Witness reports UFO nearly caused accident along Oklahoma’s Route 40

An Oklahoma witness driving along Route 40 between Oklahoma City and Elk City reports an “unusual shaped object” came out of the sky and onto the highway, causing his vehicle and a nearby truck to slam on their brakes to avoid hitting it, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

The witness first reports seeing “blue warning lights” on November 23, 2009, about 5 feet from some nearby trees, and 200 to 300 yards ahead.

The blue lights turned to orange, according to the witness, and then the UFO appeared and moved onto the highway.

The UFO “then shot off at an angle into the sky leaving a small trail of light” – and remained in the sky briefly before disappearing.

OK, November 23, 2009 – Blinking UFO on highway 40. MUFON Case # 22146.
It was just a day or two before thanksgiving I was driving from Oklahoma City to Elk City on highway 40 well at one point on the highway the oncoming lanes are split with trees on each side of the highway

well i noticed a what appeared to be blue warning lights flashing about 5 feet outside of the trees

at this point the lights are 200 to 300 yards in front

there was also a man with his wife, driving a truck with a camper in the right lane, next to me

as our vehicles got closer (about 25 yards) the blue lights turned orange,

a then unusual shaped object (what i believe to be the UFO) came onto the highway

I slammed on my brakes and so did the man driving the truck, he almost jack knifed his truck and camper the UFO then shot off at an angle into the sky leaving a small trail of light, it remained in the sky for a brief moment and then was gone.

at this point I was at a complete stop in the highway, I looked at the man and his wife he shook his head at me and then sped off, I was confused more than anything, then after the general shock was gone I was just terrified (how I truly felt I don’t think can be described in words)

Source: examiner.com

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