Strange Tales – Who’s haunting?

Who’s haunting who? Where ghosts come from? When the things move in your house, or voices, at first, appear to come from nowhere. Be ready for one original Strange Tales.

Who’s haunting?

Since a young age, I hear stories of how my family house is haunted, objects missing and appearing in different parts of the house in seconds.

You can add to that, strange sounds, names of family members seems like called with nobody around, also kids laughing followed by running sounds.

All things that could be easily explained.

But the most chilling story came from my grandmother in the beginning of the 70’s.

While seating on the couch watching “My Three Sons” on TV on a clear warm day afternoon.

That calm day was brutally interrupted by the front door slam open and a strong cold breeze invades the house.

Two figures invade the house, a totally black mass, followed by a red blur. The two blurry images resemble the shape of a person.

They both stood in front of her and turned their heads at her, at this moment she panic and screamed, the creatures reacted in a grouted noise and vanished very fast slamming the door behind them.

Unfortunately, I never met my grandmother, to hear from her the story.

My uncle always said “that old broad probably had too much wine”, I have for me he never like her very much.

The Polo Vortex that changed our lives

Past winter while the whole country was having the problem with more one Polar Vortex, the kids in our neighborhood were having fun, staying away from school.

I and my neighbor were playing outside when we decided to go get warm and play with the Playstation at my house.

As we run thru the door with the snow following us, I turned my head to the side and I can see an old lady dressed in greenish color staring at us.

For a second I though I invaded the wrong house.

She frowned her face and screamed the most horrific sound I ever heard.

I didn’t care if it was my house or not, I just ran as fasted as I could out of the house screaming like a little girl with my friend right in front of me and we went straight out to his house.

His mom was caught by surprise with us bustin’ the door with mothers favorite phrase “What’s wrong with you?”

I looked at my friend and he had the biggest eyes I ever saw.

when he asked him “what just happened?”

At that point, I noticed he was wearing a full red outfit. I pulled my phone and went to Facebook to check family photos and I handed to my friend.

“do you recognize anybody in this photos?”

“yeah! This lady! That’s her! That thing there! How do you know her?” He answered confused.

I replied with a big smile “That’s my grandma bro, I guess we haunted her”

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