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Bio’s ‘My Ghost Story’ seeks for your story

My Ghost Story premiered earlier this summer on the Biography channel. The series features segments in which people tell their story of experiences with the paranormal. Narrated by the eyewitnesses themselves, an episode generally begins with the eyewitness saying: “My ghost story started when…”

Do you or someone you know have a paranormal experience that was captured on camera?

If you or someone you know has had a paranormal experience and have been able to capture real material evidence of the encounter we would like to hear from you. Real material evidence consists of video, film, photographs, sound recordings and so on.

Whether it happened in your house, place of business, or a specific haunted location, we want you to contact us, and you may get the opportunity to share your encounter on My Ghost Story.

The information you provide will be submitted to the production team that produces My Ghost Story for A&E Television Networks (AETN).

Source: biography.com

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