Russian Woman takes selfie with Alien

Woman Claims She Was Photobombed By AlienDuring a business trip, Olesya Podkorytov decided to save that moment and she took the selfie while on board of the airplane.

After arriving on Kurgan, south-central Russia, she shared the image online and from that point on that she was flooded with comments alerting her to the shadowy outline a few seats behind her.

Friends and curious suggested the shadowy image was a ghost or an alien.

The news spreed pretty quickly in the third week of December, 2015 being posted in a variety of websites from respectful news sources to Alien and other Paranormal websites, many of them attesting we were been visited by Aliens.

The alien figure looks like it’s sitting at a window seat, photobombing Mrs. Podkorytov’s selfie.

Russian Woman takes selfie with Alien 02

Real Alien or a Hoax?

We at office were curious to know if other passengers saw the same being, alien or ghost, specially the blonde girl sitting right beside him/it.

We can a test that the photo is Real!

No Photoshop or other kind of manipulation was used.

The mysterious shadowy figure in the background, after a 5 minute research, proved to be a Cello Case.

Russian Woman takes selfie with Alien 03

Musicians routinely purchase an extra seat for their cello, instead of leaving it in the hands of Airport cargo representatives and storing it in the cargo with others belongs.

The Cello Case is not Alien of any kind, a simple dark plastic shell, with several options for transporting the cello.

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