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‘Paranormal Activity’: The three alternate endings

If you saw Paranormal Activity, you already know it has a startling finish. What you didn’t know is the ending shown in the theater was changed at Steven Spielberg’s request – Here are the 3 alternate endings writer-director Oren Peli considered for the surprise blockbuster hit…

Ending #1
In this ending, which is the original, Katie returns to the bedroom bloody and holding a knife. After a lot of time the neighbor drops by to check on them and finds Micah’s body. The cops come and after seeing Micah’s body, they go upstairs and find Katie. The cops shine a flashlight on her and she comes toward them. Then, the bedroom door slams (because of the ghost), the cop is scared and shoots her dead.

Ending #2
In this version, Katie goes back to the bedroom after the disturbance downstairs. She grins at the camera and slits her own throat. The ghost leaves her body, and Katie falls dead to the floor.

Ending #3
In this one, a possessed Katie corners Micah and beats him with the video camera; viewers watch from the camera’s POV.

Source: Paranormal Daily News

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