Unemployed Mechanic says he created the spaceship that was seen in Brazilian sky

A Kite with LED’s was mistaken for a spaceship from another planet in São Paulo, Brazil.

The Mechanic said to have used LED lights in a kite that he created was confused with an UFO.

The 42 years old mechanic resident of Embu, São Paulo, Brazil, said to be the creator of the unidentified object that amazed residents of the city on Saturday (23th) night.

In the skies of the city, the scene of several lights revolving around a Blue light made many people think that they saw a spaceship.

UFO investigators have ruled out the flying saucer. And the mechanic guarantees: it is a kite with LEDs, made at home.

The mechanic said he was in fact responsible for the object and showed some equipment used in assembling the kite, but declined to give his name.

He has been unemployed for more than 3 years due to a bad back and is afraid of having problems with the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

Mechanical notebook with drawings shows the kite (left)

The mechanic had started to build the kite in November of last year. In February, he released it first, when she had only three lights.

Ready – with 32 LEDs and 12 outside the center, fed by cellphone battery, it was released for the second time this weekend, and ended up in the air longer than originally planned, drawing the attraction of the population.

“It was made with plain paper, plastic, thread, bamboo, fiberglass, material collected from the ground, scrap.

I started to do it in November, I could not always stand, due to health problem. Over time I have been improving” he says.

The amateur inventor is interested in innovations since childhood, when he first saw an airplane made of paper. After being away from work, he started to invest more in his hobby, looking for something innovative.

“I like to take things, to transform, to try a better way. I am a perfectionist and want to make things more successful, “he says.

“There was a quest for being helpful in any way, you can be doing some work. A necessity, because I always worked, and that I miss.”

The kite with LED’s was developed to test forms of energy, he said.

“The system that he used can be used to generate power as well. The system is simple, its the highest level of wind power. With only a cell phone battery, the lights stay long because the LED is very economical, he says. The mechanic says he developed a system for it to be turned off as you drain the line, it gives a certain impact and the actual weight of the battery makes it hang up.”

He said the tests indicated that the battery can last six hours.

Although the kite has been released that created controversy and sometimes in smaller models, was the first time the appearance caused great repercussions.

“I was happy to have accomplished the job. I was kind of astonished at the situation, I thought it was a bit beyond what I expected. I think it’s time for people to be smarter, to unite, to have better solutions, respect the human being, “says the mechanic.

He declined to disclose the location from which dropped the kite – merely say it was an area of the city. But he says he is committed to safety and did not want to cause panic.

“No way, it was just something for the people to better reflect what knowledge we have. I tried to have the security of what I was doing, create something that really only brings benefits to people. ”

Source: G1

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