Shadow People’s encounters investigated by the police

People are scared because the Shadow People is not a myth. Many people have seen what they consider a haunting.
On the 15th of May 2011 in an unprecedented and mysterious place in Piancó on the road just off to near the entrance of the Patos, district of Santa Cruz, Pernambuco, Northwest Brazil, Mr. Salviano Severino, age 62, doing his walk at 4 o’clock in the morning saw right in front of him a man dressed in black crossed in front of him quickly.

He says it was a tall man of dark skin. Mr Severino has a usual practice of making his morning walk for more than two years in the same place and he had never seen anything similar to this.

“This man did not speak or walk down the road he just crossed in front of me and stopped and when I looked back to see if anyone else was around, I only saw a few women who were doing the walk and when I turned back around to face the man dressed in black he had disappeared,” Mr. Severino stated.

Mr. Severino was a bit startled by the disappearance of the subject of his sight and to confirm that it was an illusion looked everywhere for him, it was a very open field with no possibility of someone in a split second to hide.

Mr. Severino said he continued his walk, but afraid to go home, he called his wife and told her that he had seen something strange.

In Piancó there is always mysterious things happening, says Mr. Severino, who lives in Nova Rua at the entrance of the city.

Residents of the community has commented they are frightened by this man in black who appears and disappears mysteriously. They have reported these incidents that has happened to the police in hopes that the police will make their rounds around dawn to search of this mystery.

Nothing has ever been found.

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