1961 Joe Simonton and the Alien Pancakes

1961 Joe Simonton and the Alien Pancakes

In 1961, Joe Simonton, a chicken farmer from Eagle River, Wisconsin, received three pancakes from a silver, disk-shaped UFO that he claimed had landed near his home.

The Air Force sent one of the pancakes for analysis. It was discovered to be a typical terrestrial pancake made of starch, hydrogenated fat, buckwheat hulls, soybean hulls, and wheat bran.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek and Major Robert Friend, who investigated the case together, concluded that there was no question that Simonton believed his contact to be an experience, in contrast to the Air Force’s finding that it was just a random daydream.

To this day, the incident is a mystery.

Joe Simonton and the Alien Pancakes

The U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Food and Drugs Laboratory experienced an unforgettable day in 1961.

A wheat pancake made on the UFO was sent for analysis by the Air Force!

Joe Simonton, a 60-year-old chicken farmer who resided alone in a modest home close to Eagle River, Wisconsin, was the pancake recipient.

Three pancakes were given to him. One of them, which he consumed, “tasted like cardboard,” he said.

1961 Joe Simonton and the Alien Pancakes

What does the Air Force say about the Alien Pancakes?

According to the Air Force’s more accurate report, the pancake was made of hydrogenated fat, starch, buckwheat hulls, soybean hulls, and wheat bran.

Radiation and bacterial readings produced results that were typical for this material. This material was put through destructive, chemical, and infrared tests. The Food Laboratory and the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Medicines determined the material to be a typical terrestrial pancake.

Where did Joe Simonton’s Alien Pancakes come from?

Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who investigated the case alongside Major Robert Friend and a Base officer at Sawyer Air on behalf of the United States Air Force, said:

“There is no doubt that Mr. Simonton felt that his contact was an actual experience.”

On April 18, 1961, around 11:00 am, Joe Simonton was drawn outside by a strange sound resembling “wide-grooved tires on wet pavement.”

When he entered his yard, he was confronted by a silver disk-shaped UFO “brighter than chrome” that appeared to be hovering close to the ground without touching it.

The UFO’s height was roughly 3.6 meters (12 feet), and its diameter was nine meters (30 feet).

Joe Simonton’s encounter with the visitors

Simonton observed three men inside the machine when a hatch five feet above the ground opened. One was wearing a two-piece black suit.

The inhabitants were about 1.5 meters tall (5 feet).

They “resembled Italians” after shaving.

They had dark skin and hair and wore knitted helmets and high-collared clothing.

One of the men raised a pitcher that appeared to be constructed from the same substance as the saucer.

His gesture signaled Joe Simonton that he required water. Simonton took the pitcher and filled it inside the house.

When he returned, he noticed that one of the men was “frying food on a flameless grill” inside the saucer.

The craft’s interior was dark, “the color of wrought iron.”

Simonton heard a slow whining sound that sounded like a generator hum and saw several instrument panels.

One of the men, also wearing all-black clothing but with a thin red sash running the length of his pants, handed him three three-inch cookies with small holes drilled into them when he gestured that he was interested in the food.

The Alien Pancake

About five minutes passed during the episode. After closing the hatch so Simonton could hardly see his profile, the man closest to the witness fastened a belt to a hook on his clothing.

The object then rose to about six meters before launching straight south, creating a wind gust that caused some nearby pine trees to buckle.

The witness remembers fifteen-inch exhaust pipes measuring eighteen inches in diameter along the disk’s rim.

Although the UFO was always described as a disc, the hatch’s actual shape was two bowls that had been inverted. It was about 1.8 meters high and 75 centimeters wide.

Sheriff Schroeder, who knew Simonton, dispatched two deputies.

They arrived at the scene but found no supporting evidence.

The sheriff claimed that the witness spoke intelligently about the incident, showing he believed what he was saying.

“The Eagle River case never came to a conclusion. The Air Force thinks Joe Simonton, a lone resident, had a random daydream. He awoke simultaneously and added his dream to the sequence of things happening around him that he was aware of.”

Lee Alexander, a UFO enthusiast involved in a Detroit-based investigative group, paid a visit to Simonton in 1970.

Simonton revealed to Alexander that he had received additional visits from the aliens but had kept them a secret due to his initial report’s reaction.

Similar Incidents to Joe Simonton and the Alien Pancakes

The UFO lore is packed with similar cases to Joe Simonton.

The Lins Incident

On August 25, 1968, a strange woman knocked on Maria José Cintra’s front door at the Clemente Ferreira Sanatorium in Lins, So Paulo, Brazil, asking for water.

Maria recognized the visitor and went with her to a water fountain, filling a colorful bottle with water for the visitor to drink.

The visitor drank the water and said nothing but “hum hum” in response to Maria’s explanation of its purity. After thanking Maria, the visitor departed while tapping her shoulder and saying “Em’bara” several times.

Maria Cintra and Major Zani, Official UFO investigator

When Maria Cintra shut the door, she discovered that the visitor had gone in the wrong direction and was standing in front of a flowerbed and a high wall surrounding the building.

A soft, diffuse light with a very slight brown tint appeared over the flowerbed as Maria approached it.

She observed a pear-shaped object hovering nearly a meter above the ground, and she observed other hands operating devices on a panel from one of the windows of the object.

When the visitor got close to the object, it started to move away while making the same “gear” noises Maria had earlier.

Maria could only make out the light from the object leaving at a speed “faster than an airplane” because all of the building’s lights were off.

She was so terrified by the encounter that she yelled for help, shut the door, and almost instantly began sweating and urinating against her will.

Maria Cintra was highly thirsty, perspiring heavily, and frequently urinating the following day.

The administrator of the sanitarium was informed of the incident, but he did not accept her account. After observing Maria’s condition, the administrator reassessed the situation and found odd markings on the waxed floor and scorched marks on the grass.

After the incident was made public, the town’s residents started teasing and intimidating Maria. She became more antisocial and reclusive due to the incident and endured involuntary urination for the rest of her life.

The Sistema de Investigaçao de Objetos Aéreos Nao Identificados (SIOANI), an authorized Brazilian Air Force UFO research group, looked into the incident.

The Arthur Berlet Alien Abduction

The Artur Berlet UFO Abduction and his book UFO Contact from Planet Acart - From Utopia to RealityThe accidental abduction of Arthur Berlet by aliens occurred in Sarandi in 1958, thanks to a mistake from a flying saucer captain, and he came back 11 days later with a great tale.

In 1961, a Brazilian abductee, not Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, was the first to declare that The Earth was Blue.

When Arthur Berlet realized he was on an alien planet with creatures he had never seen, he was astounded.

However, what shocked him the most was learning that the Acartians’ greatest need was for Earth’s wheat. They had even sent a team to gather it and bring it back to their planet.

Their wheat yielded a sluggish, dark mass.

The Commander proposed that Berlet stay and assist them in growing the grain on Acart since he had unintentionally interfered with their mission and should not have been sent back to Earth.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: 1;
  • Evidence: 1
  • Physical Evidence: Pancake
  • Official Investigation: yes
  • Close Encounter: Fifth Kind;
  • Documents: 1

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