Did Gordon Cooper witness a UFO landing?

USAF military observing a flying saucer at long distance hovering over the end of Edwards Air Force Base in California

The short answer is yes, but the fantastic encounter at Edwards AFB was not Gordon Cooper’s first UFO Encounter.

Gordon Cooper and the UFOs

Space pioneer Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. (1927-2004) portrait

Space pioneer Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. (1927-2004) claimed he had UFOs and other unexplained phenomena while flying in a jet fighter in Germany in the early 1950s.

Cooper was one of seven astronauts on Project Mercury, the first human space program to put a man on the Moon before the Soviet Union.

He traveled into space as part of the manned Mercury-Atlas 9 mission, which took place in 1963.

Then, in 1956, Gordon Cooper set a new record for space endurance by traveling 3.3 million miles aboard Gemini 5 to prove that astronauts could survive in space on a trip to the Moon and back to Earth.

He left NASA in 1970 and spent the rest of his life studying unidentified flying objects.

Cooper believed in UFOs even before he entered the space program.

After his encounter with UFOs in Germany, he became a staunch proponent of hypotheses of the existence of civilizations outside of Earth.

Cooper said in an interview that he saw a UFO for the first time in the early 1950s when it was placed at Landstuhl Air Base, West Germany.

He said that Russian MiG-15s used to fly to their base during that time.

So once he was flying at 15,000 meters and saw strange vehicles flying in formation much higher and faster than their aircraft.

Gordon Cooper claimed they were double metal saucer-shaped objects.

Cooper during his interviews about aliens visiting our planet

A UFO landing at Holloman Air Force Base

Before telling you about Gordon Cooper’s UFO sighting at Edwards Air Force Base, we need to tell you about another UFO landing.

Witnesses and researchers claim that in 1954, US President Dwight Eisenhower visited Holloman AFB to meet with aliens and sign the Greada Treaty.

Initially, the aliens offered to meet with the President, but he declined. Instead, they arranged some exhibitions in Washington, DC.

The aliens sent messages to the President via a United States Navy ship, expressing their peaceful intentions.

When the President’s plane landed, the officials instructed the radar officers to turn off all radar equipment.

Minutes later, a ground patrol reported two unidentified flying objects approaching, and the tower received another report of a third UFO behind the first two.

President Dwight Eisenhower signs The 1954 Greada Treaty with aliens

The soldier on the ground described the UFO as round-shaped with no tail, wings, or audible engine.

The UFO approached the President’s plane, and a hatch opened from the flying saucer on the ground, revealing a small ramp.

President Eisenhower descended the staircase and walked toward the disc on the ground, pausing momentarily at the ramp.

Witnesses claim that he shook hands with another individual, but the distance didn’t provide a clear description.

According to witnesses, the President disappeared inside the ship to discuss the Greada Treaty, and the Officials, Secret Service, and base personnel felt confused and tense for about 45 minutes.

Former US President Dwight Eisenhower emerged from the spacecraft, walking erect in his recognizable military walk, and headed towards Air Force One.

A UFO landing at Edwards Air Force Base

Edwards Air Force Base in California in the 1950s

Then, in 1957, Gordon Cooper served as a test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

He saw a flying saucer with a diameter of about 10 feet that hovered nearby and landed on the dry lake.

“I had a camera crew filming the installation when they spotted a UFO.

They filmed its as it flew overhead, hovered, stretched out three legs like landing gear, and slowly descended to land on a dry lake bed. “

After that, Cooper sent the recordings to Washington and presented a report of the UFO encounter.

“After a while, a high-ranking official said that when the film was developed, I should put it in a bag and send it to Washington.

He didn’t say anything about me not looking at the movie. That’s what I did when he returned from the lab, and it was all there, just like the film crew reported.”

The record was similar to what he found in 1951.

“Basically, the same flat vehicle, they were lenticular double disc. If you’re going to get in and out of environments like the land or other places, you certainly need a slightly more aerodynamic type of vehicle.

And the flying saucer has the ability to fly through the air at tremendous speed rates and handle the bow and afterwave without producing shock waves.

Therefore, it can be very quiet when traveling at great speeds through the atmosphere.”

Gordon also believed in the crash of an alien craft in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947, and the military found several aliens at the crash site.

“I had a good friend in Roswell, a fellow police officer. He had to be careful what he said.

But it certainly wasn’t a weather balloon, like the Air Force cover story.

He made it clear to me that what crashed was an alien-origin ship, and the crew members were recovered.”

Cooper repeatedly argued in one of his interviews that aliens visiting our planet on research missions are far more technically advanced than humans.

The astronaut believed that the UN should carefully record all UFO reports and was also confident that the governments of different countries were hiding data about extraterrestrial life.

Watch Cooper’s Interview about his encounters.

Was Gordon Cooper working for Disinformation?

In 2007, NLSI Acting Director David Morrison released a statement denying all allegations made by Gordon Cooper about UFOs and alien life.

“Sorry, but there is no convincing evidence of aliens, and certainly not of NASA astronauts.”


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: +10;
  • Evidence: Video;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Official Investigation: USAF;
  • Close Encounter: Third Kind;
  • Documents: 2

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