Update: Air Force Hidden Fact about UFOs Official Night in Brazil

Official UFOs night in brazil 1986 may 29 - mapIn May 19, 1986, over 20 years ago, is called the UFOs Official Night in Brazil, an event with more than a dozen UFOs over Central and Southeast Brazil.

The air traffic controller Sergio Mota da Silva, at São José do Campos Tower, contacted other air traffic towers to check if others could see the same anomalies he was seeing with his eyes and in the radar scoop.

Any unidentified flying object is a threat to any nation, and in Brazil, this is not different.

Each Air Force base in Brazil has two airplanes on standby, loaded with guns and fuel ready to take off in the case of an emergency.

Some of the pilots sent to intercept and identify the UFOs were unable to do it, but others were able to see it, but every time they try to get closer the objects gained distance with extreme speed and they could not identify the objects.

Brazilian Air Force did not disclose all files about UFOs Official Night in Brazil

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) concluded their investigation on July 2 that same year, less than 2 months later and signed by Brigadier José Pessoa Cavalcanti de Albuquerque.

The investigation described in details the facts from that night. But the files which were disclosed to the public only in 2005, among Top Secrets files from other two investigations, the first FAB investigation in 1954 and 179 pages about the Operation Prato (Operation Saucer).

“As a conclusion of the constant facts observed, in almost all presentations, this Command is of the opinion that the phenomena are solid and reflect somehow intelligence, the ability to track and maintain distance of the observers as well as fly information, not necessarily manned”.

air traffic controller Sergio Mota da SilvaAmazing, but this is not all, in an extensive interview with UFO investigators, Josef Prado and Edison Boaventura Jr., air traffic controller Sergio Mota da Silva tells he came back to work at the São José do Campos Aircraft Control Tower, ten days after, on the night of May 29, and noticed something crossing the sky and inquired São Paulo’s controller, to be informed that they already have been watching over 20 objects flying over São José do Campos.

For his surprise, he was told that main Air Force bases were detecting by radars but NO military aircraft would take off, maybe because the first time they could not intercept and/or identify the UFOs.

For over an hour these objects have been flying over São Paulo, Santos and São José do Campos, but this time no civil witness from the ground were reported.

At one point all the objects got together and moved to the Atlantic Ocean in the direction of Santos, and suddenly a very large object appeared, miles of extension, it merged with the other UFOs and took off.

This part of the event was witness by people in Santos.

This week Josef Prado and Edison Boaventura Jr. received an email from the Brazilian National Achieves that FAB disclosure more files.

Mota’s reports from May 29-30 but also have information that on May 22, 23, 25, 26 and on April and June more UFOs were detected following the same pattern.

The UFO hunters have the information that at least two of the FAB’s airplanes had cameras on board and recorded the UFOs also radar screens were recorded but the files are still denied “this information do not exist”, for years it was the same excuse to this files released to the public in 2005.

This case is very important to Ufology in the whole World because Military Officials, military pilots, air traffic controller, on ground witness and civil pilots, radar evidence, came to public and confirmed the existence of solid UFOs, if they came from another planet, dimension or if it is manned, it is not clear but something is out there.

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