The 1998 Capão Redondo UAP Incident

evolution of UFO over houses in the Capão Redondo region in the city of São Paulo

On January 2, 1998, around 9:30 pm, several people witnessed the evolution of UFO over houses in the Capão Redondo region in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Two brothers had the opportunity to record the movements of an object on video.

The Capão Redondo UAP Incident started when two cousins ​​spotted the object evolving over the region. It was a spherical object, approximately eight inches in diameter, almost as bright as a street lamp. Such an object performed rapid descending and ascending movements on the roofs of houses in the region. There was no noise coming from the Capão Redondo UAP.

Then they called other family members present at the residence to accompany the observation. One of the witnesses took the family’s camera and recorded the object for a few minutes.

Mr. Waldir Mariano, the father of two witnesses, took the tape to the press, who passed it on to ufologists who investigated the case.

INFA (National Institute for Aerials Phenomena) researchers Claudeir Covo and Ricardo Varela visited the place where they recorded the video interviewed witnesses finding new witnesses of the object’s evolutions.

Capão Redondo Incident Analysis

It was the beginning of another new year, precisely last January 2, 21:30 h. The sky was clear.

It was a starry night with relatively warm weather Fernando Mariano de Oliveira, 24, was talking to his cousin Luciene da Cunha Lopes, 22, in the living room of his residence, on Luís Augusto Ferreira Street, in the neighborhood of Capão Redondo, in the city of São Paulo. Suddenly, something bright in the sky caught their attention through the door that led to the balcony.

It was a small sphere with a diameter of approximately 20 cm and an intense luminosity – although a little lower than the intensity of street lighting lamps, equal to that of a 200 W residential lamp.

Fernando and Luciene watched that small sphere moving across the sky. Sometimes the strange object rose quickly, sometimes it descended, sometimes accelerated, and sometimes had slow movements.

There were moments when he passed over the roofs of the houses in the neighborhood calmly. That sphere had noticeable intelligent signs.

Capão Redondo UAP description

The 1998 Capão Redondo UAP Incident video stillThe UFO was no more than 150 m away from the observers. Sometimes it approached, sometimes it moved away, always making no noise.

It had a white, slightly orange color. Of course, Fernando and Luciene couldn’t believe what they were seeing. That’s why they tried to call the other family members inside the residence.

When she went out on the balcony, Maria Cristina S. de Oliveira, 46 years old, mother of Fernando, was also astonished by what she saw.

“Would it be some new remote-controlled toy?” she wondered aloud.

Sometimes, the Capão Redondo UAP presented an incredible acceleration and returned to its original point. The dogs in the area barked continuously.

Fernando’s brother, Alan Bruno de Oliveira, ten years old, also thought it was a Chinese lantern.

The movements differed from those described as Chinese lanterns generally carried by the winds or Remote Control Toy.

Katiuscia da Cunha Lopes, Luciene’s sister, and Alan’s cousin were very scared and emotional. She had never seen anything like it.

Cousin Giane Evans da Cunha also accompanied all those movements of the small sphere.

The residence, a townhouse built on a high place, has a balcony at the front with a privileged view, allowing everyone to follow those strange evolutions of the small sphere in detail.

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was Waldir Mariano Júnior, 21, Alan’s brother, wanting to warn his mother that he wouldn’t be home for dinner. Her cousin Katiuscia picked up the phone and, euphoric, went on to explain the incredible movements of that probe.

Junior realized that no one had thought of filming the phenomenon at a certain point. “You haven’t filmed this yet?” The emotion of those people was so much that until then, they had not even thought about filming.

Is it the Best Evidence Ever?

So Alan took the camcorder (JVC, model GR-AX 808, Compact VHS, with 12x zoom and 1 lux), installed the tape in the compartment, and noticed that the camera had no battery.

He then connected the source to the electrical network and filmed that small sphere.

In the middle of filming, he passed the camcorder to Katiuscia, who also filmed it until the strange light disappeared behind some houses. There were four and a half minutes of footage that showed impressive images.

The evolution of that small sphere in the sky and on the roofs of houses allows us to verify that it is unknown.

The 1998 Capão Redondo UAP Incident video still

The Capão Redondo UAP Incident Incident started around 9:30 pm and ended around 10:00 pm. Still, the short movie is enough to conclude that the family observed something that UAP researchers classified as a UFO probe. When the plastic artist Waldir Mariano de Oliveira, 47 years old, Alan’s father, arrived home, he found the family enthusiastic.

After watching the movie Alan made, he perfectly understood why there was so much emotion. Waldir saw in those images the record of something he had never observed in his life, and soon he tried to look for the Press and specialist technicians to analyze the film, as he wanted to know what the strange sphere in the sky was.

The phenomenon manifested itself for 30 to 35 minutes at the venue when most people were still awake.

Thus, Waldir and the ufologists who investigated the case began to roam the region’s streets.

Others Witnesses

The investigators carried out several diligences at the place, in which they approached dozens of witnesses.

They interviewed some of them, but it was curious that this was nothing new for several people they spoke.

That’s how they discovered that last year, something very similar had already happened on two other occasions, in the same region of Capão Redondo.

Luzia Dias Santana Bonfim, for example, lives in the neighborhood on a street where a stream flows. She saw where another probe flew by, right in front of the houses. She says she was with her family in the front area of ​​the residence when she saw a red light in the sky. At first, she thought it was a balloon. After some time, however, the whole family realized that that strange light moving in the sky was something unknown.

From the testimony collected by researchers, which took place before Christmas 1997, and from the movements and position of the object, they conclude that Luzia witnessed another ufological manifestation, different from the one filmed by Alan and Katiuscia.

On that same street where the stream runs, a woman said that that small luminous sphere from the Capão Redondo UAP Incident ended up diving into the small river, making the typical noise of something falling into the water and releasing a large amount of white smoke. “After that, it was all over,” she said.

Researchers believed that the lady had mental problems and sought attention.

The ufologists also didn’t find witnesses who saw this exact scene.

Analysis from other points of view

Other witnesses to the event, being in a position perpendicular to the footage, reported that the place where the strange sphere disappeared behind the houses is at a distance of at least 50m from the stream where the woman would have seen it.

Alan and Katiuscia

Marcelo Caetano de Souza, a resident nearby, was excited about the small sphere making those strange evolutions in the sky. But he had also had another previous experience, as he informed that his observation was almost a year old and the place he described is 300 m from where the probe filmed by Alan and Katiuscia was.

The region is the route for planes taking off or landing from Congonhas Airport. Therefore, the residents of Capão Redondo are already used to the heavy air traffic.

So much so that Mrs. Rosely Campos de Souza and her husband Frederico José de Souza thought it was an airplane. Both were in the room watching television, with the window open, when that object came in front due to the immense heat. “It was different,” Rosely said. “At one point, I mentioned to my husband that it was going to go through the window,” she declared worriedly. “Suddenly, the object stopped and started to make strange evolutions, coinciding with the images recorded by Alan and Katiuscia,” she added.

Terezinha Varoto, her daughter Aparecida Varoto, her son José Varoto and her granddaughter Nímia Liss N.T. Gomes, all living at Rua Eunice Soares da Cunha in Capão Redondo, were gathered on the back porch of their residence when they observed an orange light the size approximation of a soccer ball.

Initially, it was over her house, about 50 meters high. Suddenly, the ball moved and made strange evolutions, coinciding with the video’s images.

More Characteristics

Everyone watched it for more than 15 minutes. Samira Cristina Khalil and her daughter Kátia Cristina de Oliveira, residing on the same street, also followed the entire movement of the strange probe for more than thirty minutes.

They testified that the object was the size of a 100 Watts residential light bulb, had a reddish-white color, and had no noise.

At one point, they said, the probe stopped on top of a house, no more than 30 m away.

Samira and Kátia also noted that this was not the first time: last year, they saw the same thing on two separate occasions, in the same region. “But they weren’t as close as this time,” they argue. Francisco Leão da Silva Neto was at the street bus stop that night, waiting for his wife Mônica Aparecida Schleich to arrive.

As soon as she arrived, they both went to Henrique San Mindlin Street when already close to their residence, Mônica saw something that looked like a falling balloon torch.

Undestand the Video from Capão Redondo UAP Incident

As if by magic, that torch stopped in the air, at about 30 meters high, and then began to make strange movements.

At a particular moment, that small luminous object stopped at the height of the electrical network, no more than 10 m away from the witnesses.

Monica ran into the house, imagining that something terrible could happen. Then she returned and continued along with her husband, following the small object’s evolution until it disappeared and never returned.

As they had seen the phenomenon very closely, they realized that the object had a greenish phosphorescent-like protrusion in its upper part, with a much weaker glow concerning the body.

Analyzing Alan and Katiuscia’s film, at certain moments, researchers verified that there is this protrusion on the object, and it is luminous.

While Alan was filming, Katiuscia guided him, instructing him to zoom in or out, telling him the object’s coordinates, and informing him of the shooting conditions.

When the probe accelerates tremendously upwards, Alan is startled and, in the middle of filming, passes the camcorder to Katiuscia without turning it off, almost without losing the object in focus. At one point, Alan extols that “…if we’re catching a flying saucer, it’s an incredible thing. It’s a little ball, which is now stationary”.

At one point, Katiuscia is scared. “My God in heaven, that’s going down… I can’t believe it, my God, it’s very close.”

She even bothered to narrate the time and date when she said that sentence, 21:53 on January 2.

Through the São Paulo Guide, in scale, The researcher Claudeir Covo was able to verify that the houses where the probe passed are at a distance of 208 m from Alan and Katiuscia.

The Capão Redondo UAP Incident Object trajectory

Directions from the 1998 Capão Redondo UAP

The back of the house over which the object disappeared is at 49 m, as researchers measured it. Roughly speaking, the probe was between 50 and 200 m away from the young people who filmed it.

From a perpendicular point, the probe was around 150 m away from the camera at the beginning of the recording. In the end, it was around 100 m.

The researchers checked all the marks on the map with a GPS.

Thus, they checked the entire trajectory of the object, making possible the investigation in places where possibly other witnesses could corroborate the research with more information.

Comparing the street lamps in the footage with the probe and taking into account the testimonies of witnesses, they concluded that the object’s diameter is between 15 and 25 cm.

Rounding, they will have approximately 20 cm. While in focus, researchers can see that the UFO color tends toward white.

But when it goes out of focus, it turns orange, coinciding with the testimony of witnesses who said that its light was a white-orange hue.

According to the footage and the testimonies of witnesses, the maximum height it reached was 120 m.

All this information allows us to draw several conclusions about the phenomenon.

What was the flying object in the Capão Redondo UAP Incident?

Chinese Lantern

The filmed object has an estimated diameter of 20 cm and is luminous, with a single predominant color, white, and has constant intensity. The Chinese Lantern idea is impracticable since hot air power it. Because of its fuel usage, it has a changeable brightness. Many are orange-red in hue; however, the film’s luminous intensity is incompatible with the luminosity found in these small hot air balloons of the same size.

On the other hand, the object’s trajectory is intriguing, with sharp turns, descents, and ascents with apparent acceleration, destroying the balloon theory. Even a balloon powered by gas, such as helium, would rise quickly, in a different procedure than the filmed probe. Even if it received a jet of air, the tendency of its trajectory would always be to go up.

The balloon would never be flying at a constant altitude, as we can see in the film at one point.

A balloon of this type would also carry batteries and a powerful light bulb. People in Brazil did not commonly use LED lights during the ninths because of their high cost. The weight needed to be shipped to obtain the filmed effect is incompatible with this type of balloon. The ufologists ruled out the hypothesis of a small gas balloon.

Is The UFO a Kite?

A kite flown using a lantern made with a candle attached was also discarded.

According to witnesses, a kite guided by the wind would be unthinkable to perform the maneuvers recorded, some very close to the ground and no more than 10 m high.

This is especially true if the place is full of power lines. Even a particular kite for stunts, like the “Happy Wings” or the “Sky Mate,” controlled by two cables, wouldn’t allow evolutions like those filmed.

Not to mention that a kite could only carry a small flashlight and could hardly reproduce the luminosity filmed.

Helicopter with remote control

This was another hypothesis raised during the investigation. Would it be possible for a helicopter with remote control to carry lamp batteries and perform the maneuvers recorded in the video?

Night flights with helicopters of this type are complicated and only carried out by specialists in this sport.

According to Mr. Trajano d’Andrea Filho, from Limeira (SP), a specialist in flights with radio-controlled helicopters, the changes observed in the footage would be impossible for a standard model to carry out.

A night flight, with the model carrying a light bulb similar to those existing in the place, would be completely impossible.

This type of flight would require a strobe device for operator guidance.

Add to that the fact that a model helicopter of this type costs around 3,500 dollars and can carry only up to 2 kilos of cargo.

The transport of a globe hanging from such a model in a night flight would be impossible because the pendulum effect would bring down the helicopter. The filmed probe went up and down several times in the air and made abrupt curves, impossible to reproduce.

Transporting a small load by one of these types of model aircraft is challenging and is only carried out at reduced speed, never making sharp turns and never at night.

Also, the noise from the engine is similar to a two-stroke engine, easily heard at 20 m.

The witnesses involved did not hear any noise. In the video, you can hear all sorts of noises coming from the city traffic.

Ball lightning

A lightning specialist at the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research (INPE) concluded that this hypothesis is also unlikely.

The ball lightning does not maintain its luminosity constant during its manifestation, like the filmed object, which proved to be consistent throughout its trajectory.

Being an atmospheric phenomenon of electrical characteristics, ball lightning “seeks” the shortest possible path to neutralize its charge. Instead, the object wanders near electricity cables and poles.

The ball lightning phenomenon can produce a boom at the end of its manifestation or even a noise characteristic of an electrical event.

However, the witnesses heard absolutely nothing. This fact would not eliminate this hypothesis, but a critical factor, which defines its infeasibility, is the duration of the recording.

According to studies, the phenomenon filmed in Capão Redondo UAP Incident lasts for more than 30 minutes, while a ball or spherical lightning lasts between 25 and 100 seconds.

The probability of ball lightning occurring for more than 30 minutes is practically nil.

It is one of the best pieces of video evidence of a probe, an unidentified flying object, until these days. Also, the credibility of the top two witnesses is something similar to the level of Maria Cintra Close Encounter and the Janiel Abduction.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witness: +8;
  • Evidence: Video;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Oficial Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: First Kind;
  • Documents: 1

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