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This Ain’t Ghost Hunters

Hustler is releasing This Ain’t Ghost Hunters XXX following Dave Lango and the PAPS team—the Pacific Association of the Paranormal Society—as they search for answers to the undersexed. If you want a good laugh, watch the PG-13 version of the trailer here…

The team from P.A.P.S. is on a mission to find paranormal activity and tackle anything else that might cum along the way! (No, we didn’t write this, it’s from Hustler’s website… Just saying)

With their high tech equipment, smoking hot assistants and a high sex drive, they seek out ghosts, spirits and the sexually eager. Ghoulish taunts to screw and all the fun you can handle awaits you with…THIS AIN’T GHOST HUNTERS XXX!

The parody DVD This Ain’t Ghost Hunters XXX hits streets November 24, 2009!

Source: Paranormal Daily News

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