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Opss My Bad! Police breaks into the house by mistake and apologizes with beer and flowers

The police broke into the residence of a young couple in Southampton, England, during a search for smugglers.

After realizing the mistake in the address, the agent apologized and returned the next day with a beer bottle and a bouquet of flowers as an apology.

The couple Kayleigh Hill and Anthony McVey was sitting on the sofa on Monday (22), when he had his door smashed through police, shouting, asked the two to surrender.

McVey, 23, looked at Kayleigh and did not understand what was happening.

“I was naked and asked that could put some underwear.

But there was no time because they’ve earned on the wall,” recalled the boy told the newspaper “Daily Mail”.

The police asked for the documents in bed, playing with her two children in the room, and then recognized the mistake: they had invaded the wrong house.

The next day it occurred, McVey and Kayleigh were visited by the same police, this time politely rang the bell. In the apology, the young couple got a bottle of beer and a bouquet of flowers.

Repair window and front door of the house was paid by British police.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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