Caught on Tape: Sequence of Photos scares Family

Marília, Sao Paulo, Brazil, a family took a picture with a cell phone. And the image “Caught on Tape”  by the device until now generates discussion.

Luis Pereira Lima now spends most of the time alone at home. His wife and children no longer want to stay on site.

They are scared since Luke, age eight, took two pictures of his younger sister using a cell phone.

A figure that seems to be a black woman can be seen in the image sequence.

The problem is that Louis says that no one else was home at the time, and he did not know anyone with the appearance of the person in the photo.

The family lived in the house of two rooms for nine months.

He recalls that from the beginning coexists with strange things.

In the pictures, you can see the person with a white shirt with a picture of a person in it.

Watch the video Sequence of Photos scares Family below (in portuguese)

Source: Tem Notícias

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