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Too little too late: Love letter delivered 76 years late, She pass away 2 months before

A mysterious love letter sent in 1934 was found in Durham, North Carolina (USA), 76 years after being posted in the mail from Salem, Virginia (USA).

Intact, the message of Margaret Davey was found by the chief operating officer of Duke University. Mike Trogdon was intrigued and went to the game of the recipient.

nside the envelope was a card designed with hearts, a giraffe and the message: “in the race for my love, you won by a long neck. So be my dear.” The end, the sender was identified as Joyce.

Searching in the archives of the university, found that Trogdon Margaret Davey graduated from nursing in 1935 and married a soldier from World War II.

When the director went to the home of Margaret, was told she died in January at age 96.

When displaying the message to the children of the nurse, another revelation: the sender was alive and was a distant niece of Margaret.

Joyce is 82 years old and was moved to revise its declaration of love for the aunt. “She was my favorite,” said the lady.

Source: G1

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