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Caught on Tape: Pitbull arrested after attacking police car

Pitbull arrestedA dog was released on Friday (26), on parole after spending two weeks in jail for attacking a police car (watch video below) in the United States, local media reported.

The “prisoner” who goes by the name of Winston, was jailed for two weeks in a kennel of Chattanooga, Tennessee, after a furious attack, filmed by a surveillance camera from the police.

After two weeks in jail, when he kept an irreproachable conduct, a judge ruled Winston release on condition that a complete obedience training and do not commit new attacks.

The owners of Winston can not say what motivated the attack dog, that besides the police car attacked three other vehicles and two bars.

In accessing the wrath of Winston, the police used tear gas and an electric Taser gun to stop the dog, which only stopped when he faced a police armed with batons.

The two-minute video shows police Winston tearing the bumper of a police vehicle and chewing the piece, despite the efforts of the driver to escape the attack.

Source: G1

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