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Why I watch Paranormal Lockdown and you should too

Paranormal LockdownThe Destination America just announced that Paranormal Lockdown is coming back to the second season. The show will be airing in early 2017.

After watching the first episode it was disappointing, I carried high expectations to this new show.

Paranormal Lockdown came with a new approach to paranormal reality television series, with only Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman, also the company of Rob Saffi during daylight investigations, confine themselves for 72 straight hours in some interesting haunted locations.

Yes! By themselves in allegedly above normal haunted locations, with a huge in field experience and all sort of high-tech gadgets.

I decided to give the show another chance and watch all six episodes. Especially after the hype of social media surrounding the show and Destination America confirming the second season.

Paranormal Lockdown Team

Paranormal Lockdown teamHosted by Nick Groff is a veteran paranormal tv investigator. He co-hosted Ghost Adventures since its begun with the “Ghost Adventures: The Original Documentary”, which aired on the SciFi Channel in 2007.

The documentary served as a pilot for the Ghost Adventures television series that debuted in 2008 on Travel Channel. Groff was an Executive Producer, co-host, and investigator in seasons 1 to 10.

In another hand, Katrina Weidman co-hosted the Paranormal State, from the first episode to the end of the series on A&E.

To join them the cameraman, Rob Saffi. Rob stay with the team for only a part of their time on lockdown, most of the time during the day and evenings.

They have also some guests: from “Haunted Collector” John Zaffis; and former “Ghost Hunters”, Grant Wilson; Amy Bruni and Adam Berry (last two coming soon with their own paranormal tv series); and from “Ghost Stalkers” paranormal expert John E.L. Tenney;

Paranormal Lockdown First Season

  • Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – Weston, West Virginia
  • Anderson Hotel – Lawrenceburg, Kentucky
  • Franklin Castle – Cleveland, Ohio
  • Randolph County Infirmary – Winchester, Indiana
  • Hinsdale House – Hinsdale, New York
  • Kreischer Mansion – Charleston, Staten Island, New York

Paranormal Lockdown Halloween Special

30eastdrive - The Black Monk HouseThe show reached good ratings to the channel. So, Destination America decided to produce a Paranormal Lockdown Halloween Special, and the destination is not in America?!

They will be investigating the Black Monk House, allegedly the home of the most violent poltergeist activity in European history.

Black Monk House history

Located in Yorkshire, England, the Black Monk House is another ideal haunted site to John Zaffis joins the team.

Paranormal researchers claim that the Black Monk House is the most violent poltergeist activity place in Europe history.

Paranormal LockdownAlso, know as The Black Monk of Pontefract or The Pontefract Poltergeist because of a physical apparition of a hooded figure.

Shortly after the Pritchard family moved in, the alleged poltergeist type of haunting began.

Their young daughter, Diane, at the time with fourteen years old, became the main focus of the events. An unseen force threw Diane out of her bed and dragged up the stairs. Diane also presented hand-shaped bruises on her neck.

One night, while sleeping in bed, the Pritchard’s witnessed a black figure. It appeared to wear a dark cloaked with a large loose hood over its head, hovering over the bed.

The local press reported, at the time, but the paranormal events were not investigated properly at the time.

It took almost 10 years after the haunting stopped for an amateur historian get interested by the story. While researching for the Cluniac Monks of Pontefract he learned about it and became the first person to formally investigate.

Why should you watch Paranormal Lockdown

Paranormal Lockdown with Nick Groff and Katrina WeidmanBeside seen a couple of mistakes that most ghost hunting tv show makes, Paranormal Lockdown has unique qualities.

Starting by the two investigators, Nick and Katrina, has a lot experience, the additional of not ignoring the presence of the cameraman is great.

The locations are amazing, many of which have never before been seen on television, some being investigated for the first time ever.

The longer, Nick, Katrina and Robin stay, the more the paranormal activities can document or dismiss.

The show is good and has a lot of space for improvement, especially in pos-production and edition.

That is why I’m looking forward to October 28 to watch Paranormal Lockdown Halloween Special, and you should also.

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