How many dimensions physics knows?

Officially, only four, but there are theories that suggest up to ten dimensions. One of the current scientific evidence to defend the ten dimensions is the Superstrings Theory, which states that the ten dimensions interact among themselves as the strings of a violin.

But everything is just speculation: the scientists themselves admit that, with the technology – now, it is not possible to prove the ten dimensions.

In the superstring theory, dimensions range from a simple straight line to a set of big bangs

1. Before the first dimension, there is a size zero, which is just one point(hum… doesn’t make it 11 Dimensions?). The connection between two points as the first dimension, which is a straight line. Our concept that has wide connection between the points

2. The plan is the second dimension. To be two-dimensional, an object needs two numeric values (corresponding to our concepts of width and length) to be located, because it has two axes

3. The third dimension is space. For an object, it means gaining depth and become three-dimensional, ie, owns three numeric values that are located (width, length and depth)

4. The fourth dimension is the length or time. It is the line that leads each to be four-dimensional (as we humans) from the start (baby I) at the end of life (little old me). We do not perceive this dimension, so we can not move backward or forward in time to see our selves past and future

5. In the fourth dimension, at any given time, a number of variables which we define in the next instant. The version that is (the I “normal”) is just one of endless rolling that could (as the “Viking I”, “I pirate” and “I clown”). The fifth dimension is the set of all these versions

6. The sixth dimension is the path between the possibilities of the 5D. It would be like if all its infinite versions were arranged in a plane, like a leaf, and you can fold the leaf, leaning on one side (the “normal self”, for example) on the other side (like “Viking I”)

7th. The many selves of 6D are possible within a universe. The seventh dimension takes the concept of timeline and 4D applies to this universe, tracing a timeline that begins in the Big Bang, an event that would have started it all

7b. But not only that: the seventh dimension also says that just as each of us, the universe may also have multiple versions, and establishes that there are alternate universes to ours, originated from the same big-bang

7c. The “our” big-bang is only a possibility. There may be other big-bangs different they may have given rise to other universes, which may also have infinite versions. The 7D meets all big bangs and all the infinite possible universes

8. Imagine that each of these balls from the image above is one of the big-bangs (with their respective populations derived) within the seventh dimension. The eighth dimension is a vertex, a point of intersection from which one can reach any of the “balls”

9. Based on the figure 8D, imagine that the vertex is a point where the plane formed before it can be folded. The ninth dimension is nothing more than a fold in the plan to pull a big bang on the other and allow travel between them – such as travel between the selves in 6D

10. The tenth dimension is the set of all paths to all the big bangs that give rise to all the universes. Imagine taking all nine dimensions and put it all together in a dot. This is the tenth dimension – the end of the road, where there is more to go

Source: Phantoms and Monsters

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