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Spirits of Easter Island & The Moa Tomorow in Destination Truth

In the Season Finale the episode “Spirits of Easter Island; The Moa”, 15th episode of the 3rd Season, Josh Gates leads his team fro two of most remotes Islands in the planet, Easter Island and New Zealand.

Continuing in the formula of half show about Ghosts and the other half about Cryptology, the Destination Truth’s crew investigates the paranormal on Easter Island.

And in New Zealand they explore the claims of the return of a extinct New Zealand birds known as the Moa. Though scientists agree there is no doubt that moa are extinct, there has been occasional speculation—since at least the late 1800s, and as recently as 2008, that some moa may still exist, particularly the rugged wilderness of South Westland and Fiordland.

note: Moa doesn’t have nothing to do with the Moai from Easter Island, monolithic human figures carved from rock.

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