Strange Tales – The Insane Asylum Bus Driver

It’s Friday so it’s time for Strange Tale of the week. To patients an Insane Asylum is a pleasant place. But if you are in control of your mental faculties this my not be as pleasant. Let’s take this ride.

The Insane Asylum Bus Driver

Strange Tales: The Insane Asylum Bus DriverIn the 50’s while transporting a bus with mental patients to the State Insane Asylum, a bus driver stopped to have a drink at a gas station.

When he got back to the bus, to his surprise he found te bus empty, all the patients managed to escape thru the bus door and escaped.

Worried about the possibility to lose his job, he got into the bus and drove to the next bus stop he found.

He opened the doors and all of the people who were just getting out of the long day of work got on the bus.

The bus driver took them directly to the Insane Asylum.

He told the staff members that those patients were extremely violent and the need of restrain and sedation, this why took him so long.

After many months the staff of the insane asylum realized their mistake.

By there, many of the people had actually gone insane.

Authorities never found real mental patients.

The Bus driver left his job two days later the ride to the State Insane Asylum. He, also, cannot be found.

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