins was named the Brazilian Clearest Water years later.

Located at latitude 21º40’43 “south and longitude 49º44’33” west and 430 kilometers from the capital of São Paulo, Brazil.

The city of Lins is known today for the UFO wave of 1968 and its water.

According to the Mineral Water Code, “thermal water, medium mineralization, predominantly alkaline sodium, mineral water, isothermal and alkaline-bicarbonate. Because of these characteristics, which show properties of real value in crenotherapy.” Vichy in France is the only place you can find similar water.

During the first two centuries AD, Vichy became prosperous because of the supposed medicinal value of the thermal springs.

In 1958, with Aimé Michel’s book about the 1954 wave of UFOs “Mystérieux Objets Célestes” in France, he claimed that UFO sightings could be concentrated grid lines.

Michel proposed that a line exists known as “Bavic” (for “Bayonne – Vichy”).

Six of nine UFO sightings published in the press in 1954 aligned with the Bavic.

Others Lins Incidents

The Brazilian Society for the Study of Flying Saucers, SBEDV, registered 70 cases in 1968.

From August to October, SBEDV counted 33 occurrences, of which 13 took place in Lins’ city.

It includes Maria Cintra UFO Incident.

Industrial School Incident

Professor Dorcas Aurora Guimarães, at 8 pm, September 10, 1968

Mrs. Guimaraes witnessed a full moon-sized object move from right to left from the CIBRAL Industrial School’s balcony.

The light increased to approximately 1m (3 feet) in diameter. It had an oval shape structure, emitting light without reflecting. 

Around it appeared another light that circled from right to left. This event happened above the school. Students and staff saw this phenomenon.

UFO Crossing the sky

On August 28, 1968, a Lins businessman spotted an unknown object in the shape of an iridescent globe, with apparently metallic streaks, surrounded in its central part by a circular platform.

It presented a “snoring” coordinated with lateral movements. It moved not quickly, in a straight path, until it disappeared.

The Karate Class witnesses

On August 23, two days before Maria Cintra’S encounter, a group of about 20 people was training in Karate at a basketball courtyard at Colegio Salesiano Dom Henrique de Mourão in Lins.

When a large object crossed the sky, passing on silence for about five minutes.

According to witnesses, it moved from east to west at five soccer fields high from the ground.

The objects had spotlights at the bottom.

The Turíbio Pereira Incident – Another Closed Encounter of Third Kind

Tractor driver Turíbio Pereira, on the early morning of October 2, 1968, while examining the differential oil of his bulldozer, noticed an object on the other side, between the tractor and a ravine.

The bulldozer parked in the top part of the ravine while the object floated below.

Consequently, Turíbio saw the object from above. 

The dome was approximately one meter (3 feet) below the tractor’s wheels and about eight meters (24 feet) away.

The Turíbio Pereira Incident - Another Closed Encounter of Third Kind

The UFO was about 25 centimeters (10 inches) from the ground.

It had an oval structure with a golden color. The object had a platform around it, and it had an open transparent dome at the top.

The object looked like a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, with a crew member inside, sitting in the suitable backseat, tapping on a small white keyboard (like a piano).

The device had the size of a portable radio. 

Mr. Pereira observed three other crewmen squatting on a platform. 

The Turíbio Pereira Incident - Another Closed Encounter of Third Kind

One crew observed the bulldozer. Another was harvesting soil with a small white bowl (like plaster) shaped like a shell. 

The third appeared to supervise his two companions.

When they saw Mr. Pereira, all three stood up. 

Closed Encounter of Third Kind

The “supervisor” took an instrument from his sleeve and wielded it with his right hand.

This instrument appeared light and golden in the shape of an electric drill. 

He pointed it at Turíbio, who became paralyzed by flashes.

Turíbio immediately felt severe pain in his abdomen. He was completely paralyzed but still conscious of his surroundings. 

The beings slowly entered the object and occupied the stools. 

The platform retracted into the object, and the transparent dome closed above the four beings. 

Slowly the UFO took off without any noise and increased its speed to disappear in a few seconds.

Turíbio requested help on the road and was taken to the City Hall by the truck driver Ismael.

Turíbio was extremely weak and tired. He had huge dark circles and was completely pale.

He was traumatized by what had happened.

After a short recovery, they took Turibio home. There he had several mental breakdowns, crying.

Over the 18 days following the episode, Turíbio lost a lot of weight, losing 13 kg (28 lbs), which he attributed to a lack of appetite.

The day after the Turíbio Pereira Incident

The day after Turíbio’s immediate contact, on October 3. Businessman Milton Mioto, residing in Guapiranga, district of Lins, saw a similar object.

Mioto, when going out at night with his wife, Nair Bisiak Mioto, he was surprised by a luminous semicircle.

Thinking it was a moving star, he did not emphasize the fact.

However, around 8:30 pm, he found that it was not a star but another type of object that chased the vehicle on the road that connected Guapiranga to Lins.

Nervous, Mioto tried to park the car when he found two of his friends, who also came to see the UFO.

At 4:00 am on October 4, the same object was seen by reporter José Duarte.

He called the director of Rádio Alvorada and some photographers who were there to witness the UFO.

Unfortunately, the object had already disappeared. The event occurred in the vicinity of Estrada do Sabino, in Lins.

What does Em’baúra mean?

The strange visitor’s mystery of the word to communicate with Maria Cintra is also a head-scratcher.

Researchers who investigated the Incident never explained the word Maria Cintra witnessed the visitor say to her.

In Portuguese (Brazil’s official language) or any other branch of Latin or Indo-European, where the Portuguese language originated, you will not find the word “Em’baúra.”

Some options surface after further research:

  • In Germany, the word “Einbaurahmen” means “Mounting frame” or “Installation space.” That hypnotize came up because Maria Cintra’s draw of the UFO was similar to the Nazi vehicle “Die Glocke,” and the fact that the visitor was amazed by a Volkswagen Beatle.
  • In the Xona language of Zimbabwe, “Embarura” means “Free yourself.” Maybe a type of gesture of respect?
  • While near the town of Otavalo, about 60 km northeast of Quito, Ecuador, is located a long-extinct volcano, Imbabura. According to local researchersImbabura is the best place in the country for UFO sightings.

But what if we try to follow the phonetic for Em’baúra?

Maria Cintra understood it in addition to the woman’s gestures of taping on her shoulder as a “See you Later” or “GoodBye.”

The visitor was undoubtedly not a Brazilian native, so she may have tried to say the word “Embora,” which means “Time to go” or “Let’s Go,” with a non-native accent. Maria Cintra felt it.

What do you think?

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