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The Best and Worst of Paranormal TV Shows – Paranormal State

Paranormal State

Investigators Team: 6-7
Affiliated group: Pennsylvania State University Paranormal Research Society.
Production Team: yes
Running time: 30 minutes (with commercials)
Investigations: 1 per episode
Channel: A&E
Premiere: December 10, 2007
Seasons: 3
Founders: Ryan Buell
Actual members: Heather Taddy, Sergey Poberhezney, Katrina Weidman, Josh, Elfie Music and Michelle Belanger
Psychic investigator: Chip Coffey
Religious investigator: Elfie Music
Equipment: Digital thermometers, EMF readers, Night vision cameras, Digital video cameras, Audio recorders, Flir
Evidence quality: low
Debunk quality: low
Investigation Follow Up: low
Production interference: huge level
Entertainement factor: regular
Spooky Factor: ***
StrangeStrangeStrange Grade: 5 in 10
Press release: Delve deep into the strange and the mysterious with Paranormal Research Society founder Ryan Buell and his team of investigators as they attempt to unravel inexplicable paranormal phenomena including sixth-sense experiences, ghost sightings, demonic disturbances, and brushes with the darkest areas of the unknown. Founded by Buell in 2001, the PRS works on cases across the country and is one of the most recognized paranormal societies in the nation.

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