10 great holiday gifts for ghost hunting

Looking for holiday gifts with a decidedly paranormal investigation twist? Here are some suggestions from Strange Strange Strange… Blog for friends and family — or perhaps a treat for yourself. You’ll find items in a wide price range to suit any budget, and for just about any age. Shop now so you’ll get the goods in time for the holidays.

1. Gauss Master & K-II Deluxe Paranormal Pack EMF Meters

The Gauss Master & K-II Deluxe EMF Meters are Used by Professional Paranormal Investigators Worldwide!

New Design is Ideal for Paranormal Use. New Exclusive Night Vision Safe 670nm Red Backlight Display. K2 Has A Easy Push On / Push Off Switch.

Instantaneous Response To EMF Fluctuations & Spikes.

As Seen on Ghost Hunters, Dead Famous, and Most Haunted!

2. Olympus Digital Voice Recorder (VN 6000)

Slow and Fast Playback modes let you listen to audio 25 percent slower or 50 percent faster than real time. Easy file management functions allow you to erase single files, multiple files as well as transfer files.

Large LCD for easy, quick viewing of file locations, recording status and battery life. Record up to 604hrs and 15minutes of uninterrupted audio in LP mode.

Select from three recording modes to meet your specific needs: HQ for high quality; SP and LP for extended recording. Index marks let you specify a particular point in a recording or playback for easy retrieval.

Use the timer recording option to set a start and end time for a particular recording.

Alarm Playback: Playback a pre-selected file at a specific time for reminders or wake-up calls.

Contains four folders and each folder stores up to 100 files.

3. K2 KII EMF Meter With Push

Push Tab to Turn “On” Push Tab to Turn “Off”. Easy to read Multi-Segment LED Display.

Detects the ELF range (50 to 1,000Hz) & VLF range (1,000 to 20,000Hz).

Five level milliGauss ranges. 50 & 60 Hz operation. 9Vdc Operation. Single Axis * Accuracy of ±5% at 50-60Hz.

Instantaneous Response To EMF Fluctuations & Spikes.

4. The Other Side: A Teen’s Guide to Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal

by Marley Gibson, Patrick Burns, Dave Schrader
It used to be you needed a crystal, a psychic, or a Oijia board to make contact with the spirit world. So who would think science would make it possible for just about anyone to experience a ghostly connection? Cameras, recorders, computers, magnetic field readers and other scientific means are now the tools of the trade.

But there’s so much available, how does the average teen weed through it all to create the best possible ghost hunting team? Here to help sort it all out are three of today’s leading investigators of the field.

Together, Patrick Burns, Dave Schrader, and Marley Gibson have more than ten years of experience. They’ve put together this guide to impart their knowledge and wisdom on to the next generation of ghost hunters.
What’s included:
How to set up a ghost hunting team
The equipment needed and how to use it
Where to look for spirits
Safety, safety, and more safety
Ghost hunting is equal parts science and belief. Patrick, Dave, and Marley are here to help with science part.

5. Starter Ghost Hunting Kit with

Getting started or know someone who would like to become a Ghost Hunter?

Excellent Starter Kit Includes:
– GaussMaster EMF meter
– Portable Motion Sensor
– EVP Listener
– Digital Local Remote Thermometer
– “Ghost Tech” how-to book
– Deluxe Carrying Case to keep it all together.

Suitable for all ages. Makes a nice gift, too!

6. Uniden GMR1838-2CK 2-Way 18 Mile 2 Pack GMRS/FRS Radio’s with Dual Charger Included

Uniden GMR1838-2CK 2-Way 18 Mile 2 Pack GMRS/FRS Radio’s with Dual Charger Included with up to 18 miles range (range varies with terrain).

22 channels (15 GMRS, 7 FRS)99 CTCSS / DSC privacy codes. Backlit LCD display.

Battery strength meterHands-free operation (VOX)Keypad lock.

Recharge capable. Channel scanChannel monitor5 call tones. Roger beep. Belt clip includedDual charger.

Charging cradle with 2 NiMH batteries. Headset jack.

7. KINTREX IRT0421 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser Targeting

The KINTREX IRT0421 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Laser is designed to measure temperatures accurately from a distance.

Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the IRT0421 can safely measure hot, hazardous, or hard-to-reach surfaces without damaging them.

Employing an ultra efficient non-contact method, the thermometer can provide several readings in a matter of seconds.

8. EMF-822A/ Used To Measure Industrial, Scientific & Paranormal Electromagnetic Field Radiation Levels

EMF-822A/ Used To Measure Industrial, Scientific & Paranormal Electromagnetic Field Radiation Levels measurement Range: 0.1 mGauss to 199.9 mGauss.

Single Axis.

Frequency Bandwidth: 30 to 300 Hz (ELF frequency range).

Accuracy: ±4% at 50-60 Hz

9. Sony HDR-HC5 4MP MiniDV High Definition Camcorder with 10x Optical Zoom

Capture high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video to a MiniDV cassette with the HDR-HC5 high definition camcorder.

Record every detail of every moment with the 10x optical/80x digital zoom and Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T Lens. However, you’ll be capturing more than just video with the 4.0 megapixel still image feature. Snap spectacular 2.3 megapixel photos while filming in dual record mode. The HDR-HC5 even slows down the audio.

Get it all and get it in high definition with this amazing camcorder.

10. Maxxima MF-37R Ultra Bright 6 Red LED Flashlight

The Maxxima series of LED Flashlights provides super high quality flashlights with LED powered illumination.

LED Lights provide 100 hours of life, and consume 10% of the power that incandescent bulbs consume. 6 Ultra Bright Xtreme Hi Power Red LEDS.

Battery Duration : 100 Hours or more. Includes Carry Holster. ON/OFF Push Switch. Uses 4X AAA Batteries.

Source: Strange Strange Strange… Blog

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