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Jason and Grant are Television Ratings Magnets

Taps is a famous musical piece, sounded by the U.S. military during flag ceremonies and funerals, generally on bugle or trumpet. The TAPS we’re talking about however is the Trans-Atlantic Paranormal Society. “Mr. Hawes and Mr. Wilson (of TAPS) are the shadow-chasing sleuths on “Ghost Hunters,” the Syfy reality series that has made believers out of its producers — believers in paranormal programming, if not in the spirits themselves,” reports Brian Stelter for the New York Times.

“Despite a legion of detractors, “Ghost Hunters” is Syfy’s most popular show many weeks, beating scripted series on the channel like “Eureka” and “Stargate Universe.” Now in its fifth season, it regularly draws almost three million viewers, more than half in the advertiser-friendly 18-to-49-year-old demographic, according to Nielsen,” reports Stelter.

The show attracts more women than men — “An important attribute for something that called itself the Sci Fi Channel until July. “One of our objectives of the relaunch was to move beyond the narrow perceptions of the sci-fi genre — primarily space, aliens and the future,” said Dave Howe, the channel’s president. And “Ghost Hunters” is helping to do just that. Mr. Howe now calls it the channel’s flagship reality show,” reports Stelter. Read Stelter’s pretty great article here.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Ghost Hunters is a one-hour weekly reality show from the creator/executive producer of American Chopper follows a group of real-life paranormal researchers as they investigate hauntings throughout the country.

Contact between our existence and the one that awaits us is no more far-fetched to some than wireless phones would have seemed to the ancients.

Enter Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, plumbers by trade who head up The Atlantic Paranormal Society. TAPS is a group of fairly ordinary people — office managers, factory workers, teachers and even psychic-hotline gurus — moonlighting to understand seemingly unexplainable disturbances.

Source: Paranormal Daily News

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