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Saturday February 13th, 2010 on Darkness Radio, hosted by David Scharader and Mallie Fox, at hour 1, Adrian Lee reports on International News of the supernatural and strange.

At hours 2 and 3 Christine Day was born in Australia. She had a traumatic childhood involving Cult ritual abuse, by the age of 31 she was suffering from advanced Systemic Lupus and given a short time to live. At that time she had a spiritual awakening with the Pleiadians, and from the energy of this awakening was able to move into a place of self healing. She has been symptom free for the last twenty-five years. Christine Day is a spiritual teacher and channel, she has been working with the Pleiadian initiations with people for the last 20 years, working throughout the United States and internationally for the last fifteen years.

Her work expanded so quickly in the world that she had to establish main centers where she teaches her work. Christine has her work based in the USA, Belgium, Argentina and Brazil and she maintains a website in each country. She has students coming from England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Scotland, Israel, Taiwan, Canada and Holland. Her students come to these centers for further levels of initiation of her work. The Pleiadians have channeled to her 14 levels of the Frequencies of Brilliance initiations to date.

In 2009 she opened up her own web-casting show, Pleiadian Event, a one and half hour broadcast going world wide, this is done from Las Vegas, Nevada. The broadcasts are every second month. Her book, “ Pleiadian Initiations of Light”, is now available on her website, on Amazon.com and soon available in Barnes&Noble. She is currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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