Strange Tales: The Staring Woman

I first heard this story of the Staring Woman, it was over ten years ago, a simple story that may happen to any single one of us living in a big city, so I went after the original to bring it to you this Friday in our “Strange Tales” series.

The Staring Woman

A girl got on a train one night. She sat down opposite this woman, who was sat between two men.

She wasn’t too bothered about them, except the fact that the woman seemed to be staring at her, but she couldn’t quite see because the woman had her hood up.

At the next stop, a man got on the train and sat next to her.

After about five minutes the man whispered to the girl,

“Get off the next stop with me, it’s important that you trust me.”

At the next stop, the girl got off the train with the man and watched the train speed by.

The man turned to the girl and said

“Thank God, I’m a doctor and that woman is dead, the two men beside you were holding her up.”

by RockBurst_01

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