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Is Ghosts of Shepherdstown worth watching?

Ghosts of Shepherdstown on Destination America“Ghosts of Shepherdstown” is a new six-part television Paranormal reality Show release by Destination America aired Sunday night. In a community of 1,750 people, in West Virginia, almost everyone has experienced something they couldn’t explain, resulting in Shepherdstown’s five-man police department responding to a majority of 911 calls where the disturbances are paranormal, not criminal, in nature.

Police Chief Mike King decided to take bold action and call Nick Groff (Paranormal Lockdown and Ghost Adventure), Elizabeth Saint and Bill Hartley and for the first time a paranormal investigation team and a police department have joined forces to investigate strange happenings around the town.

The show’s interest in Shepherdstown came in 2014 when producers had seen a Smithsonian documentary featuring then police chief, Dave Ransom.

Since then, according to current police chief King, the number of unexplained emergency calls in Shepherdstown had spiked dramatically.

The locations have a long time history, with Shepherdstowns being the oldest town in West Virginia. The first episode already presents you with some of the history and the need to try to solve the case why the town has a high number of paranormal events.

Ghosts.of.Shepherdstown crewLead investigator Nick Groff is well know on the field and by paranormal reality show fans and he has Elizabeth Saint, a sensitive and Bill Hartley a tech guru in charge of equipment and reviewing evidence.

Unknown for the general public Elizabeth and Bill work together real good calm voices and reasonable arguments.

Produced by MAK Pictures the shows has the same flaws you have seen before in other paranormal shows, pretend filming crew is not there, short edition and that feeling of some scripted interviews with locals. The program was shot in 2015 Summer but it is not mentioned.

Ghosts.of.Shepherdstown reenactmentAlso some issues with the chronology let us think that it was fast investigations, when in reality they filmed for 12-hour shifts at some of the locations, inset dates and time would help viewers at home.

It is really good they get help from local historian, Dana Mitchell, with evidences to corroborate the findings.

They also call in psychic medium, Lorie Johnson, and there we also have problems seen in other shows, nothing to do with Mrs. Johnson, but why the investigators don’t use the equipment to validate the psychic findings? The same could be using surrounding Elizabeth senses.

“Ghosts of Shepherdstown” is one more hit by Destination America this year, just like “Ghost Brothers”, not a surprise it was the network’s #1 highest-rated and most-watched series debut ever, becoming the third consecutive paranormal series premiere of 2016 to break records for delivery of P2+ (663k) and HH (529k) on L+3 Day viewing following “Paranormal Lockdown” and “Ghost Brothers“. Among P25-54, the premiere ties the Friday, April 15 premiere of Destination America’s Ghost Brothers as the #1 highest-rated series debut in network history.

“Ghosts of Shepherdstown review on Destination America

At Strange Strange Strange we available Paranormal Reality Shows judging by 10 criterias

  • Locations: 10
  • Local Research:10
  • Equipment: 6
  • Investigation Technique: 6
  • Evidence Quality: 3
  • Debunk Factor: 3
  • Entertainment: 8
  • Team: 7
  • Show Production: 5
  • Spooky Factor: 7
  • Total: 6,5

“Ghosts of Shepherdstown” Episode Guide

Welcome to America’s Most Haunted Town – Series Premiere Episode: Sunday, June 12 at 10/9c
Ghosts.of.Shepherdstown streetParanormal experts Nick Groff, Elizabeth Saint and Bill Hartley begin their investigation into the flood of paranormal activity in Shepherdstown as they respond to their first case: a mysterious haunting at the local bakery.

The terrified night-shift baker reports sightings of a figure in a gray Civil War uniform and strange objects falling past the window outside. With the help of a local historian and a gifted psychic, the team uncovers shocking details of the building’s role in the bloodiest battle in American history.

Do You Know You’re Dead? – Episode Premiere: Sunday, June 19 at 10/9c
A female college student calls 911 after coming face-to-face with what she believes to be a legendary young spirit that’s haunted the campus for decades. Soon, the haunting escalates with a report of the ghost allegedly making violent physical contact with the coed while she was in bed. With things quickly becoming dangerous, the team enlists the aid of a psychic medium and stages an emergency spiritual intervention to discover the secret of what’s agitating the ghost girl and, hopefully, put her spirit to rest.

She Didn’t Have A Face – Episode Premiere: Sunday, June 26 at 10/9c
Nick, Elizabeth and Bill are called to a home where there has been a sighting of a headless woman on the porch. The team soon discovers a wealth of paranormal evidence that leads them to believe there is more than a single entity haunting the house. With the help of a psychic medium and town historian, the team is able to uncover the spirits’ identities but is still working to explain the rise of paranormal activity in Shepherdstown.

Grave Stalker – Episode Premiere: Sunday, July 3 at 10/9c
A Shepherdstown resident calls the police when she hears a gunshot in the center of town, but Chief King investigates and finds no evidence of foul play. When he is unable to find anyone else who remembers hearing the shot, he hands the case over to Nick, Bill and Elizabeth. The resident confides in the team that she has recently also felt a constant sensation of being watched. Soon, the team realizes her stalker might be from beyond the grave and pieces together a shocking tale that reveals a disturbing link between the resident and the grisly murder of a young woman over a century ago.

It’s Behind You – Episode Premiere: Sunday, July 10 at 10/9c
The paranormal investigators are called in to help a woman who saw a corpse floating in the Potomac River and then disappear. Clues provided by a local medium and town historian connect the report to the cold case of two murders decades ago. The team conducts a nocturnal paranormal investigation in the woods by the Potomac and uncovers evidence that indicates satanic rituals or witchcraft is being practiced in Shepherdstown. The team senses a darker entity in the woods, a feeling that’s confirmed when the medium suddenly feels Bill’s life is in peril.

Redemption – Episode Premiere: Sunday, July 17 at 10/9c
Nick, Bill and Elizabeth investigate the mysterious sounds of a crying baby coming from a young couple’s basement. Just as the team realizes that all their cases are located near one area, the paranormal activity in the couple’s home escalates to that of a dangerous poltergeist. While hunting through the basement, the team comes across evidence that convinces them they’re near the source of the negative energy that seems to be pervading Shepherdstown.

The Ghosts of Shepherdstown airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. on Destination America. Check your local listings for channel information and enjoy.

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