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Whatching ‘Phoonk 2′ can fetch you U$10,000

Director Ram Gopal Varma claims “Phoonk 2″ is scarier than “Phoonk” and says that the person who can watch the film without getting scared can win Rs500,000.00 (around U$ 10,900.00).

“I am sure ‘Phoonk 2′ is very, very scary and I am sure no one would leave the theatre without getting scared. So we will do a contest under some scientific observation,” said Varma.

“Someone who says he won’t be scared while watching the film will be shown ‘Phoonk 2′ in a theatre alone. He will be attached to an ECG machine to monitor his heart beat and the machine will be connected to a screen outside the hall. If his heart beat stays normal, he will win Rs.500,000,” added Varma.

Varma says he has consulted a doctor about the contest.

“The doctor says if an average man is subjected to extreme emotion, his heart beat goes up and one of the emotions could be fear. So, if a man sitting in a theatre is not showing any physical activity except watching a film and while watching the film, if his heart beat goes up, it will be something in response to what he watches on screen. In a film like ‘Phoonk 2′ the emotion will be only fear,” said Varma.

Asked what if a viewer gets a heart attack, he said: “Firstly, the person who would dare enter this contest will have to sign a bond where it will mentioned that we are not responsible for his death. But there will be an ambulance and doctor outside the theatre.”

“Phoonk 2″ was unveiled Monday. The contest will continue until it releases commercially April 9.

Directed by debutant Milind Gadagkar, “Phoonk 2″ is the sequel of “Phoonk” which was directed by Ram Gopal Varma and the cast remains same.

Asked why he didn’t direct the movie this time, Varma said: “‘Phoonk 2′ was Milind’s concept so I asked him to direct the film.”

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