What did they say about the 1959 Saint Hubert UFO Incident?

The 1959 Saint Hubert UFO Incident

Did the Canadian air defense system go on high alert in Saint Hubert because of a weather balloon in 1959, or was it something else?

The 1959 Saint Hubert UFO Incident

On April 12, 1959, a collective sighting put the Canadian air defense system on alert.

Several UFO sightings were recorded over the Quebec Air Command and Mobile Sectional Base in Saint Hubert, eighty miles east of Montreal.

The Toronto Star described the most famous of these cases:

“Air Force authorities were baffled today by an unidentified and mysterious flying object that appeared as a red light in Canadian airspace, over a defense facility near Montreal, disappearing north faster than sound.”

The control tower staff initially observed the UFO around eight o’clock in the evening.

Hundreds of other airport personnel and residents watched in amazement a silent, red, and luminous device floating over the landing field at an altitude estimated between three and seven thousand feet.

Amazingly, while the object was hovering over the air base, it was not recorded on the radar screens of the control tower.

Then, as unexpectedly as it had appeared, it disappeared northwards towards Montreal “at speed faster than any interceptor jet from the Air Command.”

The descriptions of the device ranged from “a black ball with a red light” to a “long red cigar.”

Witnesses to the Saint Hubert UFO Incident

The witnesses unanimously affirmed that what they had seen was entirely unconventional.

Trevor T., who spotted the craft in Northern Montreal, described it as follows:

“A large sphere hovering in the sky to the southwest. At first, it seemed to be motionless, then it slowly moved away until it disappeared.”

And Claude M., who saw the object with more than ten neighbors, declared the following:

“It looked like a large ball, ten feet long. It seemed that there was yellow light inside. As the object passed over the field, small jets of fire came out of its interior”.

Mr. Mercier thought the object intended to land in a nearby field. Still, after hesitating for a few minutes, it moved away quickly.

Government officials were forced to rule out any conventional explanation.

A spokesperson from St. Hubert said:

“It was a real UFO as far as we are concerned.”

The report by the Toronto Star stated that the official weather service at Dorval International Airport was considered a UFO.

“…might be a weather balloon released an hour before the mysterious object was sighted. However, an authorized source stated that the balloon was white and carried a white light, not a red one”.

The unofficial official words about the Saint Hubert UFO Incident

The sighting prompted the comments made by Wilbert B. Smith, former Chief Engineer and Radio Regulations of the Department of Transport (DOT), who had headed the Magnet project, in charge of UFO research conducted between 1950 and 1954, under the sponsorship of the DOT.

Based on his extensive research, he stated that such objects appeared red when stationary and changed to orange and white while moving.

They were either round or cigar-shaped, up to 150 feet long.

“My staff believes that they are spaceships.”

The Royal Canadian Air Force, visibly disturbed by the incident and by the military personnel’s revelations, quickly adopted the attitude of the US Secret Service towards such information, known as JANAP 146 (D).

This decision was taken to silence, once and for all, the future revelations that employees who divulged UFO-related matters would be subject to heavy penalties.

What is so special about Saint Hubert?

The 1959 Saint Hubert UFO Incident

Saint Hubert, Montreal, is a unique place because it is a historically significant area that has maintained its distinctive identity and charm despite the changes in the surrounding neighborhoods.

It is a vibrant and diverse area with various businesses, restaurants, and parks. It is also home to many historical sites, including the former Notre Dame-de-Lourdes church and the former Saint-Hubert train station.

The area has also been the site of several important events in the city’s history, such as the Great Fire of 1852.

In addition, Saint Hubert is known for its traditional French-Canadian culture and is home to many francophone families.

Saint Hubert has several unique mineral resources and water properties, including the large aquifer beneath the city.

This aquifer provides much of the city’s water supply and is essential to the local economy.

Additionally, the area is home to several limestone and marble quarries, which provide critical raw materials for construction and masonry work.

Numerous mineral springs and artesian wells are also in the area, known to have therapeutic and healing properties.

The area is also home to several unique hydrological features, such as the underground river system known as the Riviere des Prairies.

This river system is home to several rare fish species, amphibians, and other aquatic life. It is a popular destination for fishing and kayaking.

The Saint Hubert area has several unique mineral resources, including limestone, marble, and gypsum.

The limestone quarries in the area are essential raw materials for the construction and masonry industries. In contrast, the marble quarries provide materials for sculptures and decorative pieces.

The gypsum deposits in the area can be used to produce plaster and other building materials.

The area is also home to several mineral springs, and artesian wells are known to have therapeutic and healing properties.

The area is also home to the Riviere des Prairies, an underground river system home to several rare fish species, amphibians, and other aquatic life. It is a popular destination for fishing and kayaking.


  • Witness Credibility: Good;
  • Number of Witnesses: +8;
  • Evidence: none;
  • Physical Evidence: none;
  • Official Investigation: DOT;
  • Close Encounter: First Kind;
  • Documents: 1

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