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Reasons Why Hoia-Baciu is the world’s most haunted forest

The forest of Hoia-Baciu in Romania is a mysterious and eerie place with a dark history, known by locals as the world’s most haunted forest.

It is a dark, dense forest filled with strange shapes and patterns of trees and unusual animal behavior.

Reports of paranormal activity have been reported in the area, such as UFOs, ghostly apparitions, and strange lights.

It is said to be the site of a UFO crash in the 1960s and is still home to many legends and myths of supernatural activity.

The Mysteries of Hoia-Baciu

The forest of Hoia-Baciu is located in the Romanian county of Cluj, whose central city, also called Cluj, is one of the largest Romanian cities.

Cluj is located in the valley of the Someşul Mic River, also the capital of the historical province of Transylvania.

The city is surrounded by forests and prairies. One of these is the subject of numerous reports involving UFOs, paranormal activities, and even holes that lead to other dimensions: Hoia-Baciu.

The region seems rich in legends and folklore. Perhaps because of so many inexplicable events that take place there and the macabre stories related to the Hoia-Baciu forest.

There are also local legends that mention underground tunnels and catacombs that would link the old churches of the town and even the presence of a monster in the neighboring lake of Tarniţa.

Hoia-Baciu is a dense and closed forest. If that weren’t enough for the highly intimidating aspect, it has a reputation for being an active vortex, with strange paranormal activities occurring.

Several accounts narrate encounters with extraterrestrials in the forest.

Reports include ghost sightings, apparitions, faces identified in photographs that were not visible to the naked eye, and, in the 1970s, numerous UFO sightings.

UFOs, paranormal activities, and unexplained phenomena strongly connect in many places. An example of this is Skinwalker Ranch.

Visitors at HoiaBaciu

Visitors report suffering from great anxiety in the forest and feeling constantly watched or chased.

Many of the visitors end up leaving the forest with strange rashes on their skin. In addition, the local vegetation presents bizarre shapes, and in some cases, there is peculiar carbonization of tree trunks and stumps.

Some people, including the biologist Alexandru Sift, claim that the wood of these trees is challenging, making it difficult to cut them even using an ax.

Electronic equipment often malfunctions within the dense and mysterious forest.

Devices with problems occur in the Bermuda Triangle and generally in situations of extraterrestrial contact!

The place’s notoriety came in the 60s. More precisely, on August 18, 1968, a military technician named Emil Barnea released impressive photographs of a UFO flying over the forest.

A Portal to Another Dimension?

In the 1960s, a shepherd and his 200 sheep disappeared.

After a shepherd’s disappearance and his 200 sheep, local attention turned to the strange place.

The case was investigated; the search lasted several days, but no evidence was found.

Many believe the shepherd did not die, with no sign of a corpse.

Neither he nor his sheep was ever found.

But they say that he and his flock were dragged to another dimension, one of the most famous theories to explain this.

Most of the disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. However, the shepherd and his sheep were not the only ones to disappear.

In the villages around the forest, it is said that a 5-year-old child was wandering in the woods. After some time, she disappeared.

She returned to her village days later, looking 3 to 5 years older. She still wears the clothes from the day of her disappearance without memory.

In another case, another woman disappeared for several days upon entering the forest. And when she finally left, she had lost her memory and sense of time.

Surprisingly they found an object that did not belong to her in her pocket, apparently extremely old.
Visitors have witnessed several strange happenings in Hoia-Baciu.

Wide variety of Paranormal events

The most common phenomenon includes sightings of glowing spheres, orbs, mysterious voices, apparitions, and scratches that appear out of nowhere on the person’s body.

A curiosity is that during many paranormal investigations, it is widespread to see spots of blows on the body or even scratches in houses that were possible with the presence of demons and dark beings.

On August 18, 1968, a military technician named Emil Barnea captured a famous photograph of an object over the forest.

Contrary to the locals’ warnings, Barnea decided to camp there for a weekend to escape the city’s stressful life.

His girlfriend, Zamfira Matea, and two other family friends declined to reveal their names.

Around 1:00 am, while Barnea was looking for some wood to fuel the fire, he was called by his friends.

That was when Emil Barnea saw what appeared to be a UFO flying slowly above the forest, making no noise.

The strange flying object suddenly began to glow, making disturbing maneuvers. Without any warning, the UAP accelerated toward the sky and disappeared.

Barnea managed to shoot three photographs of the strange object.

In the 1970s, the area was a sanctuary for UFO sightings and unexplained lights. Some visitors have reported a strong feeling of anxiety and being watched.

Researchers carried out a series of tests in the region using measuring devices. The results revealed highly abnormal radioactive emissions, magnetic anomalies, electromagnetic interference, and microwave and infrared emission.

A girl reported one of the most recent sightings: she saw a very tall humanoid creature with red hair and bright blue eyes, which she described as flaming swords.

She was dressed in immaculately white clothes. At the time, all they could tell about the sighting was that she was possibly an angel to them.

Other cases commonly associated with Hoia-Baciu are strange paranormal phenomena recorded and researched for nearly 50 years.

The trees in the forest are allegedly haunted by the Romanian peasants who were murdered there.

According to psychics, their souls are trapped in Hoia-Baciu, and the ghosts are enraged by their predicament. Which makes the activities even stronger.

In addition to the strange lights, some say the wind seems to speak, and visions of these tormented spirits are witnessed by terrified travelers. Pairs of green eyes and a dark fog are also part of the reports.

There is a circular plateau deep in the forest, which is strangely devoid of trees, and many say it is the “origin” of these forest beings. It’s almost a perfect circle in the woods, like a portal. Soil samples were taken from the site and analyzed, but the results show nothing in the soil to stop plants from growing (in short, it is inexplicable why nothing is growing in this circle).

Photos at this location reveal human shapes and contours that hover in the air. As if there were real people trapped in some other dimension.

Most locals fear the Hoia-Baciu Forest and believe dark spirits inhabit the forest. Many believe that whoever enters never leaves.

Those who managed to get in and out of the forest alive report that they experienced headaches, rashes, burns, vomiting, nausea, scratching, anxiety, and other unusual bodily sensations inside the forest.

Scientists from Germany, France, the United States, and Hungary have captured bizarre objects in film and photos, including faces and apparitions.

Some apparitions are seen with the naked eye, and others only through apparatus.

Prestigious publications such as Travel & Leisure magazine or the BBC considered the Hoia-Baciu forest one of the places with the highest occurrence of supernatural apparitions, UFOs or strange lights, and other inexplicable phenomena on the planet.

UFO Encounters at the forest of Hoia-Baciu in Romain

Reasons Why Hoia-Baciu is the world's most haunted forest - UFO

One of the most famous UFO encounters reported from the forest of Hoia-Baciu in Romania was in 1968.

According to eyewitnesses, a group saw a silver, cigar-shaped object hovering above the forest.

It was described as being about the size of a bus and had several long windows.

The object stayed in the area for about 15 minutes before suddenly disappearing.

After the sighting, several people reported feeling sick and dizzy; some claimed to have seen strange creatures in the area.

Ghost reports at the forest of Hoia-Baciu in Romain

One of the most common ghost reports from the forest of Hoia-Baciu in Romania is the story of a ghostly woman who is seen wandering through the forest.

According to legend, she is the spirit of a young woman who died in the forest, and her spirit still lingers there.

People have reported seeing her dressed in white with long dark hair and eyes that glow in the dark.

She is said to be searching for her lost love and appears to be in a state of despair.


  • Witness Credibility: Questionable;
  • Number of Witnesses: +10;
  • Evidence: multimedia;
  • Physical Evidence: Video and photos;
  • Official Investigation: none;
  • Close Encounter: First and second Kind;
  • Documents: 0

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