Strange Tales – The WWII hitchhiker

Strange Tales is back, as every Friday with a new spooky story, urban legend, creepypasta. The second WWII is filled with paranormal phenomena, unexplained stories, and nothing more creepy than a hitchhiker message.

The WWII hitchhiker

Strange Tales - The WWII hitchhiker“During a World War II, a couple were driving home one night and picked up a hitchhiker.

The man barely spoke during the ride, bu as he got out he thanked the couple and told them to repayer their kindness, he’d answer any question they may ask.

The driver smiled and said

“Alright, when will the war end?”

The hitchhiker replied

“The war will end in July as surely as you will have a dead man in your car before you get home.”

Unsettled, the couple said goodbye and drove off.

Bedore they reached home they saw a wrecked ambulance by the road, they picked up the driver and a badly hurt patient.

By the time they reached the hospital, the patient had already died.

As the shock wore off, the couple regretted that they hadn’t asked the hitchhiker what year.

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