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My Ghost Story back to Biography Channel

The success program My Ghost Story: Hauntings Revealed comes for a second season on Biography Channel, My Ghost Story 2: Hauntings Revealed, created by Barry Conrad and Mark Phillips. Everybody has a ghost story. But how many people have filmed theirs? Hear true and unbelievable stories of the paranormal as told by the people who lived through them–and actually captured their hauntings on tape.

These harrowing eye-witness accounts of the unexplainable are transformed into more than tales with terrifying visual evidence. You’ll have no choice but to believe your eyes.

This spooky special features real people telling frightening stories of actual hauntings, complete with actual footage or photos of the ghosts, apparitions, and entities they’ve seen. Stories include the man who photographed images of a grim reaper haunting a California mining time; an entity that’s attacked a man and bloodied him hundreds of times; a phantom caught on tape scratching a woman’s back; video tape of a floating apparition that resembles a man’s upper body carrying a torch; images of strange, misty orbs that show up on the photographs of children whose mother has died; and a Civil War buff who videotaped ghostly images of soldiers and gun fire at Gettysburg. Rated: TVPG, Running Time: 60 Minutes

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