Aztec UFO Crash Incident – When Government Cover Up Worked

First, we must discuss the Aztec Crash Incident, the elephant in the ufology room. Is this case proven to be a hoax? Maybe.

However, one point for sure, more people need to know more about it.

Eight months after the Roswell UFO incident and 48 years before Varginha UFO Incident. Another incident occurred with a large number of witnesses and alien bodies recovered.

What the story tells about the Aztec Crash

On March 25, 1948, a flying saucer had a controlled landing near Aztec, New Mexico. At about 3-4 am, two patrol policemen observed a glowing disc shape over their car. It headed to the northwest.

That was not the first time they had witnessed similar lights, but this time Andy Andrews and Manuel Sandoval decided to investigate it, following it to the Four Corners area.

The Aztec UFO Crash location

Photo at the supposedly location of the Aztec UFO crash site

First, the Four Corners consist of the southwestern corner of Colorado, the southeastern corner of Utah, the northwestern corner of New Mexico, and the northeastern corner of Arizona, approximately 37° north latitude with 109° 03′ west longitude.

Close to 5-5:30 am, a rancher Mr. Archuleta, left his house to feed his goats, and he heard something similar to a sonic boom. It appeared from a glowing disc flying over his place going north.

This Disc collided with the cliff on the other side of his ranch and, consequently, bounced, continuing flying towards the north.

Mr. Archuleta went to the local store to communicate with the authorities by phone about what he had witnessed. He made a long-distance call to Albuquerque Air Force Base.

New Mexico corners are known for many Oil and Gas Wells. Near dawn, some oil field workers, Doug Nolan and Bill Ferguson, local El Paso Oil Company employees, received the order to check a brush fire in Hart Canyon.

The two young men arrived at the place and found no problems close to the oil tanks. However, at the top of the Mesa, they spotted smoke.

They arrived at the Mesa, about 6.8 Miles from US-55 in San Juan County.

Consequently, found some smoldering brush but also a one-hundred-foot disc-shaped craft slightly tilted.

The rescue team at the top of the Mesa

The flying saucer had a perfect circle with a dome on the top and another on the bottom. It seems like no landing gear was visible.

Both teenagers (18-19 years old) investigated the area, and the metallic ship had no bolts, screws, or rivets and signs of welding.

Doug Nolan, a Navy veteran from WWII, walked around the flying saucer to get a close look at the dome. The dome was mirror sunglasses. At closer inspection, inside, he saw two bodies collapsed over the panel.

The only defect he could identify on the machine was a quarter size hole in the metallic structure. With the help of a long pole, Bill Ferguson managed to hit a switch inside the craft.

It activated a shaft that opened to the inside of the flying saucer. Other locals began arriving at the Aztec UFO crash site by this time. Around sixteen people were there.

The policeman arrived, oil workers, a preacher, and ranchers, with Nolan and Ferguson. They could see inside the craft bodies lying motionless on the craft floor.

At that point, another unusual, to all witness aircraft arrived, a military helicopter, uncommon in 1948 surprisingly.

The militaries separated the witness and debriefed them.

“You didn’t see anything. This is national security.”

After the event of the year before, the militaries had a procedure to follow when these situations happened.

Humanoid-like beings removed from Aztec Crash

Photo at the supposedly location of the Aztec UFO crash site

However, before the eyewitness leaves Mesa, the military removes the creature’s body inside the flying saucer.

Besides the two bodies seen lying over the controls, other fourteen small humanoids are described as 36 to 42 inches tall.

The airship crew presented an absence of hair and seemed to be wearing a one-piece blue cloth suit with metal buttons.

One of the militaries asked the Baptist preacher, Sullen Brown, to pray for the dead humanoid-like creatures. It seems like this experience did not shake his beliefs but his emotions, for lives were lost tragically.

Even with advice from the air force, he shared his experience that evening with a deacon from his church and his son.

He and others witness believed they had observed a secret military operation accident, and therefore, they tried to help possible survivors.

The Air Force surrounded the Flying Saucer crash site keeping it unavailable for almost two weeks until they could remove all the debris.

Militaries opened a road to facilitate the heavy trucks arriving at the Mesa’s top. As a result, they built a concrete slab to help the craters collect the aircraft’s more prominent pieces.

Unlike Roswell, the UFO crash incident did not make the pages of the newspapers on the days after March 25, 1948.

Erasing the Aztec UFO Crash Incident from History

Black and White photo of author Frank Scully smiling

A year later, Frank Scully published the book “Behind the Flying Saucers” in 1950 with 250 pages, including other UFO incidents and articles on the flying saucer subject.

By 1952 and 1956, John Philip Cahn published “True Magazine” articles claiming two convicted oil business con artists, Silas M. Newton and Leo A. GeBauer, tricked Scully into a hoax.

Coming from WWII and facing the threat of the communist regime, the US Government, first under Harry S. Truman and later with President Dwight Eisenhower, had highly understandable reasons to hide the Aztec, New Mexico, UFO incident.

From that point of view, the government’s covered-up operation worked almost perfectly.

Scott and Suzanne Ramsey re-open the Aztec Incident case to the world

The UFO community ignored the incident for years believing it was a hoax. However, almost thirty years later, Scott and Suzanne Ramsey decided to re-open the case.

With the help of Dr. Frank Thayer and Mike Price, they discovered many documents. The archive was ignored over the years by other UFO researchers.

Including those hundreds of files from the Frank Scully archives at the University of Wyoming and continuing research after William Steinman and his “UFO Crash at Aztec: A Well Kept Secret.”

Even in the past years, they could contact and interview second-hand witnesses and some first-eyewitness willing to speak, especially facing the end of their lives.

All those at the top of Mesa in 1948 prospered way beyond the average possibilities after being sworn to secrecy and debriefed by the military.

In 2015, Scott and Suzanne Ramsey and Dr. Frank Thayer released their findings in the book “The Aztec UFO Incident,” with a large number of that new data.

According to documents and interviews collected by the researchers, it would prove the involvement of the MJ-12, CIA, FBI, US Air Force, and US Army.

For years, Stanton Friedman, Canadian ufologist and retired nuclear physicist, the man who rediscovered and presented the Roswell UFO Incident to the world in the seventies, treated the Aztec crash as a hoax.

After reviewing the evidence brought by Scott Ramsey, he opened to the possibility of the Aztec UFO incident being real.

Could Frank Scully be right in the ’50s? But was his voice suppressed and discredited for faulty connections?


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